Biz Architecture

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.Biz Architecture

.Biz has been designed with the use of standard software development methodologies primarily based on Microsoft technologies and software development practices. As well, .Biz provides a fully integrated suite of Applications designed based on the ITIL best practices.

.Biz 3-Tier Architecture

.Biz Architecture uses a 3-tiered architecture

  1. Web Application

  2. COM+ Server

  3. Database

This can be installed all on the same machine or each component can be on a different machine.

The “.Biz Framework”
.Biz is a fully integrated suite of Applications based on the “.Biz Framework”. Applications share functionality and data in a consistent manner, which allows for easy development of new features and new applications.


.Biz runs on standard Microsoft based technologies, and supports Microsoft platforms, versions and patch levels. It installs easily in most environments and does not require any custom software or hardware.

Development Environment

.Biz is designed and written using one of the most powerful development tools in the world, Visual Studio.NET. This allows for rapid application development and customizations, as well as provides a feature rich development environment.

  • Visual Studio.NET

  • Microsoft SQL Server

Database Design

The .Biz Database has an intuitive Relational Database design using Microsoft SQL Server, which allows for easy data importing and reporting. The use of the “.Biz Framework” Naming conventions makes it easy to understand.

The database has been designed to support changes, it is not static and can be modified to suit specific requirements, without extensive changes to the code.
ITIL, Computer Science and Software development practices
.Biz has been designed to follow the ITIL best practices, providing a fully integrated suite of applications, as well as using computer science and software development best practices to deliver robust and scalable software.

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