Cast list: Abi, Alice, Dan, Jess C, Macie, Vicky, Jake, Tom, Cole, Nicole

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Alice in Wrenderland
CAST LIST: Abi, Alice, Dan, Jess C, Macie, Vicky, Jake, Tom, Cole, Nicole,

Rowan, Isaac, Jack

Scene 7 – Mamoreal, The White Queens Palace
(The White Queen, Miranna, sits alone in her court room, mourning the loss of the Kingdom she once ruled with her sister Iracebeth. In the corner sits Absolem, blowing bubbles as usual.)

Narrator: Mirana, The White Queen mourns the loss of her Kingdom. A beautiful land she once ruled with Iracebeth, her sister. Now torn apart through Iracebeths jealousy, she hopes for the return of Alice, so the prophecy of the Oracleum can be fulfilled.

WhiteQ: What I would give for Wrenderland to be healed. For things to be the way they used to be. I feel powerless to face my sister.Will things ever be whole again Absolem.
Absoelm: What will be will be. The flap of a butterflies wing can often raise a hurricane.
WhiteQ: But we don’t have our butterfly. Oh why did she tear our land in two. She used to be such fun, so caring and kind. My little sister. Why did she break my heart.
(Rolling in the deep)
(Red appears in mirror to sing.. White joined by the friends who have

returned from Salazen Grum)

WhiteQ: You have returned to me. At least all hope is not lost. Tomorrow is the Frabtious Day, when The Red Queen will meet me on the battlefield with her Jabberwocky. We musty face her with or without our heroine.
Hatter: But my Queen. We have an Alice, although I’m not sure which Alice she may be. Although we seem to have lost her. And I seem to have lost my hat as well.
WhiteQ: Your hat is, as ever on your head my dear Hatter, and at this time, any Alice will be better than no Alice.

Rabbit: My Queen, there’s a commotion at the gates. It seems she has arrived, with the mice.

(Alice and the mice arrive in court exhausted, to great celebration)
Hatter: Welcome to Mamoreal…. Your highness, this is Alice
WhiteQ: (Looks closely at Alice and smiles)

No need for introductions. Alice and I are old friends.

You were much younger then, but you looked somehow bigger, more confident, much… muchier?
Alice: (Looking at Hatter smiling)

I have heard that before, but I don’t recall our meeting.

You are very beautiful, not at all like your sister.

Oh, I have a gift for you.

(Alice removes the Vorpal sword from her belt and hands it carefully

to the White Queen)

WhiteQ: The Vorpal sword is home again. The armour is complete. All we

need now is our Champion.

(Everyone looks expectantly at Alice)
Alice: But I’m not your champion, I can’t be. I’m not brave or clever, or

fearless. You’d be better off choosing the mice. (sarcastically)

Dormouse: Clever girl. See, just what I’ve been telling you all.
Field-Mouse: I think she was being sarcastic.
Dormouse: Oh…. Orrible girl.
WhiteQ: Join me in the Kitchen. Maybe a little confidence potion may help.

March, prepare the ingredients.

Alice: Is that a good idea.. I mean he seems a little.. well mad.
WhiteQ: Of course. A little madness is a great help in most things.
(Alice and the Queen look over the cauldron, and March flies around,

hurling pots and pans and cutlery)

WhiteQ: I’ve been cooking up these potions since I was a child. Our mother taught me. My sister preferred to study dominion over living things. How is her… (motions with her hands around her head).. ego…
Alice: Large.. very large..

Why don’t you just slay the jabberwocky yourself, then the people will rise up and defeat the Red Queen.

WhiteQ: It is against my vows to harm any living thing…
(A fly buzzes by and the White Queen slaps it away.. then smiles, as if nothing happened, at Alice)
and it is foretold that Alice will kill the jabberwocky. Although it must be a choice made freely.

Alice: Even with this confidence potion, I’m afraid I’m not your champion.

WhiteQ: We’ll see.

Half a cup of flour.

Worm fat.

Urine from horsefly.

Buttered fin-gers.

Three coins from a dead mans pocket…

And two teaspoons of wishful thinking.

There.. pop that in your pocket for the right time.

(Everyone leaves but Hatter)
Alice: (sadly spoken)

Hatter, if this is my dream, and I wake myself up before tomorrow, then I suppose you will no longer exist..

Hatter: I suppose so… But if this is your dream, and I am mad, that must mean, you must be a little mad too, for dreaming me up.

Alice: (smiling with tears)

You know what, I think most of the best people usually are.
Hatter: Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?
Alice: I’ll have a think about it.

I’ll miss you all when I wake up.
Absolem: Stupid Girl. Nothing was ever accomplished with ..tears.

Alice: Absolem?

Why are you upside down?
Absolem: I’ve come to the end of this life.
Alice: Are you going to die?
Absolem: Transform.

Frabtious day is almost upon us.

Alice: Please don’t go. I don’t know how to get home.
Absolem: What does it matter if you don’t know who you are?
Alice: But I know who I am. I’m Alice Gibbons, I live in Ashwellthorpe,

I have a mother named ……. and a father named….

I love going to school,

and challenging myself,

and I can do anything.
Absolem: Alice… At last.

You were just as dimwitted the first time you were here, you called it Wonderland, as I recall.
Alice: Wonderland…
(Memories flash through Alice’s head.. she remembers her previous visit , when she was much younger.)
I remember. It wasn’t a dream at all, it was a memory, this place is real, and so are you, and so is the Hatter
Absolem …and The Jabberwocky.

(speaking with some urgency)

Remember, the Vorpal Sword knows what it wants. All you

have to do is take it there.

(Now speaking back in his slower, wise voice, and fading away)

Farewell, Alice. Fairfarren.

Perhaps I will see you in another life.
Narrator: As Absolem disappears inside his cocoon, Alice is left to ponder her predicament. The dawn of Frabtious day approaches. The jabberwocky awaits, the Queen’s army awaits. But will Alice wake up, or fight for Wrenderland.

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