Cbs 771: Course Justification

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CBS 771: Course Justification
A new graduate course, entitled "Cancer Biology", is proposed to be offered beginning in the Fall semester of 2007. CBS 771 is envisioned to be a comprehensive graduate course focusing on the molecular and cellular bases of cancer. Targets of oncogenic mutations will be discussed as well as their impact on cell proliferation, cell survival, and the invasion of normal tissues by tumorigenic cells. State-of-the-art technologies to detect oncogenic mutations and characterize transformed cells will be discussed as well as therapeutic strategies for the rational treatment of cancer. This course is intended to follow on the heels of CBS 770 (Cell Biology; offered in the Spring semester), and will rely heavily on concepts and information presented there.
CBS 771 will serve to fill a gap in the teaching of cancer biology on the NCSU campus. A formal, comprehensive course in cancer biology does not exist currently, although aspects of cancer cells and cancer research are discussed briefly in other courses. In particular, several cancer lectures that are currently offered as part of the CBS 770 syllabus will be removed and put in their proper context within CBS 771. CBS 771 will be cross-listed as TOX 771 within the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology due to close allegiance between the Department, particularly students in the Molecular and Cellular Toxicology concentration area, and the materials covered by the course. These changes to CBS 770 and cross-listing have been discussed and approved by the lecturers and departments involved.
Graduate students interested in CBS 771 are anticipated to spring from a variety of departments (e.g., Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Zoology, and Chemistry) and graduate programs (e.g., Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, Physiology, and Genomic Sciences) at NCSU. We anticipate that approximately 12 graduate students a year will register for CBS 771.

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