Bibliography of stained glass windows in canada

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· Barker, Fitzgerald. “Designs For A Stained Glass Window,” Toronto Daily Star (21 April 1962: 23, 26), illus.

Annotation: Article describes a renewal of interest in stained glass in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, particularly through a break from realism and new techniques used to make stained glass. Williams’ recent works are presented as examples and her working method is described.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #16
· Foley, R. S. The Stained Glass Windows in Runnymede United Church. Toronto, Runnymede United Church, (1969), illus. 37 pages.

Annotation: Booklet describes the history and symbolism of the windows at Runnymede United Church.

Keywords: Celtic Studios; McCausland; Runnymede United Church, Toronto

Paper #: RSGC Church file
· Fox, John H. “The War Memorial Window,” Deer Park Magazine Jan. 1970, n.p.

Annotation: Article describes the reworking and relocation of the War Memorial Window at Deer Park United Church.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #30
· Frye, Helen Kemp “Yvonne Williams,” Canadian Forum, (June 1938): 80-81.

Annotation: Article discusses Williams’ approach to stained glass in church architecture with a brief biography.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #29

· Frye, Northrop. "Water Color Annual." Canadian Art 1.5 (June-July 1944): 187. 1 illus.

Annotation: Reproduction of water color by Peter Haworth (Repair Job, Canso, P.B.Y.) Accompanies review of the exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Color at the Art Gallery of Toronto.
Keywords: Haworth.
Paper #: Haworth #18

· Fulford, Robert. "She puts new life into stained glass," Mayfair (Dec.1954): 28-30, 86.

Annotation: Discussion of the procedure used to execute stained glass commissions in the Yvonne Williams studio, covering design and glass selection, carried out by Williams and her designers as well as cutting and glazing, performed by George London.
Keywords: Williams; Simon; Weisman; London, George
Paper #: Williams #5

· Ganon, Mo. “Lives Lived, Yvonne Williams,” Globe and Mail (24 Dec. 1997): A16

Annotation: Obituary of Yvonne Williams.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #10

· Giroux, Louise. "Un Vitrail à la Fenêtre", Continuité, 46 (Hiver 1990): 29-32.

Annotation: A study of ornamental window types in Montreal residences of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with particular attention paid to the Hobbs Co. and to Henri Perdriau.
Keywords: Montreal; Hobbs; Perdriau
Paper #: Giroux #1

· Grant, Judith Skelton. "Birds of Tranby." The Annex Book Eds. Lydia Burton and David Morley (Unpublished Manuscript, Toronto, 1978): 242-249.

Annotation: Critical study of a series of examples of stained glass found on Tranby Avenue, Toronto. Typescript of this essay copied from collection of Metropolitan Toronto Central Library.
Keywords: Tranby Avenue, Toronto; Aesthetic Movement, Victorian England; Winston, Charles; Morris, William; Wilde, Oscar; Dresser, Christopher; Cole, Henry
Paper #: Grant #1

· Hall, Cheryl. "Art of Anti-Art? The Development of the Stained Glass Trade Studio." Canada Crafts 4.1 (October-November 1978): 8-11. 4 illus.

Annotation: Broad survey of the development of Canadian trade studios according to European models. Describes the increase and waning of interest in stained glass in Canada without making reference to specific trade studios or commissions. Ends with an assessment of current resurgence of interest in stained glass.
Keywords: Holman Hunt; trade studios; Armitage, Liddel
Paper #: Hall #1

· Hall, S. "Full cover reproduction of a stained glass work by Sarah Hall." Modern Liturgy 18 (1991): Front cover.

Keywords: Hall

Paper #: Hall #5

Hamilton, Alice B. & K.Corey Keeble. "Vancouver Stained Glass Windows by John Henry Dearle and Duncan W. Dearle," Canadian Collector 14.3 (May/June 1979): 46-50, illus.

Annotation: This article discusses examples of stained glass windows in Vancouver, B.C. by John Henry Dearle and his son, Duncan W. Dearle, both of whom were affiliated with William Morris's arts and crafts workshop. Specific commissions discussed are the West Vancouver Memorial Library (Henry Dearle); St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church and Ryerson United Church (Duncan Dearle).
Keywords: Dearle; West Vancouver Memorial Library; St. Andrew's Wesley United Church, Vancouver; Ryerson United Church,Vancouver; Morris and Company Art Workers Ltd.; British Columbia.
Paper #: Dearle #1

· Hamilton, Alice B. & K.Corey Keeble. "Scenes from Egyptian Life: Three Stained Glass Windows by Henry Holiday," Rotunda, 10.1 (Spring 1977): 16-19.

