Caro Desert (cdp west) Nursery

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Incredible Show Plant Auction

The Mike Hackett Succulent collection will be

Up for Auction on Saturday March 21th

at the Caro Desert (CDP West) Nursery

On Saturday March 21th 2009 there will be an auction of 102 of Mike Hackett’s extremely fine succulent plants. Many of these plants have been recent trophy winners in the last few Inter-City Shows. Most all of these plants are beautifully staged in bonsai or designer ceramic pots made by many of our famous potters. This is your special chance to get some of the seldom seen or extremely beautiful specimen succulents that we all can only rarely find. You do not want to miss this event as you will have a chance get plants rarely available, as well as, see the new Caro Desert Nursery (CDP West) and the, now returning, 8th Annual Potters sale. This event will be at the old CDP nursery address, now the Caro Desert Nursery (CDP West) , 9607 E. Ave S-12 Littlerock CA 93543. For directions please call 1-661-456-0787 or 661-406-9816, or visit and click on the Hackett Auction tab.
The auction will begin at 11:00 am and should conclude at about 12:30 pm. Viewing of all material will begin at 9:00 am and the auction will be conducted in a similar manor to all the previous CDP auctions. Woody Minnich will be the auctioneer and he will represent all electronic bidders. Written bids will begin at 10:00 am and the verbal auction starts at 11:00 am. During this time the wonderful potters will be selling there first of the year pots and the Caro Desert Nursery will be open for business. The potters and the Caro Desert Nursery will be open for business from 9:00 am until close at 5:00 pm and a barbeque will follow for those who would like to stay and socialize. Lunch and beverages will be available from about noon on. If you wish to stay for the barbeque please call Rene or Patty Caro (661-456-0787) and let them know so they may plan the overall dinner. This will be a super day for all cactus and succulent hobbyists in search of rare show plants, first of the year wonderful pots and those wishing to visit the new Caro Desert Nursery (CDP West)!
Often people want to know why is this person parting with their private collection of show quality plants? The answer to this question regarding Mike’s plants is that he and his wife Karine are, like so many of us right now, in need of extra finances because of personal medical issues. These medical issues are not life threatening but are important family concerns to the Hacketts. Mike has been collecting rare and specimen succulents for many years and has reached a point where he can thin down his collection to a point to where he still has some great stuff. This auction should be a win-win for everyone. To view some of these great plants go to Mikes Web site
For all those persons not able to attend this auction you may also do your bidding via Mike’s web site or Woody’s e-mail. Bidding will be open from February 18th until March 19th 2009. If you wish to place a bid(s) please e-mail Woody at with the following information; The number and name of the plant, the starting bid (minimum or greater), the dollar increment of bid ($5, $10, $20, etc.) and the maximum bid you will go to.
Example: 105. Pachypodium brevicaule 6” dia great caudex in 8” ovl br bn X MM MB $50.00

Your bid may be? Plant number 105

Plant name Pachypodium brevicaule

Starting bid $100.00 (minimum on list was $50)

Increment of bid $10.00 per bid

Maximum bid up to $250.00 (the maximum you’re willing to pay)

These dollar numbers are your choice, matching or exceeding the list minimums. Be competitive!
Many of the plants listed will include nice pots which will be indicated by the following abbreviations;

