Cardinal Classic XVII: The Stanford Quizzin' Experiment Packet by Chicago c

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Cardinal Classic XVII: The Stanford Quizzin' Experiment

Packet by Chicago C (William Dix, Michael Arnold, Lily Vonderheide, and Steve Katz)

1. Junia Claudilla and Livia Aurestilla were the first two of his man's four known wives. His first exposure to public office was as pontifex at the age of 19, and he became quaestor two years later. He would have no other public experience before assuming his most important position. He would join his father on his many successful military expeditions, until his father died, according to some sources due to poisoning by this man's predecessor. His rise to power was assisted by the prefect Macro, and together they persuaded the senate to ignore the will of his predecessor; shortly afterwards, he had his co-heir, Gemellus, killed. He is best known for his autocratic and capricious rule, including the supposed elevation of Incitatus to the consulship. It is from the aforementioned expeditions with his father Germanicus that his nickname of "little boots" originates. FTP, who was this Roman emperor, successor to Tiberius? 

Answer: Gaius Iulius Caesar Caligula
2. They are defined as laminated accretionary structures exhibiting synoptic relief. The living members of this group tend to be found standing in hypersaline pools or other inhospitable locations, including a wetland reserve in the center of a Mexican desert. The earliest-known types thrived during the Archaean eon in dolostone- or limestone-rich areas. These microbial mats once coated entire ocean floors and tended to accumulate abiotic sediments, leading to their fossilization as the layered structures that give them their name, a Greek word that literally means "rock mattress." FTP, identify these formations of fossilized remains of cyanobacteria.

Answer: Stromatolites

3. At one point in this novel, the protagonist sees a character in mourning on the anniversary of the executions of Annibal de Coconasso and that character's ancestor Boniface, who had been the lover of Queen Marguerite of Navarre. Titles and epigraphs, most of them invented by the author, are given to all but the last four chapters. Early in the novel, the maid Elisa falls in love with the protagonist, and she tells the town priest Chélan about the protagonist’s affair with the mayor’s wife, causing the protagonist to leave Verrières for a seminary in Besançon. His impending marriage to Mathilde de la Mole is ruined by a letter from Mme. de Rênal in, FTP, what novel about the socially ambitious Julien Sorel, written by Stendhal? 

ANSWER: The Red and the Black (or Le rouge et le noir)

4. He painted a naked woman holding a wine glass and lying on the lap of a yellow-skinned ugly man who is himself lying against a green canvas in his work Loth and His Daughters. About fifty clothed angels hold hands as they hover in a circle that surrounds four columns in his painting of The Birth of the Virgin. Other works of his include the St. Florian altarpiece as well as many landscapes such as the Landscape with a Footbridge. Thick trees almost hide a man on his horse peering down at a small dragon in his St. George in the Forest. His best known work is housed in the Alte Pinakothek and shows a battlefield with a large banner floating in the sky announcing the defeat of Darius. FTP, identify this member of the Danube school who painted The Battle of Issus.

ANSWER:  Albrecht Altdorfer

5. One tale regarding this man tells of how, when asked why he didn’t eat at house of a local chief, he squeezed the chief’s food and blood spilled out from it. The Janamsakhis document his life and his journeys, most which find him accompanied by a man named Mardana. He underwent a religious revelation while bathing in the Bein River, which caused him to sell all his possessions and travel to pilgrimage centers. Eventually he settled down in Kantarpur, where he would meet his successor, a man originally named Lehna, later Angad. Much of his preaching was done in song and among his most famous hymns are "Sodar," "Arat," and "Sohil." All of them were transcribed and make up the Adi Granth. FTP, name this first of the seven gurus and founder of Sikhism.
ANSWER: Guru Nanak Dev
6. One side in this conflict fathered the so-called wagenburg tactic, an earlier version of a corral involving foot soldiers armed with crossbows and firearms taking on armored knights. The more radical faction in this conflict called for an equitable distribution of land, and advocated a departure from scholastic thought. The conflict began after the death of King Wenceslaus IV and would end with the Battle of Lipany. It included a crusade led by Emperor Sigismund in which his force was defeated at the Battle of Nemecky Brod. After the Catholic defeat, the conflict turned into civil war, as the radical Taborites, led by Prokop, lost to the moderate Utraquist faction. For ten points, identify this series of wars inspired by and named for a religious reformer who was sentenced to death at the Council of Constance.

