Business card/stationery new identity

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Business card/stationery new identity
Although the university will not be able to complete entirely its new logo/identity project, we can take significant steps forward by creating one interim business card and stationery design that will be used by all members of the university community. And by tackling the issue of the relationship of schools and colleges with the university, we will be better poised to implement any new visual marks that are developed in the future.
The architecture in this design allows for a more prominent placement of the name of the school or college in a third color (PMS 7469 blue) while maintaining consistency for all University of Colorado Denver entities. A portion of the University of Colorado seal appears at the lower left in gold (PMS 7408), providing the tie to the system. All the rest of the type appears in black.
Any identity change is accompanied by thousands of questions—some of them anticipated and some surprises. This document seeks to answer the obvious questions. If you have issues that are not addressed, please contact Charlotte Million, 303-315-5801,
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I order?

Printing services at the Anschutz Medical Campus will handle all business card, letterhead, envelope and stationery item orders for both campuses. You can order online by going to insert address.

The university will pay for the first box of business cards (250 quantity) for every person at the university, printing one side only. This introductory offer is good until Sept. 1. Following that date, units will be expected to pay for business cards.
What about letterhead, envelopes and other stationery items?

The ordering department or unit will be expected to pay for all stationery items. The letterhead is available in a three-color version and in black only. Envelopes are offered in black only.

Do I have to order three-color materials?

No, there is a black only option.

Can’t I go to Clicks on the Auraria campus?

The university administration has asked that all stationery orders go through Anschutz Medical Campus Printing Services, which will deliver product to all clients. Only AMC Printing Services has the template standards for the new business card and stationery items.

What’s the difference between AMC Printing Services and Clicks?

AMC Printing Services is located in the bookstore area of Building 500 on the Anschutz Medical Campus. It offers design and printing services for a fee. Any profits after meeting expenses are returned to the university. Clicks is operated by the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) in several places on the Auraria campus at Speer and Auraria boulevards. Clicks also offers design and printing services for a fee; profits are returned to AHEC.

How long will the printing take—now?

Because many clients have held off ordering stationery items until the new design is ready, there is great pent-up demand. AMC Printing Services is fully prepared to handle the first wave of orders. However, a school or college can accelerate the process by gathering all business card orders and placing them at once via one person. Whether you order as a group or individually, please continue to be patient as we work diligently to meet the demand. And thank you!

How long will the printing take—eventually?

After the initial flood of orders, you should plan on about 3 weeks for turnaround from initial contact to final delivery.

What do I need?

The online order form indicates all the information required: speedtype and specific information at Or call 303-724-6410.

What can I expect?

The card order is received and processed. Based on the information you provided, the designer creates a proof of your card, which will be faxed to you. You return the fax with your approval or with changes indicated. If you respond to the proof quickly and do not have more than one round of changes, the process will move as quickly as possible. A school or college can expedite the process by coordinating orders through one person.

What exactly will appear on the business card?

University of Colorado Denver

Name of School or College

Name of Department (if appropriate)

Name of Division (if appropriate)

Your Name

Your Title
Downtown Campus cards will include:

Street address and suite or room number

Campus Box number

PO Box number

Denver, CO 80217-3364
Anschutz Medical Campus cards will include:

Mail Stop number

Street address and room number

PO Box number

Aurora, CO 80045
What about phone numbers?

The following nomenclature identifies potential phone numbers. We advise using as few possible, but enough to make you available to those who need to contact you. In some cases, there will be so much information (e.g., extra titles, extra phone numbers) that the back of the card will also be used.


Office fax:




Clinic fax:

What’s up with that partial seal that appears on the business card and letterhead?

When you receive your proof—or even when you look at the layout online—you may realize the seal does not appear fully on the page. That’s intentional. Because we are in a transitional time with our graphic identifier (logo), we are using a portion of the university seal to acknowledge our University of Colorado connection while we wait to discover a final resolution on developing a specific institutional logo.