Annotation: Discusses the three windows illustrating scenes from everyday life in ancient Egypt which were created by Henry Holiday for the Household Sciences Building at the University of Toronto ca.1915-16.
Keywords: Holiday; Toronto
Paper #: Holiday #2

· Hansen, Douglas & Jim Fry, "Power of Color and Concrete: A Review of Lutz Haufschild's Magnum Opus," Stained Glass 78.2 (Summer 1983): 120-123, illus.

Annotation: A detailed discussion of the stained glass windows created by Haufschild and his associates for Westminster Abbey Church at the Benedictine Monastery, Mission, B.C. The formal properties are considered in some detail, as is the relationship of the windows to their architectural setting. The medium used by Haufschild, dalle de verre, is also addressed.
Keywords: Haufschild; Westminster Abbey Church (Benedictine Monastery), Mission, B.C.
Paper #: Haufschild #3

· Harmer, Robin. Untitled.

Annotation: Diagram showing placement of Holy and Noble Women lights in Bishop Strachan School Chapel, as amended by Robin Harmer. Papers in Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto.
Keywords: Haworth; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #: Haworth #19

· Harmer, Robin. Untitled.

Annotation: Letter to Erika Dippo, June 5, 1991., re: Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto. Letter from Bishop Strachan archivist describing contents of Peter Haworth file.
Keywords: Haworth; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #: Haworth #20

· Harper, J.Russell. "Huot, Charles-Édouard-Masson." Early Painters and Engravers in Canada. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press 1970): 167-168.

Annotation: This discussion of Huot's education and career highlights focuses on his painting, including the fresco and mural decoration of many religious buildings in Quebec and the Legislative Buildings in Québec City, but concludes with mention of the stained glass windows created for the Library of Parliament, Québec.
Keywords: Huot; Library of Parliament, Québec.
Paper #: Huot #1

· Harvey, Bob. “Pain-racked church artist refused to be deterred,” Ottawa Citizen (4 July 2004): A9, illus.

Annotation: Article describes Guido Nincheri’s legacy in stained glass in Ottawa’s churches and gives some biographical details about the artist.

Keywords: Nincheri

Paper #: Nincheri #6

· Haufschild, Lutz. "Scotia Diagonal: An Artist's Challenge," Stained Glass 79.1 (1984): 48-49 illus.

Annotation: Haufschild discusses the challenges and limitations of creating a 32' x 32' stained glass window at a height 20' above the main floor of the Scotia Place, Edmonton, Alberta.
Keywords: Haufschild; Scotia Place, Edmonton; Kitsilano Stained Glass, Vancouver; Fremont Antique Glass Company, Seattle
Paper # : Haufschild #4

· Haworth, Peter. Untitled.

Annotation: Letter to Sidney H. Jones, Esq., Secretary-Bursar, Bishop Strachan School. February 5, 1930. Papers re: Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto.
Keywords: Haworth; Flora Cumming memorial window; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto
Paper #: Haworth #21

· Haworth, Peter. Untitled.

Annotation: Letter to Mrs. Norman R. Gibson. March 13, 1990, explaining subjects and quoting price of her daughter's (Marjory Gibson) memorial window. Papers re: Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto.
Keywords: Haworth; Marjory Gibson memorial window; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #: Haworth #22

· Haworth, Peter. Description of Holy and Noble Women.

Annotation: Papers re: Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto. Iconographical description of the Holy and Noble Women, compiled prior to execution, as there are three changes in placement and St. Clare was replaced by St. Cecilia.
Keywords: Haworth; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #: Haworth #23

· Held, Robert. "Canadian Art Glass Limited." Canadian Crafts 4.1 (October-November 1978): 22-23. 5 illus.

Annotation: Describes the process of making stained glass at this Canadian factory, in production since 1976.
Keywords: MacKenzie, Gerald; Canadian Art Glass Limited, Calgary
Paper #: Held #1

· Hénault, Gilles et al. Marcelle Ferron de 1945 à 1970. ( Montréal: Musée d'art Contemporain, 1970. n.p.

Annotation: A brief discussion of Ferron's career including mention of the stained glass installation at the Metro Champ de Mars.
Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
Paper #: Ferron #3

· Hickl-Szabo, H. "On a Stained Glass Panel in the Museum's Collection." Rotunda 8.2 (Spring 1975): 2-3. 1 illus.

Annotation: Identifies authorship and date of the sixteenth century Belgian narrative panel in the Royal Ontario Museum's Collection, Toronto.
Keywords: Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto; Metropolitan Museum, New York; Burrell Collection, Glasgow; Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England; Diependale, Jan van; Ruterius, Nicholas, Bishop of Arras, Belgium
Paper #: Hickl-Zsabo #1

· Higgins, Susanne. "Patrick Reyntiens." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (April 1990): n.p. Photograph of artist.