ANSWER: Hussite Wars

7. This effect assumes that there exists a quantum field state in which "UP" modes are thermally populated, while "IN" modes are completely empty. This effect can be derived from a different effect that explains what an accelerating observer will view from a vacuum state. This phenomenon is a consequence of the similar Unruh effect, and one of the problems with this effect is that if we trace photons back in time they should eventually have wavelengths smaller than the Planck scale, which is known as the Trans-Planckian problem. Sometimes named after Bekenstein, in this effect a particle-antiparticle pair is created, with one of the particles falling beneath the event horizon. FTP, name this effect in which radiation is emitted from a black hole, named after a British physicist.

ANSWER: Bekenstein-Hawking radiation or effect

8. The protagonist of this play is frightened by a street vendor who repeatedly calls, “Flores para los muertos,” passing by shortly after another character rips a Chinese lantern off of a light bulb. Earlier, that character and the protagonist pretend that they are in a café in Paris, and the protagonist teases him by speaking to him in French, which he doesn’t understand. The protagonist then recalls her discovery of her husband, Allan Grey, in bed with another man and his subsequent suicide, prompting Mitch to kiss her. The climax of the play sees the protagonist raped by her brutish brother-in-law. Ending with the protagonist being taken to an insane asylum, this is, FTP, what play featuring Stanley Kowalski and Blanche DuBois, written by Tennessee Williams?

ANSWER: A Streetcar Named Desire


9. One section of this work discusses a story taken from Aristotle's Politics of a bridegroom at Delphi whose doom is foretold if he marries, which follows a mention of the story of Amor and Psyche. Later in that same section is a discussion of Agnes and the merman, while an earlier section entitled Exordium describes four different versions of another story. The author introduces two figures, the Knight of Infinite Resignation and Knight of Faith, while the first of its three problemata asks, "Is there a teleological suspension of the ethical?" Written under the pseudonym Johannes di Silentio, FTP, identify this work that revolves around the sacrifice of Isaac, a work by Soren Kierkegaard.

ANSWER: Fear and Trembling or Frygt og Baeven
10. In a pilot episode of this show, one character refers to "wearing funny pants to a funeral" as the eighth deadly sin. That episode proclaimed, "Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the end of sex and violence on television!" Eren Ozker left this show after its first season, while its second season earned Dave Goelz an Emmy award. Its first season saw Rita Moreno win an Emmy for singing "Fever", while another episode featured a performance of Harry Belafonte singing "Turn the World Around." The first episode of this show featured the Snowths performing the song "Mahna Mahna", while many episodes featured "Pigs in Space", and the Swedish Chef. FTP, identify this late 1970s variety show created by Jim Henson.

ANSWER: The Muppet Show

11. The six sforzando dominant seventh chords near the end of the exposition of this symphony’s first movement become diminished sevenths in the recapitulation, and the last movement uses a theme previously used in the composer’s opus 35 Variations and Fugue for piano; in that piece, as in this symphony’s finale, the theme’s bass line is presented before the theme itself. At the beginning of the first movement’s recapitulation, the second horn plays the opening motif four bars before the rest of the orchestra. Featuring a C minor funeral march as its second movement and opening with two staccato E-flat major chords, this is, FTP, what really good symphony, Beethoven’s third? 

ANSWER: the Eroica Symphony (accept Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 55 early) 

12. This author’s most recent novel features a ruler whose two chief advisers have gotten plastic surgery to enlarge their eyes and ears, as well as the Ruler’s attempts to get funding for his Marching to Heaven project, a plan to build a Tower of Babel in the Free Republic of Aburiria. In addition to Wizard of the Crow, he has written a story about a barmaid, Beatrice, who steals from a lorry driver, “Minutes of Glory.” The village of Ilmorog serves as the setting for his novel about a murder investigation involving the suspects Munira, Abdullah, Wanja, and Karega, and his most famous novel features Karanja, who is thought to have betrayed the resistance fighter Kihika during the Mau Mau Rebellion. FTP, identify this Kenyan author of Petals of Blood and A Grain of Wheat

ANSWER: Ngugi wa Thinog’o (or James Thiong’o Ngugi


13. This Australian scientist reaffirmed Darwin's theories on the origin of man when, amongst a group of fossil baboon skulls, he discovered the skull of a previously unknown hominid. Calling this skull the Taung child, after its discovery site in South Africa, he went to assert that Africa was, in fact, the cradle of evolution. Conventional wisdom of the time held that humans had evolved in Eurasia; thus, in 1924 this scientist's discoveries were largely ignored. However, later hominid discoveries by Robert Broom and Mary Leakey would confirm his theories. FTP, identify the anthropologist who first identified Australopithecus africanus.