Pot Shape round rd oval ovl square sq rectangle rtl

Pot color white wht brown br black bk blue bl tan tn

Potter Bonsae bn J. Wujcek JW Van Auker VA Steve ST R. Gerlach RG

Plant sizes will be in diameter dia or in height tall

Previous owner or place of acquisition will be listed as X and name abreviation

Artie Chavez AC Larry Grammer LG Woody Minnch CDP Arid Lands AL

Mike Massara MM B & R Greenberg BG Dick Hulett DH Gerhart Marx GM

Phong PG Steve Koenig SK Jerry Wright JW Field Collected F/C

Minimum bid will be listed as MB $00.00
Mike Hackett Show Plant Auction List

I.D. No. Plant and Descriptions Minimum bid

1. Agave patonii variegated 8” dia beautiful very clean 10” rd plastic pot X CDP MB $35.00

2. Bursera microphylla 15” across thick bonsai nice plant in 12” rd ovl bn X F/C AC MB $150.00

3. Pachycormus discolor 14” prostrate bonsai fat base in 6” rd br ceramic X F/C MB $50.00

4. Pachycormus discolor 18” across fat 6” caudex in 6” rd grey bn real nice X F/C MB $150.00

5. Pachycormus discolor 8” ov caudex in 12” rtl br bn wonderful old plant X LG MB $200.00

6. Aloe ramosissima 24” tall 36” across great caudex branched tight super 12” rd br bn MB $300.00

7. Euphorbia bupleurifolia 6” tall with pup very nice old plant in 6” sq gold bn X CDP MB $50.00

8. Euphorbia capmanambatoensis 8” tall branched rare in 5” sq br bn X MM MB $35.00

9. Sarcocaulon peniculinum 5” dia thick bonsai trunk really nice in 5” sq br bn X AC MB $125.00

10. Euphorbia gymnocalycioides 3 heads 1”+ each 2-3” dia fabulous 3” sq br bn X AL MB $100.00

11. Euphorbia squarrosa nice raised caudex in 6” rd gold JW MB $50.00

12. Cyphostemma betiformis 12” tall fat 3 branched nice trunk in 8”sq bl bn X CDP MB $150.00

13. Euphorbia abdelkuri variegated (Damask) very rare 1 stem 6” tall 3 pups 3” rd br cer. MB $100.00

14. Monodenium rubellum nice caudex 5” dia in 7” ovl tn bn MB $35.00

15. Pachypodium horombense 8” tall nice fat branched in 6” rd tn ceramic X CDP MB $45.00

16. Sarcocaulon vanderietiae 18” spread low flat bonsai in 10” ovl bl bn X CDP MB $125.00

17. Ceraria pygmaea 2” dia base in 5” ovl bl bn nice miniature MB $25.00

18. Raphionacme flanaganii nice branched caudex 6” plastic pot MB $30.00

19. Cyphostemma elephantopus nice twisted roots veining in 7” sq bl bn X AC MB $65.00

20. Jatropha podagrica 18” tall very clean nicely branched in 6” terra cota X AC MB $45.00

21. Euphorbia cylindrifolia v. tuberifera 5”-6” caudex tight branched 10” rd bl JW X SK MB $225.00

22. Dioscorea elephantipes 5” nice turtle caudex in 6” sq bl bn X MM MB $50.00

23. Tylocodon reticulatus 24” tall fat branched trunk in 10” rd plastic very nice X BG MB $75.00

24. Pachypodium namaquanum 18” really nice fat clean in 7” rd br JW X D. Bogart MB $125.00

25. Tylocodon pearsonii 5” dia stunning caudex branche in 6” ovl red bn F/C Hackett MB $100.00

26. Tylocodon reticulatus 20” tall fat pealy bark beautiful in 10” sq br bn X CDP MB $125.00

27. Euphorbia crispa nice 5 headed awesome plant rare in 8” sq br bn X CDP MB $100.00

28. Cyphostemma currorii 18” tall fat based two branched 18” ovl br bn X SK MB $150.00

29. Cyphostemma betiformis 12” tall 4 branches very bumpy 5” rd bl bn X CDP MB $125.00

30. Cyphostemma betiformis 10” tall fat bumpy short branches in 5” rd br ST X CDP MB $100.00

31. Cyphostemma seitziana 5” caudex nice plant in 10” ovl br bn X DH MB $150.00

32. Operculicarya pachypus 6” dia fat caudex extreme bumpy 14” tall in 10” rd br JW

carfully pruned lots of nice new growth super plant X MM MB $500.00

33. Euphorbia poissonii weird leaf form 12” tall 7 branches clean in 8” rd br bn X AC MB $300.00

34. Euphorbia venenifica 28” tall heavy thorns 5 branches in 10” rd br bn X CDP MB $225.00

35. Cyphostemma seitziana super plant 9” dia 13” tall divides at top 10 sq br VA X CDP MB $350.00

36. Pachypodium bispinosum super plant best staged at 2004 Inter-city show 8”-9”spotted

squatty caudex in 18” ovl br bn X RG MB $500.00

37. Cyphostemma uter 6” tall fat rooted-cut rare plant 6” rd bl RG X MM MB $100.00

38. Boswellia nana small fat very bonsai 6 new heads in 5” sq br bn true to type X J SteadMB $50.00

39. Cibirhiza albersiana 14” across low sculptured fantastic plant in 24” ovl br bn and

won Best Caudex in 2008 Inter-City show X CDP MB $500.00

40. Euphorbia poissonii 14” tall 3 branched heads in hex bl bn rare X AC MB $125.00

41. Operculicarya pachypus 7” dia caudex bumpy super fabulous form in 12” rd br bn

won Best Madagascan plant other than Euphorbia Inter-City show 2004 X MM MB$1000.00

