Biographical Details

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Curriculum Vitae: John Duncan

John Duncan


Biographical Details
Name: John Andrew Duncan

Address: 81a Newlands Ave, Newlands 7700, Cape Town

Telephone: 083 325 5565


Date of birth: 07/05/1981

Nationality: South African (proudly)

Identity No: 8105075085083

Languages: English (Excellent), Afrikaans (Good), German (Basic)

University of Cape Town (2001-2004)

  • Graduated with BSc (Zoology & Ecology majors) with an upper second (70% and above) in 2003

  • Graduated with a first class (75% and above) BSc Hons (Botany) in 2004 specialising in

    • Phycology (Seaweed)

    • Plant conservation ecology

  • Volunteer for the Masifundazane SHAWCO project (Growing vegetable gardens in Khayelisha)

  • Entry merit scholarship 2001-2003 (awarded to students entering university with school marks above 80%)

  • Dean’s Merit List 2003 (recognition of an average exceeding 75%)

  • UCT council honours scholarship 2004

  • National Research Foundation (NRF) research scholarship 2004

  • University courses included:

    • Ecosystem ecology

    • Marine ecology

    • Freshwater ecology

    • Applied ecology

    • Evolutionary plant ecology

    • Earth stewardship and conservation

    • Biostatistical analysis

    • Experimental design

Other elective courses included:

    • Philosophy (Moral and political values)

    • Economics (Macro- and microeconomics)

    • African history

Stockholm University, Sweden (Jan- March 2005)

  • Awarded scholarship by SIDA (Swedish Development Agency) to study advanced course in Management of Aquatic Resources in the Tropics

  • Achieved 88% average, first position in the class

Diocesan College, Cape Town (1997-1999)


  • Scuba diving (Open Water 1)

  • Drivers license (Professional driving permit)

  • Logistics & database management

  • Carpentry

  • Competent in the following computer programs

    • MS Excel

    • MS PowerPoint

    • MS Word

    • Statistica

    • Endnote reference manager

    • Arcview GIS (Image analysis)


  • Duncan, J.A., Hoffman, M. T. & Rohde, R. (2005). Is the flagship of the Richtersveld sinking? Veld & Flora 91(4)

  • Duncan, J. A., Hoffman, M. T., Hendricks, H., Powell, E. & Rohde, R. (2005). Long-term population changes in the Giant Quiver tree, Aloe pillansii, in the Richtersveld, South Africa. Plant Ecology (In press)

  • Hoffman, M. T., Todd, S. & Duncan, J. A. (2005) Environmental change in Riemvasmaak 10 years after resettlement. Institute for Plant Conservation, UCT, report for Farm Africa.

Previous Work Experience

January 2000 – July 2000

Company: St. Johns School

Leatherhead, Surrey, England

Position: Gap-year student master

August 2000- December 2000

Company: Dötzingen Estate

Hitzäcker, Germany

Position: Assistant forester
April 2005- June 2005
Company: Les Hill Institute for Plant Conservation, UCT

Cape Town, South Africa

Position: Researcher

September 2005- December 2005

Company: Organisation for Tropical Studies

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Position: Teaching assistant for undergraduate course in ecology and conservation
Other jobs: Researcher with the aquaculture division of Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Volunteer work in Hluhluwe/Umfalozi National Park with the Zululand Grass Project

Throughout my life, I have maintained an interest in travel and adventure, which is why most of my work experience is foreign, however, South Africa has always been where I want to live and work. Recreationally, I enjoy most outdoor activities particularly competitive sports such as rugby, squash, cycling and tennis. I’m a keen diver and hiker and have traveled quite extensively throughout South Africa on a number of different adventures. Any time left over after that, I fill with reading and playing guitar.
Essentially, I plan to involve myself in life in every way I can, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the improvement of the relationship between the environment and ourselves. My strengths lie in my management and people skills and ideally I’d like to gain more experience of practical applications of my environmental knowledge.

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