Answer: Raymond Dart
14. Ironically, it would acquire its name after a major loss to a group of the same name. Because it received extensive media coverage, smaller units would gain their own names--including the Iron Brigade and the Irish Brigade. It came into existence after General Orders 101 and it first organized at Fort Monroe. It participated in the Battles of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Oak Grove, and the Seven Days battle, though early losses led to its leader,  Irvin McDowell, being replaced after its first engagement. George Meade led its Appomattox Campaign leading to Lee’s surrender, while its most famous leader would be removed from command in 1862 before going on to the Democratic nomination for President in 1864. FTP, name this Civil War Union army notoriously led by George McClellan and named for a Virginia river.
Answer: Army of the Potomac
15. In quantum mechanical systems, this can be defined as the negative trace of the density matrix multiplied by the log of the density matrix. For a gas of photons, this quantity is directly proportional to the total number of photons. Pressure can be calculated as temperature times the partial derivative of this quantity with respect to volume. The Sackur-Tetrode equation gives the value of this for an ideal gas, while inverse temperature is equal to the derivative of this with respect to energy. It is generally defined as Boltzmann's constant times the logarithm of the number of microstates. FTP, identify this quantity that always increases according to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

ANSWER:  entropy (accept "Von Neumann entropy" before second sentence)

16. This deity's cult was centered at Bubastis and she was one of the "Eyes of Ra", an avenging spirit and protector of Egypt. Herodotus stated that on her festival, men and women would travel together in boats and drink more wine than at any other time of the year. She would sometimes be paired with Sakhmet and she had only been associated with the sun until the Greeks came, when she displaced Khonsu to become goddess of the moon. Depending upon the account given, she could be quite docile, or aggressive and vicious, as she was associated with pregnancy and war. FTP, identify this goddess of Egyptian mythology who was depicted bearing the head of a cat.

ANSWER: Bast (or Bastet, Ailuros, Baset, Ubashi, Pasht)

17. This island city is separated from the mainland by Tudor creek and Kilindini harbour. Westerners first discovered it when Vasco da Gama made landfall here and claimed it for Portugal, and it is sometimes claimed to have been visited by Zheng He and his great Chinese fleet as well. Portugal turned into a trading center for slaves, coffee and spices; from this period dates Fort Jesus, which was later on used by the British as a prison. In 1698, the sultanate of Oman claimed suzerainty over it, but it would actually be dominated by the sultanate of Zanzibar afterwards. Reverting to native control in 1963, its long history of conquests and shifting allegiances lends the city its Swahili name of 'the island of war'. Today, however, it is a major tourist center, known for coral reefs, white beaches, and medieval Arabic culture, FTP, identify this city, the second-largest in Kenya. 

ANSWER: Mombasa

18. One poem in this collection describes the laughter of “Old John, with white hair,” who watches children play at the title location, and another celebrates “Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love,” which it calls “the human form divine.” In addition to “The Echoing Green” and “The Divine Image,” this collection contains a poem that urges readers to “cherish pity, lest you drive an angel from your door,” “Holy Thursday,” and an introduction in which a boy urges the speaker, “Piper, sit thee down and write / In a book, that all may read.” In another poem from this collection, the speaker wonders at the title figure’s “clothing of delight,” asking the title creature, “Dost thou know who made thee?” FTP, identify this collection containing “The Lamb,” paired by its author William Blake with Songs of Experience

ANSWER: Songs of Innocence (I guess accept Songs of Innocence and Experience until the end) 