42. Adenia glauca 6” dia three branched nice in 12” hex br bn MB $65.00

43. Pyrenacantha malvifolia 6”-7” dia white caudex 9” tall very nice in 8” pot X MM MB $150.00

44. Euphorbia gymnocalycioides 1”-2” dia perfect clean rare in 3” rd br ST X AL MB $50.00

45. Dorstenia gypsophila 14” tall multi branched super clean wonderful 6” sq br bn X AC MB $200.00

46. Euphorbia sp. nova Ankazobe Mad. 8”-9” tall branched rare in 5” rd br JW X MM MB $50.00

47. Pseudolithos migiurtinus 2+” tall with pups egg shaped clean in rd br ST X CDP MB $50.00

48. Cibirhiza albersiana 4” dia caudex 6” tall rare nice in 6” pot X MM MB $50.00

49. Sesamothamnus guerichii 18” tall fat base very nice branched in 6” pot X CDP MB $50.00

50. Adenium swazicum 18” tall fat caudex in 12” pot nice clean plant MB $100.00

51. Adenium obesum Shada fat and short real nice 8” tall in 6” rd br bn X PG MB $65.00

52. Euphorbia pugniformus 4 heads short squat graet bonsai in 6” rd br bn X GM MB $45.00

53. Euphorbia abdelkuri fat 22” tall clean in 6” rd turq ceramic MB $125.00

54. Euphorbia kondoi 2”-3” caudex 20” tall branched in 4” sq br bn X JW MB $50.00

55. Euphorbia bupleurifolia 12” main stem with 3 major heads with pups clean giant for

the species in 10” sq turq bn X PG MB $150.00

56. Adenium swazicum 8” dia caudex branched very nice in 10” rd bl ceramic X PG MB $100.00

57. Adenium obesum Shada 6-7 dia caudex 18” tall clean in 10” rd br bn X PG MB $85.00

58. Dendrosicyos socotrana 36 “ tall great plant good shape 12” pot X J. Stead MB $100.00

59. Euphorbia tulearense rare 1”-2” tall 5 branches in 3” rd br bn X GM MB $35.00

60. Ceraria namaquensis 14” tall multi branched very nice 6” sq bl bn X CDP MB $45.00

61. Operculicarya decaryi 36” tall bumpy with pruning in 8” rd br VA staged LG MB $100.00

62. Cyphostemma elephantopus 10” long 6” dia caudex staged in 12” rd br JW X MM MB $50.00

63. Ibrervillia lindheimeri 12” low flat clean caudex short vine in 16” ovl bl bn MB $150.00

64. Pachypodium succulentum 6” dia caudex very nice in 10” sq br bn X AC MB $175.00

65. Cyphostemma juttae 6”-8” caudex 18” tall double headed in 10” rd br ceramic MB $100.00

66. Euphorbia primulifolia v beguardii 3 headed very nice 5” rtl br bn X MM MB $65.00

67. Pachypodium succulentum 5” dia caudex branched 8” plastic MB $65.00

68. Abromeitiella brevifolia 8” dia rd plant clean in 8” ovl bl bn X LG MB $65.00

69. Pachypodium horombense 6” dia fat 5 branches 10” tall very nice X B. Hagblom MB $75.00

70. Adenia firingalavensis 6” dia caudex 20” tall nice rare in 6” dia tall rd bl bn X MM MB $85.00

71. Euphorbia primulifolia v beguardii 7” across 4 heads rare prostrate 12” ovl grey bn MB $100.00

72. Commiphora koa bonsai branched low in 18” ovl turq bn X J, Stead MB $65.00

73. Pelargonium cotyledonis big plant many many branches in 12” plastic MB $75.00

74. Euphorbia sp. nova Mandoto Mad.rare nice huge branched in 14” rtl br bn X MM MB $200.00

75. Euphorbia rossii 12” tall multi branched very nice in 6” rd br RG X AL MB $65.00 76. Commiphora species from Ankarana Mad. 12” across in 12” ovl bl bn X AC MB $75.00

