Career Program cp27: Housing Management Definition: Career Program 27 (CP27)

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Career Program CP27: Housing Management


Career Program 27 (CP27) is a civilian career program for Department of the Army (DA) civilians, who work in a variety of housing related positions encompassing a wide scope of housing functions that are embedded at all levels of the Army structure from the Installation to Headquarters. Housing Management Specialists in CP-27 work in five distinct programs of Housing; Housing Services Office, Unaccompanied Housing, Army Family Housing, Residential Communities Initiative, and Lodging.

CP27 positions manage or assist in the management of housing projects; such as unaccompanied personnel, family housing or lodging facilities. Careerist administer, supervise, or perform work involved in the evaluation of housing programs, the development of administrative procedures, and the provision of technical assistance to onsite housing management.

Career Program Designation: Managers assign Career Program designation to positions based on a comparison of duties and assigned responsibilities aligned with Position Classification Standard for Housing Management Series, GS-1173, . When the preponderance of duties are representative of those described below, the position description should be coded CP27. When questions arise over the appropriate Career Program designation – the manager should contact CP27 Career Program Management Office for guidance. The servicing CPAC HR advisor can assist in documenting the career program designator as required.
Currently Occupational Series Exclusive to CP27: 1173
CP27 Housing Management Duties and Responsibilities:

  • management and administration of one or more permanent or transient housing projects, facilities, or complexes to include leased or privatized facilities.

  • identifying and reporting deficiencies requiring new construction, renovation, modernization or other corrections and improvements; planning for operation, maintenance, repairs, alterations, and improvements

  • application of funds and staff resources to the operation and maintenance of housing facilities

  • control of issue and repair of furnishings and equipment

  • monitoring the assignment and use of housing units; rental and leasing of housing units and periodic adjustments of rates as required; habitability inspections

  • administration of local housing referral activities and services; community and tenant relations including the development of cooperative dealings and mutual interests between housing occupants and the neighboring communities and civic agencies, and the development and maintenance of harmonious relationships among the tenants and with housing project personnel

  • maintaining working relationships with other organizational entities which perform a function for, or a service to, the housing operation monitoring contractual services performed; and liaison with municipal authorities, local officials, and community groups to promote and encourage the cooperative achievement of common goals.

  • responsible for reviewing all pertinent cost or financial reports and implementing appropriate management action as dictated by the housing program data.

  • scheduled or periodic housing surveys, management studies, or project audits to evaluate the efficiency of housing programs, note program trends, and prepare regulations, procedures, and instructions for use in the onsite operations of housing projects.

  • provide technical advice and assistance to onsite housing managers or local housing authorities regarding (a) the elimination of excess costs and the reduction of budgetary needs; (b) the improvement of livability features and maintenance of housing assets; (c) the more effective use of housing facilities and community services; and (d) the promotion of cooperative relationships among tenants, housing personnel, public officials, and private agencies.

  • analysis of and action on requests for exceptions or waivers to departmental or agency policies, standards, and procedures; consultative and advisory services to housing representatives in agency, public, or private groups with distinctive problems requiring major change and improvement in the administrative aspects of their housing program operations; and public contacts which seek to stimulate the efforts of regional, local, and private agencies in the housing field and to emphasize the housing needs of military personnel, low-income families, and other eligible groups.

CP27 Housing Management Duties and Responsibilities:

  • administer, supervise, or perform work which involves (a) locating and maintaining listings of adequate, suitable, and economical nondiscriminatory housing for rental or sale; (b) providing information and assistance to eligible military and civilian employees in locating such housing; and (c) promoting equal opportunity in housing policy in communities adjacent to installations.

  • maintaining accounts and records; collecting rents and other charges; preparing financial statements and reports; maintaining housing applicant waiting lists; processing housing applications and requests for maintenance or repair work; or showing dwelling units to prospective tenants.

  • planning, programming, budgeting and requirements determination for housing programs.

  • Develop, review, and update housing standard, policy, guidance and directives.

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