Bma 513 Polymeric Biomaterials Fall 2015

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BMA 513/MAE 608 - Polymeric Biomaterials

Fall 2015

BMA 513 - Polymeric Biomaterials Fall 2015

cross-listed as MAE 608

Course Outline
Course Schedule: Mondays, 4:00-5:30pm and Fridays, 4:00-5:30pm

Location: 104 Parker Hall [South Campus]
Objective: To familiarize you with the vocabulary, definitions, compositions, and unique features of natural and synthetic polymeric materials, so that (1) practical decisions can be made regarding "biocompatibility" of these materials in different circumstances and (2) research articles in the current biomaterials peer-reviewed literature can be perused, comprehended, and authoritatively critiqued by course participants.
Format: Lecture, with discussion encouraged.
Grading: Will be graded on A-to-F basis. Each assignment (e.g. an exam) will be graded as a flat A, B, C, D, or F if completed on time. Assignments turned in late will be penalized by one partial grade level for each 48 hours that the assignment is delayed [e.g. a take-home exam that would have been a "B" if handed in on time, will begin at a grade of B- if handed in late; if 96 hours late, a grade of C+ will be assigned]. The +/- scale will be applied when the final course grade is calculated.

Evaluation: Your grade will be based on the following 5 main items:
(1) Exam #1 (take-home) - 20% of course grade
(2) Exam #2 (in-class) - 20% of course grade
(3) Case Study, supported by an Abstract,

Written Paper, and Critical Discussion - 30% of course grade

[based on review of pertinent literature; topic will be assigned]
(4) Final Exam – 20% of course grade
(5) Attendance and Participation in Class - 10% of course grade
Other Requirements: Reading assignments (e.g. journal articles) may be given in advance of some sessions. These assignments will be given in the preceding class or no later than 5 days prior to the class session [e.g. by the preceding Monday for a Friday class], and will be communicated to you on the "UB Learns" site for this course.
Course Director: Robert E. Baier, Ph.D., P.E. (110 Parker Hall - UB/South Campus)

telephone: 829-3560 (110 Parker) 829-2055 (308 Squire - lab)

To make an appointment with Dr. Baier, contact him directly. You also are welcome to "drop in" to see if he is available for a meeting. It is best to call first and see whether he is in the office (110 Parker Hall), the lab (308 Squire Hall), or available at a later time.
Alternate Contact: Anne E. Meyer, Ph.D. (Faculty) e-mail:

BMA 513/MAE 608 - Polymeric Biomaterials Fall 2015

Plan for Topics to be Covered

MONDAYS - Date and Topic

FRIDAYS - Date and Topic

31aug2015 - introduction and the basics; natural biopolymeric surfaces: skin, cornea, cartilage, dolphins, heart worms

04sep2015 – from methane to polyethylene; polyacrylics, plasticizers, antioxidants, catalysts

07sep2015 – Labor Day holiday

- University is closed. No Class sessions.

11sep2015 – Video of Natural Biopolymers—Dolphin Skin & Fouling Resistance

14sep2015 - collagen in skin, teeth, bone, and

blood vessels; important structures of proteins

18sep2015 - tradenames: Dacron, Mylar, Teflon,

Lexan, Lycra, Delrin, Plexiglass, Hydron

21sep2015 - * Take-Home Exam issued, Discussion of Exam Topics and Approaches

25sep2015polyesters, polyethers,

polyurethanes, polyacrylates

28sep2015 – alpha helix, beta structure & triple helix conformations; fibrinogen, fibrin, albumin,

gamma globulin

02oct2015 –"RGP" polymers; silicone acrylates,

contact lenses & IOL's; polyHEMA, hydrogels;

hydrophobicity v. surface energy

05oct2015-- sterilization and surface

modification of polymers

*Take-Home Exam Due

09oct2015 -glycoproteins, proteoglycans;


** receive case study & written paper assignment

12oct2015 In-Class Exam

16oct2015 – silicones: "medical" v. commercial"

19oct2015–- surface properties of biological


23oct2015 –polyfluorocarbons: Teflon, GoreTex;

particles v. "guided tissue" membranes

26oct2015 –** turn in Abstract for written paper --Lubricious Biopolymers

30oct2015– polyhydroxyalkanoates;

polyglycolides; polylactides;

resorbable sutures

02nov2015 – bioprosthetic blood vessels; bioprosthetic heart valves; biological vs synthetic components

06nov2015 – dental adhesives;

hybrid-layer bonding;

advanced composites

09nov2015 – glutaraldehyde tanning and crosslinking of tissues

13nov2015 – prosthetic wear and friction:

UHMWPE and sterilization effects

16nov2015 polysaccharides, DNA, RNA,

genomics, proteomics

20nov2015 – artificial hearts and LVADs

(left ventricular assist devices) and valves


**assigned papers due-discussion

27nov2015 - no class today (Fall Recess)

30nov2015 - biopolymeric adhesives, mussel glue, barnacle cement; "RGD" groups

04dec2015 polymeric materials for tissue engineering

07dec2015- modifying polymers to control protein and cell adhesion; fixed film processing

11dec2015- exam preparation

**Final Exam will be scheduled for exam week (December 14-21, 2015)

** Course requirement, in addition to class attendance and participation

telephone: 716-829- 3560 fax: 716-835-4872 e-mail:

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