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Updated 7 December 2015


Application to Erect Hoardings Etc Over a Street Alignment

Building Regulations 2006 (Regulation 604)


Street No.



Allotment No


Applicants Details

Postal Address


Contact Person


Relevant Building Surveyor

Practitioners No.

Postal Address


Contact Person


Details of Proposed Protection Precautions (Hoardings etc)

Brief description (A separate plan to be attached (see note 1))

Duration of Time Public Protection/Precautions will be over the street alignment



Signature of Applicant

Date ______ /______ /______

Public Liability Insurance Details

Amount of cover (Min $5 million)______________

Insurance Firm


  1. Detailed plans (3 copies min) which must accompany this application and contain the information as detailed in the attached information sheet.

  2. No hoardings etc. are to be erected until Council (through its delegate the Municipal Building Surveyor) has given its consent and report pursuant to Building Regulation 604(4)

  3. The hoardings etc. must be approved by the relevant building surveyor before building works commence pursuant to Building Regulation 604(4).

  4. Before and during the carrying out of building work all excavations must be fenced or otherwise guarded against being a danger to life or property pursuant to Building Regulation 604(4).

  5. The prescribed fee as detailed in the attached information sheet must be paid prior to consent being granted.



Pursuant to Building Regulations 604, it is the Relevant Building Surveyor (i.e. either the private building surveyor or municipal surveyor, depending on who the applicant has appointed to issue his/her building permits) who must determine when precautions must be taken, both before and during building works, to protect the safety of the public.

It is also the responsibility of the Relevant Building Surveyor to approve these precautions before the building works commence (i.e. the type of hoarding or gantry and its suitability for the works proposed).
If these precautions are to be erected over the street alignment then the approval of the relevant Council must also be obtained.
How to seek the consent of Council for Hoardings, etc over the street alignment.
The following information must be submitted to the Municipal Building Surveyor of the City of Boroondara when seeking approval to erect hoarding etc over street alignment.
Step 1 Complete And Return The Attached Application Form
The attached application form, which requires the names and address of the application and relevant building surveyor, details of public liability insurance and time requested to occupy the street, must be completed and returned with appropriate plans and fee as described in Steps 2 and 3.
Step 2 Detailed Plans Of Proposed Hoardings, Etc
Three (3) copies of detailed plans of the proposed hoarding must be submitted and these plans must indicate:

  • A full site plan showing the location of hoardings with clear footpath widths indicated;

  • All street furniture (i.e. kerb line, nearest intersection street, signs, poles, traffic lights, litter bins, bus or trams stops, street trees, telephone or letter boxes, etc); and

  • Details of the type of hoarding or gantry proposed (ie section, elevations, standard details, fixing details, etc.).

Note: These plans or a covering letter must be signed by the relevant building surveyor indicating approval of the type of hoarding or gantry proposed and its suitability for the works to be undertaken on the site.

Step 3 Fee For Approval
A fee of $250.60 must be submitted with the application for report and consent of the hoarding, etc over the street alignment together with an inspection fee of $140 per inspection. The number of inspections is determined based on the duration of the hoarding, generally one inspection per month allowed.
Note: A road, footpath and parking bay permit may also be required prior to the issuance of the Hoarding Permit/Consent.
For assistance contact our Traffic & Transport Department on 9278 4549 and our Local Laws Department on 9278 4444.
Step 4 The Issuing And Displaying Of The Hoarding Permit
On receipt of the application, plans and fees to erect hoardings, etc over the street alignment, the site will be inspected and if the proposal is considered appropriate a 'Consent To Occupy The Street For The Purpose Of Public Protection' will be issued.
This consent must be securely affixed to the outside face of the hoarding so it is visible for inspection at all hours of the day or night for the duration of the street occupation.
This permit will include conditions such as safety lighting to be provided, restriction on advertising on hoardings, duration approved for the occupation of the street, responsibility if damage to public property or injury to persons occurs, etc.
Should you wish to discuss any of the above, please contact the Boroondara Building Services on 9278 4999.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: The personal information requested on this form is being collected by Council for the application to erect hoarding etc. over a street alignment pursuant to regulation 604(4) of the Building Regulations 2006. The personal information will be used solely by Council for this primary purpose or directly related purposes. Council will disclose this information to the Building Commission pursuant to Building Regulations 323. The applicant understands that the personal information provided is for the purpose of the application for a hoarding and that he/she may apply to Council for access to and/or amendment of the information. Requests for access and/or correction should be made to Council's privacy officer.

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