Annotation: Highlights Reyntiens' achievements as artist and teacher. Announces his planned trip to Canada and projected lecture for AISG members.
Keywords: Reyntiens, Patric; painting on glass; Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, England; Burleighfield House, England.
Paper #: Higgins #1

· Hollister, F.S. "Architectural Art in Canada-Stained Glass," Construction. 19.3 (Mar.1926): 83-84.

Annotation: Musings by Hollister condemning factory stained glass for its ugliness and promoting fine artistry in windows. He is embarrassed by the Canadian patron's lack of taste.
Keywords: Hollister; aesthetics; theory.
Paper #: Hollister #2

· Hollister, F.S. "Art and Education as Revealed in Our Church Windows," Construction. 21.6 (June 1928): 197-198, 212.

Annotation: Beginning with the Platonic concept that "A real love of beauty is the true aim of education", that art ennobles the spirit, the author then decries the puerile and meaningless work in stained glass being made in Canada in his day. The quality of the art, he believes, is diminished by the unsophisticated taste of the patron. The patron should butt out and let real artists make windows thus "these situations which so needlessly expose us to ridicule would not happen".
Keywords: Hollister; Aesthetics; Theory.
Paper #: Hollister #3

· Hollister, F.S. "The Art of Stained Glass in Canada," Construction 20.1 (Jan.1927): 19-20, 25.

Annotation: Further musings by Hollister regarding the degenerate state of the Art of Stained Glass in Canada. Here he calls the figural windows being produced in Canada as "Ars reductio ad absurdum". Further he states that we have become so muddled with money, mediocrity and morals, that in meddling with art, we succeed only in getting further mired in our muddle. His premise is that societies will be judged by their public buildings--great civilizations will have great architecture.
Keywords: Hollister; aesthetics; theory
Paper #: Hollister #4

· Holmes, Janet, & Olive Jones. "Glass in Canada: An Annotated Bibliography." Material History Bulletin. National Museum of Man, Ottawa. 6 (Fall 1978): 115-148.

Annotation: Assesses literature since 1960 that has been concerned with Canadian glass production, including some stained glass. Introductory essay outlines research and assessment parameters, as well as some history of scholarly and collection research that has been done in the field. Provides a list of literature arranged alphabetically by author. The list concentrates on tableware, bottles, jars, and lamps and touches on insulators, stained glass, studio glass, and beads.
Keywords: bibliography; documentary research; industrial archeology; collecting
Paper #: Holmes #1

· Hoover, Richard L. "The Quintessential Lutz Haufschild," Stained Glass Quarterly 85 (Fall 1990): 195-200. illus.

Annotation: An interview in which Haufschild expresses his aesthetic and philosophical concerns regarding stained glass.
Keywords: Haufschild
Paper #: Haufschild #5

· Houde, François. "An Essay on the Pilchuck Glass Centre." Craftnews (Ontario Crafts Council) 6.4 (May 1981): 1-2. 1 illus.

Annotation: Evaluation of the summer program at the Pilchuck Glass Centre, emphasizing the unequal artistic maturing of the students, and the disappointing lack of communication between faculty and students.
Keywords: Pilchuck Glass Centre, Vallien, Bertil.
Paper #: Houde #1

· Hustak, Alan. "The Work of 'Montreal's Michelangelo' ignored" The Gazette (Montreal): D4-5.

Annotation: Article describes Guido Ninchei's artistic legacy in stained glass and fresco and includes biographical information about the artist.
Keywords: Nincheri; Montreal
Paper #: Nincheri #3

· Isler-de Jongh, Ariane. "Retour aux traditions - signe de réussite sociale: les rondels de la Collection Hosmer (Université McGill, Montréal)", RACAR, XVI.1 (1989): 29-42.

Annotation: Discusses and lists the 39 small domestic glass roundels in the collection of Charles R.Hosmer, now housed at McGill. These are mostly Dutch, Flemish, German, and Swiss, from the 16th and 17th centuries.
Keywords: Collections
Paper #: Isler #1

· Jackson, Alexander Young. A Painter's Country: the autobiography of A. Y. Jackson. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, 1976.

Annotation: In the chapter "The Group Dissolved" Jackson notes that he had been away on sketching trips with Peter and Bobs Haworth.
Keywords: Haworth.
Paper #: Haworth #25

· Jekyll, Robert. "Germany Lures Stained Glass Artists." Craftnews (Ontario Crafts Council) 10.2 (February 1985): 1-2. 1 illus.

Annotation: Description and interpretation of the seminar- First International Stained Glass Seminar in Kevelaer, Germany- from a Canadian student's point of view.
Keywords: Poensgen, Jochem; First International Stained Glass Seminar, Kevelaer, Germany
Paper #: Jekyll #1

· Jekyll, Robert. "Viewing Stained Glass." Canada Crafts 4.1 (October-November 1978): 6-7. 1 illus.

