Bluetooth Headphone 一.Specifications

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Bluetooth Headphone


Horn specification: 30mm

Output power: 32Ω 45mW

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity: 120db±3db

SNR: ≥90DB

Distortion: 0.5%

Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 2.1+EDR

Bluetooth communications protocol:

Support superior audio transmission mode (A2DP)Ver1.2

Support audio and video remote control mode (AVRCP)Ver. 1.0

Support Bluetooth file transmission agreement OPP
Bluetooth communication range: more than 10-50m under line without barrier (telephone etc devices of varied model and environment will have effects in transmission distance).

Power supply mode: with Lithium battery.

Charging time: 3 hours . (please extend the charging time at the first time).

Talk time: 6 hours.

Music play time: 8 hours when inserted micro SD card, 5 hours when connected with telephone.

Standby time: 300 hours

Interface: Micro USB, TF CARD

  1. Product features:

Intelligent Bluetooth, wireless HIFI

  1. Suspension HIFI sound effects

  2. USB computer file copy

  3. Micro card HD nondestructive source decoding

  4. Support breakpoint memory play

  5. Full intelligent voice prompt navigation

  6. Auto-search by radio

  7. Audio transmission by Bluetooth and file transmission.

  1. Product operating instructions:

BQ-605 will be automatic in the state of Bluetooth on condition that no related devices connected when power on with voice prompt, when system has entered Bluetooth and automatically search the devices ever got paired till successful to play the music of telephone; if you can’t find the external devices, there will be voice prompt of waiting for being connected, when search and connect Bluetooth headset via telephone and other devices;
Press button to have functional shift between Bluetooth/ FM radio / micro SD card play. There will be relevant voice prompt for each shift. (Attention: functional shift is ineffective during the process of Bluetooth connection, and it will be shifted after connection completed).

BQ-605 support micro SD card prior, and it will into micro SD card play mode under any conditions, automatically into Bluetooth mode if without any outer input play.

  1. Button instruction:

play/pause, long press 3 seconds to power on/off; as answer button in the mode of Bluetooth, search radio station in FM mode.

skip forward: long press to decrease volume; short press to play the last frequency station in the mode of FM radio; short press to play the last song in the mode of playing.

skip back: long press to increase volume; short press to play the next frequency station; short press to play the next song in the mode of playing.

mode shift: to shift FM mode, micro SD card play mode and Bluetooth mode.
* Button operational definition: short press: pressing time less than one second; long press: more than three seconds

  1. How to connect Bluetooth device ( telephone/ computer/ iPhone/ iPad etc)

First step: long press button to power on, the blue light slowly flash when into Bluetooth mode and the headset will make a warning tone of into the Bluetooth, then connect it with Bluetooth device.

Second step: open related Bluetooth device (telephone/ Tablet etc devices which with Bluetooth functions, make sure install related Bluetooth driver correctly) to click scan to search related device. After scanning, waiting for the device of BQ-605.

Third step: choose BQ-605 Bluetooth headset to connect and get paired among the scanned devices. BQ-605 will make the sound of connecting successfully, which show the successful connection. Please enter “0000” if code required.

Fourth step: Bluetooth device will play when successfully paired, when the blue light slow flash.

  1. How to play by micro SD card

Put micro SD card into card slot under any conditions, then system will automatic into the micro SD card play mode and play music after the notice of TF card play.

*Notice: please copy the songs to the root directory of micro SD card, don’t set files to save songs to avoid the play effects.

  1. How to operate by card reader

Make sure micro SD card normal inserted, and make sure Bluetooth headset is in the state of power on, connect the computer and Bluetooth headset with USB cable, there will be voice prompt: “U disk card read”, and related plate character displayed on the computer, under which condition BQ-605 will normally read or copy the file.

*Notice: When TF card inserted and power off , connect USB cable, can not read the TF card, but it can charge the device, charging when the red lights

5. How to operate FM Radio

Press button ( function switch), In FM mode, press button, the device will automatically search, blue indicator flashes quickly, each search to a station, there will be sound of one second pending after station search, the system will automatically play the search to the first stage, the blue indicator light flashes slowly, short press or to play pre/ next.

Note: In different places because of signal problem, it probably can not search a station, which is a normal phenomenon.
7. Charge the battery

Connect our USB charging cable one port to headphone Micro USB, another port to computer USB port or DC5V/500mA the switch power supply, the red indicator lights after charge, under normal circumstances, continuous 3 hours battery capacity can be reached saturation. (Please extend charging time at the first time)

  1. Tips:

1. In the Bluetooth connectivity status, when call incoming and outgoing, the playing music pauses. After end of the call, the music continue playing automatically

2. Built in memory, automatically records the last connected device and call, for the last paired device, there is no need to search pairing, simply switch on Bluetooth device, the machine automatically connect with this device.

3. Bluetooth playback state, control the headset song and volume by phone (PC Tablet ). At the same time, can also through headphone to control the phone down song and volume.

4. If can not find equipment or connections, make sure phone Bluetooth driver is installed or not, then power off the Bluetooth and restart.

5. Because the Bluetooth version can not compatible with hardware in mobile phone/Tablet pc/laptop, leading to the headset does not recognize or properly use the function, we do not assume responsibility , please replace the Bluetooth device to pair and connection..

  1. Troubleshooting

A. If can’t pair and can not play

★. Please check your Bluetooth device if it is in normal operation, and check if your Bluetooth software version is too low.

★. Please check your Bluetooth headset is fully charged, if in power on condition, the red indicator flashes quickly , which means battery is low, please try it after charging.

★. Be sure into Bluetooth mode, please check if with voice prompt “ Bluetooth “, if not, means Bluetooth work abnormally.

★. Please switch off the power, re-enter into Bluetooth mode.

If all above measurements does not solve your problem, please directly connect dealer.

B. Can not read the TF Card.

Please format the TF card and re-use.

C. Bad radio reception

★ Please check power supply is normal.

★ Re- search at open place

★ Adapt external antenna to enhance reception

  1. Warning

1.Do not knock or beat the product.

2.Please pay attention to waterproof and high temperature, products function will be effected if use in cold weather.

3.Do not put into the fire.

4.Do not block the speaker mesh.

Packing List

1pc*Micro USB cable

1pc* User manual

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