Bronte Beach Precinct Minutes. Held on 21 st July 2004 At the Lugar Brae Church Hall Convenors – Mrs. Virginia Milson, Mr. Norman Brown Attendance 35 Ward Councillors in attendance – Cr. Mora Main, Cr

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Bronte Beach Precinct Minutes.

Held on 21 st July 2004

At the Lugar Brae Church Hall

Convenors – Mrs. Virginia Milson , Mr. Norman Brown

Attendance - 35

Ward Councillors in attendance – Cr. Mora Main , Cr. Kerryn Sloan .

Councillors Absent – Cr. Peter Moscatt ( apology received )

Community Liaison Officer present – Nicole Stevens

1 . .Cr Main - addressed the Meeting and advised that Council had successfully appealed a recent bad decision of the Land and Environment Court on - 55a Gardyne Street , had won, and that the application is now going back to a rehearing .

Council was still reviewing the Bronte Park Plan of Management as there were a few omissions– such as disability access to the park , a strategy for management of the whole Bronte creek catchment, and the need for resolution of pedestrian circulation and visitor amenity, and access to the beach, in the promenade/bear pit area around the Surf club .

Also , that footpath widening work was now under way on Marine Drive between the Bronte and Tamarama beaches .

And the Bronte to Centennial Park (Waverley Bike Plan Stage 1) bike route has recently been completed (road marking, median strip & traffic calming device modifications etc)

Note: congratulations to the Wills Avenue residents on their outstanding work to achieve a reasonable outcome from a L & EC approval for an inappropriate development in the street. Cr . Sloan - told residents that at a recent meeting of Council she had again raised the issue of illegal brothels in Bondi Junction , and was hoping to close some of these down shortly .

She was also investigating the possibility of establishing noise ratings for buildings . This would mean that developers would be required to build quality homes , and thereby reduce noise to neighbours.

Parking was still a problem in the area , and a report would be forthcoming shortly on meters, and the costs of maintaining them . This might afford Council an opportunity to review its policy for permits for residents and visitors

2 . Guest speaker – Mr. Cameron Little .

Mr. Little explained that he was the Coordinator for the Ecoliving Centre of the University of New South Wales .

The centre was situated at – 14 , Arthur St. Randwick .

It was linked to University programs , and that the University shares its research with the community, and the public are welcome to visit the house there .The public can also join the Centre.

The Centre was involved in a community gardens, global warming , water reuse ,solar energy and promoting sustainable living strategies..

Consideration of these had led to a " Permaculture garden " which looked at problems such as "care for the earth ", and "care for the people ".

It also ran workshops and programs such as - Composting / worm farming / solar panelling , also a plastic free society ( where more biodegradable bags would be used in the future ) .

It was also investigating " grey water technology " - which is collecting / treating and re-using water which had already been used in the home (excluding toilet water).

The house uses solar power for its heat , and is about to trial technology which sterilises grey water, provides hot water and generates power. . Grey water is used to irrigate the garden;

Mr. .Little said that although solar panels are expensive at the moment , with the increasing cost of homes , they would become a normal feature in the future .

visitors can observe all these environmentally beneficial features at the Ecoliving Centre. .

The Meeting then commenced .

3 . Confirmation of the minutes of the previous Meeting .

Proposed – Erica Rink , Seconded Mr. Graham Whelan

4 . Matters arising .

The Precinct had previously passed a motion requesting Council progress the Bronte Commercial Centres DCP as a matter of urgency (Lugar Brae shops, St. Thomas St shops and Bronte Beach cafe strip).

Council had responded to advise that they were currently reviewing the Draft DCP , and that this should be completed shortly .

5 . Section 96 Modifications .

Mrs Milson expressed her concern at the way that this was being used by developers as an excuse to increase the size of a residence which had already been approved by Council .

Cr Main explained that S.96 is a planning tool for amending a DA when the proposed amendment is in the spirit of the original DA. A new DA is required for any additional work not considered in the original DA.

Clr. Sloan responded and said that Council was aware of this situation (eg. at 502 Bronte Road), but that sometimes there were problems with construction which required amendments to the existing approval. .

Motion .1 .

Should there be a Section 96 Modification for any DA , which had already been Approved by council , then this Section 96 also had to be Approved by Council .

Proposer Graeme Greenup,seconder Erica Rink.Passed unanimously

6 .Development Applications .

( a ) 499 Bronte Road – no development at the moment , and Council were waiting for the Applicant to submit new plans for this property . Question regarding progress of heritage listing?

(b ) 502 Bronte Road . A Section 96 Modification had been received for this house - requesting another storey below ground . The Precinct had lodged a strong objection to this .

(c ) 532 Bronte Road . Amended plans had been received for this development . The Precinct had objected . The architect/owner also spoke and stated that what he proposed was actually below Council requirements .

Concern was expressed though that this house would also have the facility for " roof top entertaining " and that it was a four storey house on a block which was under the size of some semidetached houses.

(d) 501 Bronte Road: S.96 to modify DA to re-instate underground car parking

Motion 2 .

The Bronte Beach Precinct calls on the elected councillors of the Lawson Ward to vote against any development in the Bronte area which would have roof top entertaining - as they promised to do at the "Meet the Candidates " night before being elected .

Proposed Norman Brown - Seconded Erica Rink

For - 12 . Against - 2 . Motion was carried

7 . Waverley Cemetery Stakeholders Panel Update .

Mrs Milson explained that the Cemetery was a Community asset , and there were many questions now under consideration e.g.

(a ) would it be closed – no more burials .

( b ) would it remain functioning - allowing more burials there .

What was its relationship with coastal vegetation , and the need to preserve native flora there ?

The Council hoped for decisions to be made by October and a report out by Christmas 2004.

It was also seeking legal opinion to advise whether the crematorium could be deleted from consideration in the Plan of Management consultative process . The Coastal walk and its location was also under careful consideration .

8 . Wills Ave . -Mrs. Fay Brown explained what had transpired recently . The Commissioner from the Land and Environment Court would be visiting the site the following day to make a determination on the traffic management plan.

9 . Motion 3 . .

The Bronte Beach Precinct requests that the shops in the shopping precinct in McPherson St. which have heritage value be preserved and retained .

Propos Mr. Graham Whelan . Seconded – Val Stewart .

For – 9 . Against - none . Motion carried

Meeting closed at 9.40 p.m

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