Business 480: The San Fernando Valley: Research on Local Issues

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Business 480: The San Fernando Valley: Research on Local Issues
This course is designed for students who have research skills and have the ability to handle supervised independent research. Students may work individually or in teams on research projects that advance the mission of the San Fernando Valley Economic Research Center, which is to collect, assemble, analyze, and present economic and demographic information that promotes economic development in the San Fernando Valley.
Students taking this course will either work on a Center research project developed by the Center, or they may suggest and undertake a project based on their own research interests and if it is deemed by the Director to advance the Center’s mission. Students should be prepared to discuss what type of economic or demographic research projects in the Valley would be of interest to them. They are welcome to review a copy of the most recent San Fernando Valley Economic Report or our SFV Economic Forecast to familiarize themselves with the types of data that the Center collects, analyzes, and disseminates.
Opportunities for students to take this class vary with the number and nature of the research projects currently underway in the Center. Students taking Business 480 will maintain an activity log during the semester and should be prepared to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to the project each week during the semester. The class involves weekly meetings with the Center Director or a Center Research Associate—usually about 1 hour per week—to monitor weekly progress and make sure the project is going smoothly.
A Bus 480 student’s main activities involve refining the scope of the research project, finding the appropriate data, collecting and processing those data with appropriate analytical methods, and writing up the results. The student will summarize the output from the research project in tables, graphs, charts, and/or databases as is appropriate to the project, and will produce an analytical term paper that is a minimum of 10 pages in length (excluding charts, graphs, and tables) that summarizes the objective of the project, the methodology used, and any implications of the project (all of this effort is included in the course-related work).
Demonstrated research skills and a B average are prerequisites to the Bus 480. Students interested in taking the class should be prepared to describe the source of their research skills in terms of academic courses and/or their professional experience. Interested students will be asked for the names of one or two CSUN professors who can attest to their research skills.
Instructor’s permission is required to enroll in this class and it may be given following a discussion of the student’s research project interests and a review of the student’s transcript, research skills, and recommendations.

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