Calling Reception To call reception, press the key labelled „Reception“. Making External Telephone Calls

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The Keys of your Room Telephone

Keys on a Forum Phone 515

Keys on a Forum Phone 525

Keys on a Forum Phone 535

Calling Reception

To call reception, press the key labelled „Reception“.

Making External Telephone Calls

  1. If you wish to make an outgoing call to someone outside of the hotel, then first dial the digit(s) ………

  2. Subsequently dial the call number.

Blocked Call Numbers

Call numbers which begin with the following digits can not be dialled:


You can not be called by callers whose call number begin with the following digits:


Telephone Charges

The basic charge for an external telephone call is ……… EUR.

One call unit costs ……… EUR.

For an interim invoice of your telephone charges, please contact reception.

You wish to Call Another Hotel Guest

Pick up the receiver and dial the call number of the other guest’s room telephone. You can enquire at reception for the call number.

Using the telephone book

During their stay, guests are entered into the hotels telephone book. Guests may access this telephone book via their room telephone and call another guest.

  1. Press the key labelled „Phone book“.
    You then see the MenuCard Phone Book.

  2. Use the Arrow Keys to navigate the telephone book entries until you locate the desired surname.
    You can short-cut the search by entering the initial letters of the surname. Press the digit key with the corresponding letter (e. g. 1 for the letters A, B and C) and/or use the arrow keys to continue navigating until you locate the desired entry.

  3. Press the OK key.

The call number of the desired guest will now be dialled.

Receiving a Call

When a call comes in, a key will flash on the telephone.

Press the key that is flashing (then the telephone will go into hands-free operation) or pick up the receiver.

You would like to be Woken

You can request reception to activate a wake-up call for you. At the desired time your room telephone will ring. You can also switch on and switch off the wake-up call yourself on your telephone.

Switching on a wake-up call

  1. Press on the key labelled „Wake-up service“.
    You see the Wake-up Call.

  2. Select the menu entry Time hh:mm. Enter the time, for example, 0615.

  3. Press the Down arrow key.

  4. Select the menu entry on.

  5. Press the OK key.

Your telephone will ring at 6:15 am. Pick up the receiver in order to turn off the wake-up call.

Switching off a wake-up call

  1. Repeat the steps 1 to 3 in the section „Switching on a wake-up call“.

  2. Then select the menu entry off.

  3. Press the OK key.

You have a Waiting Message at Reception

When a message is available for you at reception, then you will be informed of this via your room telephone. The key labelled „Reception“ will flash on the telephone.

Press the key to call reception.

Subsequently, after having spoken with reception, the key will no longer flash.

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