Bis/amm update December 2009

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BIS/AMM Update December 2009
Although the Council of the newly merged BIS/AMM organisation cannot be ratified until its inaugural meeting in January, we felt that members of both parent organisations would like to know what is currently happening, and what is planned for the New Year.
The results of the ballot elections for positions on the new Council were formally announced at FIS on November 12th, and have been placed on both AMM and BIS websites. They are as follows:
President Dr Jane Stockley

Vice President Dr Peter Moss

Hon Secretary Dr Beryl Oppenheim

Hon Treasurer Prof Alistair Leanord

Manpower & Training Secretary Dr Albert Mifsud

Scientific & Research Secretary Prof Dietrich Mack

Guidelines Secretary Dr Peter Cowling

Meetings Secretary Prof Steve Green

Membership Secretary Dr David Jenkins

Clinical Services Secretaries Dr Andrew Swann (Microbiology & Virology)

Dr Matthias Schmid (Infectious Diseases)

Communications Secretary Dr Kumara Dharmasena

Trainee representatives Dr Susan Larkin (Meetings)

Dr Susan Alleyne (Professional Affairs)

Until formal ratification, we have to regard these positions as ‘elect’, but that has not meant that business has come to a standstill. Indeed, ongoing work has continued, and Council has been busy considering how the new organisation might best function and communicate across the wider membership and external agencies. An early deadline after the formal merger meant that Council had to provide a prompt formal response to the RCPath on proposed changes to the medical microbiology and virology curricula (available on the websites), and it is currently considering other consultation documents.

Although members have individual remits, it is anticipated that Council will function very much as a team, consulting as necessary on issues of general interest and concern. Most Council members will be supported by a sub-committee or network of contacts, ensuring that infection specialists from all backgrounds are represented and supported. Between now and the first Council meeting, we have all been tasked with considering our roles, making sure that we gather appropriate representation, and seeking views as to how the organisation may best function. From our first meeting, a clear structure will emerge which will be communicated to all members, so that everyone will understand who should be contacted for any particular issue.

As well as conducting its own business, the organisation will actively collaborate with other external agencies. Many AMM and BIS members represented their professional body within external agencies and committees. We are keen to continue and fully recognise this activity, supporting members within their representative roles, and providing them with a means of communication with the wider membership. We have collated quite a few of those activities of which we are aware (see below) – but would be grateful to hear of others.
We are also aware that there are many members keen to be involved in the new organisation who did not put themselves forward for formal election to Council. We would be delighted to hear from any of you who would like to be involved in any particular area of activity, or subcommittee. Our trainee representatives have already been active in making contact with colleagues in order to ensure that trainees from all backgrounds are firmly represented and active within the organisation. Members who were already active within the AMM and/or BIS would always be most welcome within the new organisation – but we also hope many new interested individuals will emerge.
We do have one remaining unfilled Council post – that of Associate Members (ie non-medical) Secretary. Expressions of interest in this role would be very welcome.
That is all to say at this point – we will be sending out a lot more information after our Council meeting on 20th January. In the first formal newsletter of the new organisation, each of the Council members will describe their activities, and clear lines of communication will be given.
Until then, all best wishes for Christmas and New Year 2010 – and please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved!
Jane Stockley & Peter Moss

President and Vice President ‘Elect’, on behalf of the new BIS/AMM Council

BIS/AMM representation on external bodies/committees – not exhaustive we fear – let us know what we’ve missed
RCPath Specialist Advisory Committee (Microbiology)

President and Clinical Services Secretary (Microbiology & Virology)

RCP Specialist Advisory Committee – Infectious Disease & Tropical Medicine

Dr Alastair Miller + trainee rep

RCPath College Advisory Training Team (CATT)

Dr Albert Mifsud

RCPath Manpower Committee

Dr Albert Mifsud (not formally as BIS/AMM rep)

RCP Medical Workforce Unit

Dr Andrew Ustianowski / Dr Albert Mifsud

RCPath Workforce Advisory Group (Microbiology)

Dr Steve Barrett

RCPath Microbiology Blue Skies Agenda Committee

Dr Jane Stockley

National External Quality Assurance Advisory Panel (Microbiology)

Dr Tony Elston

NICE/NHS Evidence Advisory Committee

Dr Peter Cowling

NICE consultations on a variety of topics, currently including

Bacterial meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia in children

Hepatitis B treatment

Hepatitis C treatment

Infection Prevention and Control


Anticipated that these will be coordinated by Dr Peter Cowling (Clinical Guidelines Group), with consultations through Clinical Services Committees and others as relevant
HPA Standard Methods Working Group

Drs Margaret Logan & Terry Riordan

HPA Invasive Group A streptococcal National Guidelines Group

Dr Marina Morgan

BIS/MRC Clinical Training Fellowship committee

Prof Jon Friedland

All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Tuberculosis

UK TB Advisory Group

DH Review Group on Tuberculosis

Prof Jon Friedland

Joint RCPath/RCP Research Committee

Previously Jon Friedland – now chairs, so need new BIS/AMM rep

Research Excellence Framework

Prof Jon Friedland

National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue Stakeholder Meeting

Dr Andrew Swann

DoH Hepatitis C Stakeholder group

Dr Peter Moss

European Union of Medical Specialists

Dr Steve Barrett (for Medical Microbiology)

Dates for your diary
14 May BIS/AMM Annual Spring Meeting, SOAS, London (Trainees’ meeting 13 May) – more details to follow in January newsletter

17-19 November FIS 2010, Edinburgh

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