19. Minor battles in this conflict include the battles of Jatai, Tuyuti, and Curupaity. However, the unwillingness of general Diaz after the latter victory to counterattack without explicit orders from his president would prove fatal, and his side would pay dearly for initiating this war. Initially starting out favorably for one side in this conflict, with gunboats like the Tacuari destroying much of the riverbanks in the Mato Grosso, this conflict would take a turn with the appointment of Bartolome Mitre as joint commander of the other side. The battle of Riachuelo saw the destruction of the attacking navy, and would secure the River Plate basin for the victorious side. Initiated after the Uruguyan Blancos had requested help from one of the parties in this conflict in order to cope with the overthrow of Atanasio Aguirre, FTP, what is this conflict that saw Paraguyan president Francisco Solano Lopez lead more than half his country into death in a worn-out guerrilla? 

ANSWER: War of the Triple Alliance 
20. On the right of this painting, a man in a yellow hat with orange rim looks towards a woman in blue who is holding both her brown-gloved hands on her cheeks. In the upper center, a man in a black top hat and suit faces away from the viewer, while in front of him a woman in a flowered yellow hat is holding a drink to her lips.  In the lower left of this painting the woman who is seated at a table playing with a small dog is the artist's future wife. At the left of this painting, a bearded man in a white sleeveless shirt leans against the railing of the balcony. The location depicted is the Maison Fournaise, while the man in the lower right is artist Gustave Caillebotte. FTP, name this work showing a restaurant overlooking the Seine, an Impressionistic painting by Renoir.

ANSWER: The Luncheon of the Boating Party (or: Le Dejeuner des Canotiers

21. The narrator of this novel refers to his favorite drink, gin and pineapple juice, as his “pin,” and at one point he mishears the name of Hourglass Lake, where Jean Farlow sees the limousine driver Leslie skinny-dipping. Mona Dahl plays a poet opposite the title character’s Diana in a play put on in Beardsley, and after leaving Beardsley the narrator constantly sees a man who resembles his cousin Gustave Trapp. The title character is delighted to discover that the play she appears in shares its name with a hotel she once stayed at, The Enchanted Hunters, and she ends up marrying Dick Schiller, but it is the playwright Clare Quilty whom the narrator goes to murder. FTP, identify this novel featuring Dolores Haze and Humbert Humbert, written by Vladimir Nabokov. 

ANSWER: Lolita  

22. The opinion of the court was written by Chief Justice Fuller and had no dissenters. The decision, which awarded triple damages to the plaintiff, was later appealed on a writ of error. The appeals court eventually decreased the damages to $74,000. The inciting actions occurred after a meeting between industrialist DE Loewe and John A Moffitt, who promised a national boycott of Loewe's products if he failed to unionize his factory. For ten points, name this 1908 Supreme Court case, the first time in which the Sherman anti-trust act was used to outlaw certain union activities, named for a Connecticut manufacturer.

ANSWER: Danbury Hatters case (or Loewe v. Lawlor)


1. It is preferred over chromic acid for cleaning NMR tubes as residual chromium can interfere with spectra. FTPE,

[10] Name this powerful mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, famous for its ability to dissolve gold.
ANSWER: aqua regia
[10] Aqua regia is thought to have been invented by this Arab chemist, who also pioneered distillation and crystallization methods.
ANSWER: Geber, or Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayyan
[10] Geber also formulated his “corpuscular” theory of matter, which he uses to explain a variety of process, including this conversion of metals to metal oxides at high temperatures.
ANSWER: calcination
2. At a prison work camp, this novel’s title character meets the young Gene Harrogate, who was sent there for having sex with a farmer’s watermelons. FTPE,

[10] Identify this novel whose title character, named Cornelius, has abandoned his family to live on a houseboat on the Tennessee River. 

ANSWER: Suttree 

[10] This author of The Road and No Country for Old Men wrote Suttree

ANSWER: Cormac McCarthy 

[10] The protagonist of this other McCarthy novel, known simply as “the Kid,” joins a group hunting for Apache scalps. 

ANSWER: Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West 
3. Identify the following French composers of the 20th and 21st centuries, FTPE. 

