Cd 23. 1 2005-2006 ebd #12. 42 2006 ala annual Conference Report to Council and Executive Board

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2005-2006 CD 23.1

2005-2006 EBD #12.42

2006 ALA Annual Conference

Report to Council and Executive Board 
June 20, 2006
Keith Michael Fiels

Executive Director

ALA Hurricane Relief Efforts

The ALA Hurricane Katrina Library Relief Fund has raised $350,000 so far to help hundreds of libraries that were damaged or destroyed by hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region. Annual Conference attendees can donate on-site at the ALA Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund Booth in the ALA Services area, or by purchasing a Bash ticket (a portion of proceeds this year will go to the Hurricane Fund).  

Nine-hundred Conference attendees have signed up to participate in “Libraries Build Communities” service projects.  These volunteers will help aid 22 libraries, schools, colleges, and community organizations in and around New Orleans.  ALA is participating with lead sponsor Highsmith, Inc. on an extreme makeover of the Children’s Resource Center, an historic Carnegie branch of the New Orleans Public Library (NOPL).  Award-winning children’s book illustrator Susan Guevara also will paint a mural based on her book "Chato and the Party Animals." The ribbon-cutting for the library will take place on Tuesday, June 27 at 3:30 p.m.

“Beyond Words” Grant

Beyond Words: the Dollar General school library relief fund began accepting applications on April 17 and has received over 60 applications to date. The first round of recipients will be announced at the 2007 Annual Conference in New Orleans. Funded by discount retailer Dollar General, the fund will allow the American Association of School Libraries to provide $800,000 in grants to public school libraries affected by disaster, including those that opened their doors to significant numbers of new students displaced by last year’s hurricanes. The application and guidelines are available online at

Advocacy for rural, native and tribal libraries

The Committee on Rural, Native and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds will unveil a new toolkit for its advocacy/outreach effort to help libraries with populations of under 10,000 promote their value to key audiences including library boards, policymakers and the public. Thanks to a $10,000 World Book Goal Award, research took place in the summer and fall of 2005 to assess perceptions of rural and small libraries. That research was used to develop the new toolkit of resource materials that libraries can adapt locally. Toolkit materials are available in print and online at A Rural Advocacy @ your library Progress Update will take place on Saturday, June 24, during the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. OLOS and Campaign staff will also be presenting at the Joint Conference of the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services and the Association of Small and Rural Libraries in the fall.

Sara Jaffarian Award

A new award will recognize and promote excellence in humanities programming in elementary and middle school (K-8) libraries. The Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award has been named after Sara Jaffarian, who has made a donation to ALA’s Cultural Communities Fund in order to establish the award. The Award will be given annually to a school library (K-8, public or private) that has conducted an exemplary program or program series in the humanities. The winning school library will be given a $4,000 award as well as a plaque recognizing their achievement. Award funds will support the purchase of programmatic materials and/or the development of additional programming by the school library. Awards will be made by a selection committee comprising ALA members, including representatives invited from the Public and Cultural Programs Advisory Committee (PCPAC) of the ALA Public Programs Office and the American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

Funds donated for the establishment of the Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award will support the ALA Cultural Communities Fund, an endowment established to provide long-term support to help all types of libraries bring communities together through cultural programming. Per the terms of a 2003 Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), funds donated to CCF will be matched by the NEH on a 1 to 3 basis. For more information about the Cultural Communities Fund, visit
The first Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award will be given in 2007. Further details, including application information, will be announced in this fall and posted online at

PLA’s Planning for Results Service Responses to Be Revised

The PLA Results Service Responses have been a core element of the PLA planning process for a decade. However, there have been significant changes in the way people use libraries in the past 10 years and the Service Responses have become increasingly dated. The information in the OCLC report The Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources underscores the need to review and revise the Service Responses to ensure that the PLA planning process remains relevant to public librarians and boards across the country.

New Service Responses will be identified through an open process that allows all interested librarians to participate, either in person or via the Web. The process will begin with two open meetings during the 2006 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. Those who cannot attend one of the two open meetings in New Orleans will be able to participate in the revision of the Service Responses through a Web page that will be established by PLA in August 2006. Proposed revisions of each of the Service Responses will be posted to the Web page and librarians will be encouraged to send their comments and suggestions. The final draft of the Service Responses will be presented at an open meeting during the 2007 Midwinter Conference in Seattle.

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