What if I need to include more information than is standard?

If your content needs exceed the space available on the front of the card, you can have information printed on the back. Please note: your FREE initial business card order of one box (250) includes one side of printing only, so count on your budget paying for second-side printing. Subsequent or additional orders will be fully funded by the budgetary unit.

What’s my address?

Our business cards and letterhead contain both mailing addresses and building locations. People who want to write to you must use the campus box number or the mail stop number AND the PO box number.

What’s my e-mail address?

All e-mail addresses will display the domain, to which we are currently converting. Your correct name and e-mail address will be designated by IT services.

What’s the website address?

We will all ultimately use a single domain name: But because we are in the process of making this change, use the website address you have been using ( or The address will disappear in August and is in the process of converting to If you want to convert to in your card or stationery order, please contact Jeremy Fulbright ( to determine the accurate date of conversion.

What if I’m not in a school or college?

The hierarchy calls for identification of the office and then the department, similar to the presentation of the school/college and department.

Can I indicate the campus I am on?

Campus identification is reserved for signage and materials that must have a campus identifier. Because we seek to present ourselves as one university, campus locations should be avoided.

What about the logo I developed for my institute/center/program?

A particular image created for an institute, center or program may be used on a publication or advertisement, but it should never be directly attached to the school or college name and the university name. Independent elements must appear as a separate art element and not part of our branded identity. No other image is permitted on stationery.

Is there a graphic standards manual?

It is in process and will be produced electronically as soon as it is available. This list of questions will be included in the graphic standards manual.

What about a coalition of programs?

When UC Denver is one of several partners in a coalition, the unit may have its own identity, but it cannot approximate the UC Denver identity. For example, the University of Colorado Cancer Center retains its identity because it is a consortium of multiple partner institutions.

What about affiliations?

Affiliation with hospitals is indicated by adding a footer to the sponsoring organization’s letterhead: an affiliate of University of Colorado Denver (using the approved wordmark).

May I produce letterhead electronically?

Yes, a template will be provided for production from your computer. It will be available through the Network site. The Network will announce when this template is available.

What are the type fonts used for the wordmark and body copy?

Professionally typeset materials require the use of Frutiger as the font for the wordmark and for headlines and captions. Body copy will be Meridien, a serif font also designed by Adrian Frutiger. Body copy in print should be set in a serif font because readability is enhanced.

Do I have to purchase those fonts for my computer?

No. Frutiger and Meridien will be used in professionally typeset materials. When producing something from your computer, use Verdana as the headline/caption font and Times Roman as the body copy. You can obtain a jpeg of the University of Colorado Denver wordmark from the office of marketing and creative services or (eventually) in a resource section on the web. The website has not yet been created.

What is the university and school/college signature?

The name of the university (University of Colorado Denver) appears in black and is set in a sans serif font called Frutiger. The school or college name receives special treatment by appearing in slightly larger type in blue. Taken together, the university and school/college name create a custom signature identifying that unit.

Can I create my own logo?

Consistency and repetition: those are the key elements in creating an effective graphic identity for an institution. We are undertaking this branding/identity initiative to improve our image and impact in the marketplace. We will achieve that by consistently using a graphic identity that names our institution and by repeating that identity in all our marketing materials—in print, in advertising, on the web. Our new identity includes a custom signature for each school and college. A department, center or institute may yearn for their own special logo. However, the real strength of this institution rests in our name and single identity: University of Colorado Denver.

Nevertheless, some units may find their communication needs dictate a special graphic approach. It is not a logo and should not be used as a logo. But it should be considered artwork and can be used to establish the identity for the particular program. That artwork must appear as separate from the logo. For example, the artwork might appear at the top of a brochure with the name of the program underneath. At the bottom of the brochure, the wordmark University of Colorado Denver should be used. It is clearly differentiated by occupying a different space on the publication or web page.

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