[Britannica marc records]

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[Britannica MARC Records]

October 21, 2014

Making Britannica eBooks

in the Alabama Virtual Library

Accessible from your Library Catalog

Over 380 individual Britannica eBooks from Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) can be made available to your library patrons through your library’s automated catalog.

A computer file is available that includes library cataloging records for the Britannica eBook titles included in AVL. In addition to the things normally found in a bibliographic record, the actual Internet link of the resource is included. This allows most library catalogs to not only find the item during a search, but also present a “Click Here” link that will take your library patron to the actual eBook.
To accommodate different library systems, two MARC21 files are available. The AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-852-xxx.mrc file is for library systems that use 852 holdings fields (Athena, Concourse, Follett Destiny, Mandarin, and others).
The AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-BIB-ONLY-xxx.mrc is for systems that don’t utilize 852 holdings fields during import, or libraries that prefer to add holdings information after the bibliographic records are imported.
Additionally, you have the option to download/import ONLY the NEW Britannica E-Book Titles or ALL Britannica E-Book Titles. If you have previously imported MARC records for the AVL Britannica E-Books, you most likely will want to only import the NEW Titles.
Step 1 – Download the appropriate .mrc file to your computer’s Desktop
AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-852-32NEWTTLS.mrc (only NEW titles with 852 field)

AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-BIB-ONLY-32NEWTTLS.mrc (only NEW titles without 852 field)

AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-852-All383TTLS.mrc (ALL titles with 852 field)

AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-BIB-ONLY-All383TTLS.mrc (ALL titles without 852 field)
Go to the AVL website and download the file you prefer. If you are presented with a “Save as” option, save the file to your computer’s desktop. If not, you may need to copy the file from the folder where your browser saved the file to your Desktop. On Windows PCs, the file is often in “My Documents / Downloads” and can be dragged from there to your desktop.
Warning! Please do not open the file. The file is in MARC21 format, which is designed to be imported into your library database using your library software. Opening the file from Windows or using non-library software won’t work and may render the file unusable.
Step 2 – Import file into your library catalog
Libraries using the Follett Destiny -- The AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-852-xxx.mrc can be imported into Follett Destiny from the “Catalog” tab using the “Import Titles” function. The records do not include barcode numbers, which Destiny will need. Use the “Always add the incoming copy record and assign it the next available barcode” option to assign barcodes to the incoming records. Set the remaining options as you prefer. Next, use the “Browse” button to specify the AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-852-xxx.mrc file copied to your desktop in Step 1. Lastly, click the “Import” button to import the titles into your Destiny catalog.
Libraries using other software that uses 852 holdings - The AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-852-xxx.mrc file is a MARC21 file with 852 holdings fields. The AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-852-xxx.mrc file should be imported as you would any MARC21 record file for new items, often named MICROLIF.001. The 852 fields include a price and call numbers, but do not include barcode numbers. Most library software systems require online items to be assigned a barcode or accession number, which is probably easiest done during the import step. If you’re not sure if a barcode number is required for online items, or how best to assign them, please contact your library software vendor.
Libraries importing records without holdings – The AVL-BRITANNICA-MARC21-BIB-ONLY-xxx.mrc file can be imported into your catalog as you would any MARC record file. It contains no holdings fields (852 or 949), but does include the complete bibliographic record including the Internet links to the item.
If you have questions or need further assistant please contact Britannica Technical Support at edsupport@eb.com or call (800) 621-3900 x7160.

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