77. Pachypodium lealii saundersii f. compactum awesome 7”-8” caudex multi branched

in a 12” rd br VA MB $125.00

78. Cyphostemma elephantopus 8”dia caudex great plant in 12” rd br bn X MM MB $150.00

79. Adenia globosa 8” dia caudex pretty clean branched in 12” pot X MM MB $125.00

80. Kedrostis africans 4” dia caudex 7” tall in 12” wht ceramic X AC MB $60.00

81. Fouquieria purpusii 3” dia caudex 18” tall branched very clean in 12” pot X J. Stead MB $100.00

82. Bursera fagaroides nice fat base 16” tall weird in 8” pot MB $65.00

83. Cyphostemma juttae 6” base 26” tall in 12” pot X E. Low MB $50.00

84. Bursera simplicifolia 16” across great bonsai in 10” ovl br bn X CDP MB $100.00

85. Fockea Matelea tugalensis 3”-4” caudx very nice big specimen in 6” pot MB $35.00

86. Cyphostemma cerrosha 10” tall fat base nice branched in 8” pot X CDP MB $45.00

87. Pachypodium bispinosum big fat 8” dia caudex in 12” pot X BG MB $100.00

88. Bursera hindsiana 14” across nice caudex rare in 14” ovl grey bn X CDP MB $100.00

89. Haworthia limifolia var, heavy banded X A. Mitchnick MB $20.00

90. Haworthia parksiana nice cluster tight 12 heads with field data X AL MB $20.00

91. Adromischus herrei heavy bumpy red form super plant 2”-3” dia X GM MB $25.00

92. Adromischus maculatus nice caudex and pretty leaves in 4” ovl turq bn MB $20.00

93. Adromischus “little spheroid” neat plant in 3” rd bl bn MB $15.00

94. Aloe pearsonii 6 heads deep red 8” tall beautiful plant 10” rtl br bn X Wrinkle MB $50.00

95. Astrophytum myriostigma cluster 9 equal heads 4” across 4” rd br ceramic X Paris MB $25.00

96. Astrophytum myriostigma cluster 4 heads clean in 3” sq bl bn X Paris MB $15.00

97. Monodenium elegans U shaped two heads 10” tall really neat in 6” rtl br bn X MM MB $30.00

98. Euphorbia francoisii nice flat caudex 2-3” across with 6” spread 6” sq bl bn X AL MB $45.00

99. Euphorbia ambovoambense multi branched 5” across in 6” sq turq bn MB $25.00

100. Pachypodium baronii 12” tall branched nice base in 8” rd tn JW X AL MB $65.00

101. Zygosicyos tripartitus nice 6” dia caudex I 8” rtl grey bn X MM MB $65.00

102 Coccinia trilobata 14” x 10” across caudex white nice texture in 16” rtl br bn X LG MB$200.00

this is a super plant and very rare

Phone-in bids

For those individuals from distances too far to attend the auction, phone–in bids will be accepted. Phone-in bids may be placed any time between Feb. 18th and March 19th 2009. Plants purchased by electronic or phone-in bids must be paid for prior to shipment and a packaging, handling and shipping fee will be added to you order. We will notify you if any of your bids are winners and we will ship within two weeks from payment. Please feel free to call if you have questions. Woody 1-505-281-5884

We look forward to hearing from you!

When preparing for phone-in bids please be sure to have the plant number and name and the bidding criteria as spelled out on page number 2 of this auction list.
For those coming to the Auction

Because of the nature of all the events taking place at this auction, potters sale and Intro to the Caro Desert Nursery (CDP West) we recommend that you show up early enough to check out all that is happening. You don’t want to get left out. We will accept cash, checks and credit cards at the auction and the Caro Desert Nursery. At the conclusion of the Auction each person is responsible to bring their winning auction cards to Woody and he will take payment at that time. All plants purchased from the Caros will be paid for, to the Caro Desert Nursery. All pots purchased from the potters will be paid to the individual potters. If you purchase pots in quantity you may make what ever deals you and the potter agree upon.
Don’t forget the 2nd of the Caros’ Specimen Plant Auctions.

This auction will take place at the Caro Desert Nursery on Saturday April 18th 2009 and will include 100 incredible plants, very similar to the first auction. These are all show winners and you won’t want to miss out!

For more information on this auction, please visit and click on the Auction #2 tab.

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