[10] The massive Vingt regards sur l’enfant Jésus is the most important solo piano work by this composer of the Quartet for the End of Time

ANSWER: Olivier Messiaen 

[10] Also well-known as a conductor, his Structures I for two pianos is a classic example of total serialism. His major vocal works include Pli selon pli, or Fold by Fold, and Le Marteau sans maître, or The Unmastered Hammer

ANSWER: Pierre Boulez 

[10] Four short sections labeled “parenthesis,” which either recall or foreshadow musical ideas, appear in his string quartet Ainsi la nuit, and epigraphs from Baudelaire grace each movement of his cello concerto Tout un monde lointain

ANSWER: Henri Dutilleux  
4. Answer these questions about these figures related to Apartheid, FTPE.

[10] For ten, famous for coining the term “black is beautiful” was this man, the founder of Black Consciousness. He was controversially killed in police custody in 1977.

ANSWER: Steve Biko

[10] For ten, the first black Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, he received the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize.

ANSWER: Desmond Tutu

[10 Less well known as Nelson Mandela, this man was with Mandela convicted in the Rivonia trial in 1964, after his release in 1989, he would become the ANC vice president in 1991. Prior, he had served with Mandela and Oliver Tambo in both the ANC youth league and the ANC proper:

ANSWER: Walter Sisulu
5. FTPE, answer these questions about the history of Georgia.
[10] This British general founded the colony of Georgia in 1733 with poor and destitute colonists.
Answer: James Edward Oglethorpe
[10] During the Civil War, Sherman's scorched-earth "March to the Sea" ended in this city, which he burned to the ground.
Answer: Savannah
[10] Savannah also served as a key port for the Confederacy until this nearby fort was captured by the Union.
Answer: Fort Pulaski
6. Answer the following about a short story and its author, FTPE. 

[10] This story’s protagonist is told to leave by her husband Armand Aubigny when they realize that their child is not fully white. It is later revealed that it is Armand, not the protagonist, who is part African-American. 

ANSWER: “Désirée’s Baby” 

[10] This author wrote “Désirée’s Baby,” as well as the short stories “Madame Celestin’s Divorce” and “The Story of an Hour.” 

ANSWER: Kate Chopin 

[10] Also by Kate Chopin is this novel centering on the unsatisfying marriage of Edna Pontellier. 

ANSWER: The Awakening 
7. Achilles wasn't the only character in mythology to appear invincible, answer questions about others, FTPE.
[10] This giant of Libya challenged all travelers to a wrestling match. The son of Gaia, he was invincible as long as he touched the ground, but easily strangled by Heracles when lifted.
ANSWER: Antaeus
[10] Heracles, himself, was killed by the blood of this centaur, whom he shot with a Hydra-poisone arrow when the centaur made to violate Heracles’s wife.
ANSWER: Nessus (or Nessos)
[10] This was the wife of Heracles after whom Nessus lusted. She was duped into believing that a tunic soaked in Nessus’s blood would ensure Heracles’s love forever.
ANSWER: Deianira


8. Answer somes questions about fluids, FTPE.

 [10] This smooth type of flow is characterized by motion in parallel layers, and occurs below a Reynolds number of around 2300 for circular pipes.

Answer: laminar flow

[10] This quantity is equal to the curl of the velocity field. If it zero, the fluid is called irrotational.

ANSWER: vorticity

[10] This equation governs nonlinear waves in shallow water. Zabusky and Kruskal discovered soliton solutions for this equation in 1965.

ANSWER: KdV equation or Korteweg-de Vries equation

9. FTPE, answer the following about the English Civil War.

[10] In the first part of the conflict, parliamentary forces would oppose the king in a series of battles, like this one in July of 1644, which paved the way for the New Model Army.

ANSWER: battle of Marston Moor

[10] The reorganization of the parliamentary forces was made possible through this act of parliament, actually the second of its kind, voted on April 3rd 1645 and forcing members of parliament to resign from army command posts. Among others, Lords Manchester and Essex would resign under the terms of this act.

ANSWER: Self-Denying Ordinance
[10] Charles I would be tried and executed under the terms of this parliament, the successor of the Long Parliament after Pride's purge.

ANSWER: Rump Parliament

10. The first act of his play The Secret Mirror is written by a character from its second act, and his collection Statements contains stories that deliberately disappoint the reader. FTPE: 

[10] Identify this fictional author of The God of the Labyrinth and April March

ANSWER: Herbert Quain 

[10] “An Examination of the Work of Herbert Quain” is included in Ficciones, a collection of short stories by this author. 

