“BtB 1942 Scenario”

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Here is the 1942 Historical Scenario. Please let me know if you detect any errors or have any comments or questions. You may e-mail me at JBisio@msn.com , please put in the subject line “BtB 1942 Scenario” so I can distinguish it from the many junk/spam/porno e-mails I get.
WWII: Barbarossa to Berlin 1942: “Hinge of Fate” Scenario Setup:

(optional scenario name “Fall Blau to Berlin”)

The game begins with both players rolling for Orders at the start of Turn 6 (Summer 1942) and continues until the end of Turn 18 (Summer 1945) a total of 13 Game Turns, or until the Allies or Axis score an Automatic Victory, or one player decides to resign and accept defeat.

Initial VP Level: Axis are at 14 VPs
The following * Event cards have been played and should be removed from the game:

All played and removed * Event cards should be considered played to satisfy any prerequisites or limitations on other events or map play done during play of this scenario.

Axis (remove a total of 12 Blitz cards): leaving 13 Blitz cards in play

Blitz War Deck: 1, 3-4,6-9, 13, 16-17, 22, 23.

Allies (remove a total of 9 cards): leaving 16 Blitz cards in play

Blitz War Deck: 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13-14, 19, 24

Initial Hands: Each Player draws seven cards. The Allied initial draw has to include card # 4 (Soviet Rein.). The Axis initial hand has to include card # 14 (“Fall Blau”). After looking at his hand the Allied player may call a “mulligan” & discard up to four cards from his hand (including the mandatory card)…any discarded cards are replaced from the draw deck refilling the hand to seven cards. After the Allied player conducts his mulligan the Axis player follows the same procedure, but may discard & replace up to two cards only. Any discarded cards are not shown openly after discard. The players than proceed to roll for their Orders for the first game turn (Summer 1942), Axis add +2 to their orders roll since “Hitler takes Command” has been played, and follow the normal turn sequence thereafter. Note that during the “Draw Strategy Cards Phase” of the Summer 1942 (Turn 6) each player will shuffle the Total War Cards into the deck along with any non-permanent discards from the Blitz deck. Allies may pick any one Blitzkrieg card from the remaining cards for their first Total War hand. The Axis may pick “Totaler Krieg” as usual as well as any one Blitzkrieg card from amongst the remaining Blitz cards.

Initial Markers: Industrial Evacuation Turn 2, US Buildup Turn 4, Speer Turn 4, Lend Lease Turn 5, Total War Turn 6 Industrial Evacuation Tank Armies Turn 6, Industrial Evacuation +1 Card Turn 10, Partisan Marker: Pinsk

Available GE Trenches: x2 “Atlantic Wall Trench 1s”

Available SU Trenches: x2 Trench Markers
Neutral Setup: Exactly as the 1941 BtB initial Turn 1 setup.

Eliminated Box: x1 Pz Corps
Reserve Box: x3 GE Inf. Corps x3 GE Pz Corps x2 RO Corps, x1 HU Corps

West Front: x1 GE Inf. corps each in: Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Holland, Brest, Ruhr. Anywhere in Occupied France not stacked: (1st GE Army) & (7th GE Army)

West Wall Trench 1 each in Stuttgart & Saar x1 GE Pz Corps in Munich

Southern Front: x1 IT Inf. Corps each in Genoa, Trieste, Zagreb, Albania,

Buerat, Hellfire Pass, Buq Buq, Naples, Taranto, Palermo, x1 BU Corps each in Sofia,

Salonika, & Plovdiv. Axis Controls all of Libya.

Mersa Matruh: (Panzer Army Afrika) & IT Mechanized Corps

Budapest: HU 3rd Army

Belgrade: x1 GE Inf. Corps & x1 HU Inf. Corps

Athens: x1 GE Inf. Corps Crete: x1 GE Inf. Corps

East Front: Axis control all of the SU west of their main line of units. Note: Kholm-Demyansk is Axis controlled.

All units are GE unless noted:

Luga: 18th Army Novgorod: (16th Army) & (Inf. Corps) Vyazma: Trench 1 9th Army Rzhev: Trench 1 (3rd Pz Army) Minsk: Inf. Corps Bryansk: 4th Army Pskov: Pz Corps

Orel: Trench 1, 2nd Pz Army Kursk: (2nd Army) , 2nd HU Army, & 4th Pz Army

Kiev: Inf. Corps Poltava: IT 8th Army Dnepropetrovsk: 3rd RO & 4th RO Armies

Perekop: RO Corps Kharkov: 6th Army Stalino: 1st Pz Army Melitopol: 17th Army Kerch: (11th Army)
Permanently Removed: x2 CW Corps, SU SW Front Mech
Eliminated Box: x13 SU 2-1-3 Infantry Armies,& x2 SU Shock Armies ( 1st Shk & 2nd Shk)
Reserve Box: x2 CW Corps, x4 SU 2-1-3 Infantry Armies

Western Allies: The Middle East is all Allied Controlled with the exception of neutral Turkey. All 3 Beach-heads are available for Invasion Placement.

Alexandria: BR Corps Basra: BR Corps El Alamein: (CW Corps) & Desert Army
Soviet Forces:

Note: The word: “Inf. Army” represents placement of a SU 2-1-3 (1-1-3 flip) Army

All spaces behind the main Soviet frontline are Allied controlled.

Leningrad: Trench 1, (Leningrad Front) & Inf. Army

Tikhvin-Volkhov: (Volkhov Front) & Inf. Army

Valdai: (Reserve Front) & (3rd Shk. Army)

Kalinin: Northwest Front

Mozhaisk: Kalinin Front & 4th Shk, Army

Kaluga: West Front & Inf. Army

Moscow: Trench 1, Stalin & Central Front

Tula: Trench 1, Steppe Front

Elets: Bryansk Front & Inf. Army

Voronezh: Voronezh Front & Inf. Army

Voroshilovgrad: SW Front & Inf. Army

Rostov: South Front

Yaroslavl: 5th Shk. Army

Krasnodar: (Caucasus Front) & Inf. Army

Stalingrad: (Stalingrad Front)

Saratov: (Don Front)

Sevastopol: Inf. Army

Optional Special 1942 Scenario Rules:

If used both these optional extra rules should be played together.

Allied Blitz Card #4(Soviet Tank Armies)

Up to three of these tank armies may be placed like LCUs, but no more than one per space.

Axis Blitz Card #24 (German Reinforcements)

Both of the corps size SCUs may be placed like LCUs, but no more than one per space.

One of these corps may be placed in an Axis controlled in full supply Paris.

Note on Placing Markers for events of the Turn Record Track:

Below is the full listing through Turn 10 of when the event markers played or kicked in historically on the Turn Record track using the event markers that came with the game.

For purposes of this scenario mark off everything through Turn 6 except for Fall Blau &

show the Turn 10 Industrial Evacuation-+1 Card on the track. Fall Blau & the Turn 7-9 events of course are dependent on card play throughout the scenario

Turn 1 June 1941 Barbarossa

Turn 2 Summer 1941 OKH Conference

Turn 3 Fall 1941 “Taifun”, Hitler Declares War, Sorge

Turn 4 Winter 1942 Speer, US Buildup

Turn 5 Spring 1942 Hitler takes Command, Lend Lease, Partisans

Turn 6 Summer 1942 Fall Blau, Industrial Evacuation-Tank Armies, Total War Begins

Turn 7 Fall 1942 Luftwaffe Supply, Torch

Turn 8 Winter 1943 Totaler Krieg

Turn 9 Spring 1943 ASW Victory

Turn 10 Summer 1943 Industrial Evacuation-+1 Card

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