Broadbent dance academy examination Information 2014

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Examination Information 2014

xamination Dates: Monday 23rd June – Friday 27th June 2014

(Monday– Thursday 3pm onwards, Friday 1pm onwards, usually

1 - 1 ½ hours required in total).

Venue: Harold Box Hall, Marcus Road, Dingley. Students will get ready in

Neighbourhood Centre.

Costs: (Inc GST)

Level: Cost Level Cost

Dance Assessment 1 & 2 $35.00 Silver Medal/Level 6 $62.00

Test 1/Level 1 $42.00 Silver Star/Level 7 $65.00

Test 2/Level 2 $45.00 Gold Medal $73.00

Test 3/Level 3 $50.00 Gold Star $83.00

Bronze Medal/Level 4 $55.00 Gold Bar/Ele $93.00

Bronze Star/Level 5 $58.00 Elementary Seal $98.00

Intermediate $105.00
Examination Requirements:
All Ballet levels including Dance Assessments:

Black school leotard, pink ballet tights, black chiffon skirt, pink ballet shoes with elastic for Test 1 – Bronze Star, ribbons for students from Silver Medal – Gold Bar, hair in a bun with clear bun net and no fringes, bows will be provided, no make-up, nail polish or jewellery to be worn.

All Jazz Levels:

Black school leotard, skin color matt tights, black shorts with red roll waist, tan jazz shoes, hair in bun with clear bun net and no fringes, bows will be provided, no make-up, nail polish or jewellery to be worn.

All Tap Levels:

Black school leotard, skin color matt tights, black flip skirt from Bronze Medal up (from Energetiks), tan tap shoes, hair in a bun with clear bun net and no fringes, bows will be provided, no make-up, nail polish or jewellery to be worn.

(black chiffon ballet skirt for Test 1 – Test 3)

All Hip Hop Levels:

Black school leotard, black hip hop pants (with or without school logo), black & red singlet and cap (ordered through Marnie - $20 package) – singlet can be knotted at back if a little big, street shoes (white or black), hair in a ponytail (no fringes).

Examination Day Requirements:

All students are to arrive dressed and ready to enter the examination room ½ hour before the scheduled starting time.

All ballet and tap students from Bronze Medal – Gold Star are required to bring along their theory book to the exam and have it signed by the Examiner.

Please ensure that you have your own master copy of the theory book (siblings are allowed to share).
Examination Entry Money & Form Due: Monday 19th May 2014.

A.T.O.D. now requires all exam entries and money to be paid four weeks prior to the examination session and will not accept additional entries after this date. Therefore, all money and forms must be returned to us by the 20th May and no late entries will be accepted (if paying by cheque, please make payable to Broadbent Dance Academy). Students can swap from Participation to Examination candidate or vice versa closer to date if necessary (see over page for details on these).

General Information:

  • Examinations are not compulsory but serve as a worthy goal for students to achieve.

  • On passing the examination students receive an examination report / certificate and a medal from the Australian Teachers of Dancing Ltd.

  • The Australian Teachers of Dancing is a highly reputed dance organisation in Australia and overseas and grade examinations can lead to examinations for Teaching Diplomas.

  • Students enter the examination room in a relaxed, yet disciplined manner in groups of 6. Exercises are seen altogether as group (with the exception of Tap) and dances are seen in pairs in the junior grades. This does reduce tension for the students. The teacher aids the students for Tests 1 & 2.

  • All dancewear requirements are available from Energetiks (East Boundary Rd. East Bentleigh).

  • No-one is to be present in the examination room other than the studio teacher who plays the music for the examination.

  • There are two formats for the examination procedure that can be achieved by the student. A) The examination itself: In this situation the student receives a full report and can be unsuccessful if the examiner sees that this is the case. In the test grades the students either pass or are unsuccessful, however in the above grades the students are graded on their performance with either a pass, credit, credit plus, commended, commended plus, highly commended, highly commended plus, honours, honours plus and honours with distinction.

B) The Participation certificate: In this case students are given a comment on the certificate from the examiner. The student is successful if he/ she participates in all the set work to an acceptable standard. The student is not graded and also receives a medal. Costs of both assessments are the same.
The staff would like to select / advise what is best for your child if you choose to take this option. Please advise us of this on the entry form.
Dance Assessment 1 & 2 (preschoolers) take the exam as a class (8-10) with the teacher dancing with them. This is a fun and relaxed environment and serves the purpose of orienting the students into the examination procedure. These students all receive a certificate and a medal on the condition that they participate in the class. THIS IS A VERY WORTHY EXPERIENCE for this age group.

Examination Entry Form & Fees:

Please return this form regardless if your child is to take an examination or participation level so that we do not overlook entries.



Name : Student ____________________________________

(please print clearly with correct upper and lower case lettering as this spelling will appear on the certificate)

Date of Birth: _____________________

Entries Required by Parents:

Genre: Grade Fees: (please fill in)

Jazz: ________________________ $ _____________

Tap: ________________________ $_____________

Ballet: ________________________ $ _____________
Hip Hop: _______________________ $ _____________
Total $ ____________
Please tick your response:

I am wanting my child to take the EXAMINATION

I am wanting my child to take PARICIPATION LEVELS

I AM wanting the staff to make this decision for my child.
I DO NOT want my child to take any examination or participation level.

Parents Signature: ____________________________________

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