ANSWER: Jorge Luis Borges 

[10] Ficciones also contains a story about this man, “author of the Quixote.” In it, he tries to rewrite Cervantes’s novel verbatim. 

ANSWER: Pierre Menard (prompt on partial answer) 


11. FTPE, identify these historically and geographically significant straits and channels.

[10] In 1988, Iran Air Flight 655 was shot down over this Persian Gulf strait, which also sees the passage of approximately 20% of the world's petroleum.

ANSWER: Strait of Hormuz

[10] This strait, which connects the Bay of the Bengal to the Gulf of Mannar, is associated with both the Ramayana and Adam's expulsion from Eden.

ANSWER: Palk Strait

[10] Separating the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, the Seikan tunnel beneath this strait is the longest railway tunnel in the world:

ANSWER: Tsugaru strait 

12. These structures are attached to transverse tubules, which transmit a depolarization signal. FTPE,
[10] Name this cellular organelle that, when triggered, releases large amounts of calcium ions into myofibrils.
ANSWER: sarcoplasmic reticulum
[10] That signal comes from the neuromuscular junction and is initiated by this neurotransmitter.
ANSWER: acetylcholine
[10] This autoimmune disorder is characterized by blocking of acetylcholine receptors by antibodies. Treatment often involves acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, prolonging the signal.
ANSWER: myasthenia gravis


13. Identify the following about painters of the American West, FTPE.

[10] Probably best known for painting close-ups of flowers and sometimes animal skulls, this wife of Alfred Stieglitz was an important figure in Southwestern Art. 

ANSWER: Georgia O’Keefe

[10] Brought to fame by his work for Harper’s was this man. Important works include the painting The Buffalo Hunt and the sculpture Bronco Buster.

ANSWER: Frederick Remington

[10] Subject of a famous portrait by William Fisk was this artist of the American West who was particularly interested in painting Native Americans. Works include White Cloud, Head Chief of the Iowas and Buffalo Bull, a Grand Pawnee Warrior.

ANSWER: George Catlin

14. At the end of its last book, its author proclaims that through his poetry, his wife will be glorified, like Penelope, Alcestis, Andromache, Evadne, and Laodamia before her. FTPE, 

[10] Identify this book of poems, the first of two by its author that bemoan his exile in Tomis. 

ANSWER: Tristia or Sorrows 

[10] Tristia was written by this Roman poet who also wrote a poem about the Roman calendar, Fasti, and Epistulae ex Ponto, or Letters from the Black Sea

ANSWER: Publius Ovidius Naso 

[10] This work by Ovid in dactylic hexameter features many stories of mythological transformations. 

ANSWER: Metamorphoses  


15. He was famously threatened with a fireplace poker, for ten points each.

[10] Wittgenstein threatened this philosopher whom he was arguing with. One of his best known works is The Open Society and its Enemies.

ANSWER: Karl Popper

[10] Probably Popper’s most influential work, in this 1934 work he introduces a methodology of science centered on “falsification”.

ANSWER: Logik der Forschung or The Logic of Scientific Discovery

[10] In this 1963 work, subtitled "The Growth of Scientific Knowledge", Popper introduces the concept of "verisimilitude" or "truthlikeness".

ANSWER: Conjectures and Refutations: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge

16. Answer the following about a certain conflict in East Asia and its aftermath, FTPE.

[10] What started as a fight for control of Korea ended with the annexation of Taiwan, the Liaodong Province, and the Pescadores by the Meiji government in this conflict.

ANSWER: First Sino-Japanese War (or Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895)

[10] The intervention of the western powers forced Japan to give up control of the Liaodong peninsula, and in particular of this strategic port there; it would lead to war between Japan and Russia ten years later.

ANSWER: Lushun (or Port Arthur)

[10] One of the few Chinese units that was somewhat successful against the Japanese was this army, of which Yuan Shikai was one of the commanders; it originated from the Anhui army that had fought during the Taiping rebellion.

