Blooming Time: March April Ask the Botanist What are the leaves like?

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Common Name of Plant: Rue-anemone
Scientific Name of Plant:
Thalictrum Thalictroides

Average Height of Plant: 23 cm. or 9 inches

Blooming Time: March - April

Ask the Botanist

What are the leaves like?

The leaves are whorled around the stalk under the cluster of flowers which are at the top of each stalk. Each leaf has 3 sections, and they’re really small. The leaves appear on each flower stalk as the flower buds are forming. Rue anemone got its name because it resembles two other plants: meadow rue and wood anemone.

What type of flowers bloom on this plant? What do the seedpods or seeds look like?

The one to two inch flowers on this plant are usually white or pink. The center is yellow, white, and green. Two to three flowers form at the top of each stalk and arise from the center of the whorl of leaves. The flowering period is from March through June. The six petals on each flower are really sepals (parts that cover flower buds). The seedpods are very small and yellowish attached to the top and the center of the plant.

What is unusual about the stem or trunk?

The stem is fuzzy and round with a reddish-brown color. It sprouts from a thick root called a tuber that contains stored food.

How is this plant important to animals? Has it also been used by people?

Bees and flies pollinate rue anemone.

What location does this plant prefer?

Rue anemone prefers to grow in shady but open places that are very close to the ground.

It prefers rich soil.


Whole Plant





Stem or Tree Bark

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