870 Order Status Report870 Order Status Report
The report format allows for the inclusion of "reasons" relative to the status. This transaction set may also be used to update the supplier's scheduled shipment or delivery dates
Report 196.75 Kb. 2
Semi-annual transition plan reportSemi-annual transition plan report
The youth must be involved in all aspects of this meeting and the permanency plan. All areas of this plan must be thoroughly discussed with the youth. The youth must receive a copy of the completed plan at the end of the meeting
Report 417.55 Kb. 4
90-day discharge plan report90-day discharge plan report
A copy of the completed plan is to be given to the youth at the end of the meeting and the original must be kept in the case file
Report 442.43 Kb. 5
910 Managing Agent’s Report910 Managing Agent’s Report
The ”Solvency II balance Sheet 30 June 2012 Submission” instructions issued by Lloyd’s on 29 February 2012 (“the Instructions”) require the managing agent to prepare a Solvency II balance Sheet as at 30 June 2012 in respect of each syndicate that
Report 10.12 Kb. 1
Asr910 Managing Agent’s ReportAsr910 Managing Agent’s Report
To be completed for the year ended 31 December 2014, as defined and in accordance with the ‘Annual Solvency Return (asr)/ Annual Asset Data (aad) Instructions December 2014 Version 0’ issued by Lloyd’s
Report 15.98 Kb. 1
997 Functional Acknowledgement Report997 Functional Acknowledgement Report
The content of this report includes the following information by date and type: 3
Report 29.76 Kb. 1
Guidelines on Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on the Cosmetic Product Safety ReportGuidelines on Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on the Cosmetic Product Safety Report
Product Safety Report. They respond to the mandate conferred on the Commission by Article 10(1), last subparagraph, of the Regulation
Report 161.37 Kb. 10
Unscr 1325 In-Country Monitoring ReportUnscr 1325 In-Country Monitoring Report
These include, as signatories to the Dutch National Action Plan on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (unscr 1325) the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Report 291.5 Kb. 4
Annual audit and reportAnnual audit and report
The board of directors to cause an audit to be made of the funds, revenues and expenditures of the nonprofit corporation. The audit shall be conducted within sixty days after the close of the corporation's fiscal year
Report 2.77 Kb. 1
Rapporteur and co-rapporteur day 150 joint response assessment reportRapporteur and co-rapporteur day 150 joint response assessment report
Proposed list of outstanding issues to be addressed in an oral explanation and/or in writing 11
Report 82.76 Kb. 1
Instructions for the pi 1563 Workbook and Pupil Count ReportInstructions for the pi 1563 Workbook and Pupil Count Report
To assist Districts in accurately completing the pi 1563 Pupil Count Report, the School Finance Services team has developed a pi 1563 workbook. Districts are encouraged to complete the workbook prior to entering pupil count data into the internet-based
Report 41.15 Kb. 1
Distribution of licensing and patent income; Arizona state university; reportDistribution of licensing and patent income; Arizona state university; report
The report shall be distributed annually to the president of the Arizona board of regents, the governor, the president of the senate, the speaker of the house of representatives, the secretary of state and the department of library
Report 2.36 Kb. 1
May 03 fema em hi Ed Project Activity ReportMay 03 fema em hi Ed Project Activity Report
Canadian Universities. This was done by contacting each of six disciplines to determine what if any disaster-related courses were taught. The six disciplines were: Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Planning, Economics and Political Science
Report 28.33 Kb. 1
Project evaluation end-of-year reportProject evaluation end-of-year report
Collection of this information is a requirement of Public Law 107-110. A copy of the completed form should be maintained by the applicant agency for six years
Report 202.8 Kb. 1
Seagrass assessment and technical workshop reportSeagrass assessment and technical workshop report
Act 1999 (epbc act), bringing the total number of protected communities to 61. Staff are still busily assessing a number of other nominated communities
Report 38.37 Kb. 1

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