ANSWER: Beiyang army
17. Identify the following related chemistry answers, FTPE.
[10] Favored by elevated temperature and strong and nonpolarizable bases in high concentration in high concentration, this reaction mechanism is bimolecular in the rate determining step.
Answer: E2 or bimolecular elimination
[10] If an elimination reaction gives a more stable, highly substituted alkene, it is said to follow this rule named for a Russian chemist.
Answer: Zaitsev rule
[10] Zaitsev studied under this Russian chemist, who accidentally synthesized formaldehyde, though he called it dioxymethylene.
ANSWER: Aleksandr Mikhailovich Butlerov
18. Identify the following books of the Old Testament, FTPE.

[10] The prophecies of this "weeping prophet" were recorded by his secretary Baruch. He foretold a number of gloomy occurrences, including the destruction of both Judah and Babylon.

ANSWER: Book of Jeremiah

[10] The book of this major prophet tells of his service to Nebuchadnezzar, in which he interprets a dream that foretells the dominance of the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman empires, in succession.

ANSWER; Book of Daniel

[10] The book of this minor prophet explains the plague of locusts and drought as harbingers of doomsday, and tells his people to repent.

ANSWER: Book of Joel
19. It features a man who poses as the student Lindoro and sings the serenade “Ecco ridente in cielo.” FTPE, 

[10] Identify this opera that sees Rosina express her love for Lindoro in “Una voce poco fa” and the title character sing the cavatina “Largo al factotum.” 

ANSWER: Il Barbiere di Siviglia or The Barber of Seville 

[10] The Barber of Seville was written by this Italian composer of William Tell and La Cerenterola.  

ANSWER: Gioacchino Rossini 

[10] This opera buffa by Rossini features the poet Prosdocimo, who plans to use the love polygon of Fiorilla, Selim, Geronio, Zaida, and Narciso as the material for a comedy he is writing. 

ANSWER: Il turco in Italia or The Turk in Italy 
20. Identify the following terms from international economics, FTPE.

[10] This practice involves importing a good at a price below cost or below the price paid in the home country.

ANSWER: dumping

[10] This complex model of international trade suggests that the pattern of international trade is caused by a disparity of factor endowments and countries tend to export goods that use relatively abundant factors.

ANSWER: Hecksher-Ohlin model

[10] A situation in which a country limits exports of a particular good to another country is known as this.

ANSWER: voluntary export quota
21. Identify the following naval commanders from US history, FTPE.

[10] During the civil war, this admiral served under David Farragut, but became more famous for his command of the Asiatic Squadron, becoming the only man ever given the rank of Admiral of the Navy.

ANSWER: George Dewey

[10] This man was captured during the War of 1812 and killed in a duel with Commodore Barron, but became famous for securing peace with the Barbary Powers.

ANSWER: Stephen Decatur

[10] He was nicknamed "Fighting Bob" on a peacekeeping mission in Chile. He also commanded the USS Iowa at the Battle of Santiago and the Great White Fleet until he fell ill in 1908.

ANSWER: Robley Dunglison Evans
22. One character in this play is Mrs. Marwood, who tells Mrs. Fainall that it is “better to be left, than never to have been loved.” FTPE: 

[10] Identify this play in which Lady Wishfort tries to stop the marriage between Mirabell and Millamant. 

ANSWER: The Way of the World 

[10] This playwright and author of The Double Dealer, The Old Bachelor, and Love for Love wrote The Way of the World

ANSWER: William Congreve 

[10] Published under the pseudonym Cleophil, this novel by Congreve tells of the confusion of identities that follows a Florentine masquerade attended by Aurelian and Hippolito. 

ANSWER: Incognita, or Love and Duty Reconcil’d 


23. Identify some 2008 presidential candidates who haven't been getting a lot of love from the voters, FTPE.

[10] Michigan moved its primary to January 15, and was subsequently stripped of its delegates by the DNC. Hillary won the Democratic primary, but this former mayor of Cleveland, who also ran in 2004, came in fourth (two and three were 'uncommitted' and 'undecided').

ANSWER: Denis Kucinich

[10] The Republican primary was won by Mitt Romney; however, this congressman from San Diego also ran in that primary; with 2,823 votes, he did even worse than Rudy Giuliani:

ANSWER: Duncan Hunter

[10] This Illinois businessman was the first of the Republicans to announce his candidacy for 2008, but after only receiving 40 votes in the New Hampshire primary, decided to end his campaign.

ANSWER:  John H. Cox





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