Business personal property form 762-b county of warren tax year

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____________________________________ John H. Smedley, Sr.

Commissioner of the Revenue

P. O. Box 1775

__________________________________ Front Royal, VA 22630-0038

Phone: 540-635-2651

Fax: 540-636-8280


Every taxpayer owning Personal Property in the County of Warren as of January 1, annually shall report such property on his/her annual Personal Property returns and files it with the Commissioner of the Revenue on or before February 15, annually. (Warren County Ordinance adopted Nov. 8, 1995)

Any person failing to file such return for all tangible personal property subject to the tax on or before the date for such return shall incur a penalty thereon of 10% of the tax assessable on such return or $10.00 whichever is greater, provided however, that the penalty shall in no case exceed the amount of the tax assessable.
Declare all Personal Property including business furniture & fixtures, misc. machinery, and heavy equipment. Indicate “none” or –0- if you purchased no taxable property in a particular year. Do not include vehicles, real estate, or computer software in the below chart. This form will be incomplete and returned if marked same as last year.
If you have leased equipment at your place of business, please complete the back of this form listing type of equipment, name, and addresses of all lessors.
Federal Id# or Social Security# _____________________________________
Location of Business Personal Property: ____________________________________________

(Street address)

Date business ceased operation: _________________________________________________
Please complete the below chart and include a separate sheet itemizing the type of personal property purchased, original cost, and date acquired.
Year Property Purchased Original Cost Office Use Only ____
1st Year (70%) _ _____________________________________________________________
2nd Year (60%) ____________________________________________________
3rd Year (50%) ____________ ________________________________________
4th Year (40%) ________ ____________________________________________
5th Year (30%) ______ ______________________________________________
6th Year (20%) __________________ __________________________________
7th Year & older (10%)

I declare that the statements and figures on this page and the back are true, full, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date________________________ Signature of Taxpayer ________________________________________ -SEE BACK-

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