Cats exam Study Guide Directions

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CATS Exam Study Guide
Directions: Answer all the questions correctly to the best of your ability.
1.When referring to taxonomic classifications, what is the family name of a Cat?
2. Cats are descendants to the same carnivorous, tree-climbing mammal _________________ from which dogs descended.
3. Proailurus, the first normal or feline cat, appeared about _________ million years ago.
4. What was the early use and purpose of a cat?
5. Cats are divided into 3 genus groups. Label each cat with the appropriate genus group. (P) Panthera, (F) Felis, and (A) Acinonyx

5a. _______________ Lion

5b. _______________ Cheetah

5c. _______________ American Shorthair

5d. _______________ Tiger

5e. _______________ Abyssinian

5f. ________________ Jaguar
6. Describe the classification of Panthera.

7. Describe the classification of Felis.

8. Describe the classification of the Acinonyx.
9. Ted and Sue are retired home owners. All of their children have moved away from home. Sue would like a pet to keep her company. She loves long-hair cats. Sue also wants a cat that is a playful companion but will be well suited for children. What breed would you recommend? Why? Additionally, give Ted and Sue as least 4 tips on litter training a cat.

10. What is the most popular purebred cat breed?

11. What cat was thought to have “magical” powers?
12. This cat’s name means “cat” in Egyptian.
13. Which of the following breeds is the oldest?
14. There are 34 different color combinations of this breed.
15. Define cochlea. Why is this feature so important to the cat?
16. TRUE or FALSE – Cats can see in 3-D.
17. What is a cat’s third eye known as?
18. What is the Jacobson’s Organ? How does this feature affect the cat?
19. What terms helps describe why a cat’s tongue feels so rough? Name the projections on the tongue.
20. Which of the following is not one of the 4 things that should be considered when purchasing a cat?

A. Age

B. Gender

C. Weight

D. Purebred
21. 30 to 40 percent of a cat’s diet should be ________________.
22. 10 percent should consist of _____________.
23. How often should you groom a long-haired cat?
24. How often should you groom a short haired cat?
27. What is the range of time that a cat will come into heat?
28. How is estrus in cats induced?
29. How long does the heat period last?
30. Which of the following is a sign that a cat is in heat?
31. How long is the gestation period in cats?
32. What are signs that a cat will show that she is about to give birth?


33. What do you call a reproductive female cat?

34. What do you call a reproductive male cat?
35. What three types of cat food are available? What is the best type to feed and why?

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