Annotation: Guest editorial describing the special issue of Canada Crafts on stained glass.
Keywords: Jekyll
Paper #: Jekyll #2

· Jekyll, Robert. "What is Stained Glass?" Canada Crafts 4.1 (October-November 1978): 12. 1 illus.

Annotation: Basic explanation of the technique involved in making stained glass, movin from the production of the glass to the composition of the window with glass pieces and lead cames of copper wire. Includes photograph of German window by Ludwig Schaffrath.
Keywords: Colour; vitreous enamel paint; lead cames; Schaffrath, Ludwig
Paper #: Jekyll #3

· Jekyll, Robert. "Blackfriars", Ontario Craft 10.4 (Dec.1985): 17.

Keywords: Goodden
Paper #: Goodden #1

· J. F. G. "Toronto Banquet." The Ornamental Glass Bulletin, (Stained Glass) 6.7 (August 1912): 5.

Annotation: Report of a banquet held at the Engineering Club, Toronto. Statement that Toronto is truly an Art Glass Centre. Present at the banquet were Mr.Hill of the Toronto Plate Glass Importing co., Mr.A.A.McKay of the Dominion Stained Glass Co., and Mr.Cowan of the Luxfer Prism Co.
Keywords: Mr. Hill (Toronto Plate GlassImporting Co.); Mr. Cowan of the Luxfer Prism Co.; A.A. McKay (Dominion Stained Glass Co.)
Paper #: JFG #1

· Jones, Sidney H. Untitled

Annotation: Secretary-Bursar, Bishop Strachan School. Letter to Miss Wright. January 22, 1930. Papers re: Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto. Letter accepting Haworth's design for the 4 lights donated by the Wright sisters but denying Haworth's request for control over entire window.
Keywords: Haworth; Flora Cumming memorial Window; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #: Haworth #26

· Keeble, K.Corey. "In Review: Fresh Steps in Glass." Ontario Craft 7.4 (Winter 1982): 17-19. 7 illus.

Annotation: A positive review of the show "Fresh Steps in Glass" at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (June 24-August 8, 1982). This show included glass by 15 Canadians and 7 Americans. Relying on formal analysis Keeble discusses the work of 8 of these artists in detail. (Robert Jeskyll (illustrated), Clive Blewchamp (illustrated), Gundar Robez, Marni Bakst (illustrated), Richard Millard (illustrated), Robert Yelle (illustrated), John Stonkus (illustrated), Mary Shaffer. These artists all make non-representation stained glass. There are also illustrations of windows by Stuart Reid and Denise Therrien.
Keywords: Robert Jeckyll; Clive Blewchamp; Gundar Robez; Marni Bakst; David Wilson; Richard Millard; Robert Yelle; John Stonkus; Eric Hilton; Sarah Hall; Doreen Balabanoff; James Carpenter; Denise Therrien; Mary Shaffer; Stuart Reid
Paper #: Keeble #1

· Keeble, K.Corey. "James Gillespie", Craftnews (Ontario Crafts Council) vol.9, no.8 (Nov.1984): 2.

Keywords: Gillespie
Paper #: Gillespie #1

· Keeble, L.Corey & Alice Hamilton. "Robert McCausland Limited Honoured by the City of Toronto," The Leadline (Fall 1981): 4-5. illus.

Annotation: The texts of two speeches made by Dr.Alice Hamilton and Corey Keeble at the unveiling of the Toronto Historical Board plaque commemorating the 125th anniversary of Robert McCausland Limited at Old City Hall, site of a McCausland window commissioned in 1878.
Keywords: McCausland,Robert; Old City Hall, Toronto; "Commerce and Industry" window, Old City Hall, Toronto; Bullock,William; Horwood,Henry; Lyon,N.T.; Lawder,James; Brown,J.W.; Ramsden, John; Low,Edward
Paper #:McCausland #2

· Keeble, L.Corey. "Stained Glass", in The Earthly Paradise: Arts and Crafts by William Morris and His Circle from Canadian Collections. (Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1992): 113-123.

Annotation: Short essay on the Canadian Stained Glass of Morris and Co. and its successors, J.H.Dearle
Keywords: Morris; Dearle
Paper #: Morris #1

· Kehlmann, Robert. "Stained Glass in the U.S.A. Today." Canada Crafts 4.1 (October-November 1978): 32-36. 7 illus.

Annotation: Surveys the developments and trends in contemporary American stained glass by artists. Also mentions degree programs in stained glass offered by American institutions.
Keywords: Sowers, Robert; Kingsley, Julia Wirick; Lewis, Casey; Posner, Richard; Yelle, Richard; Heidel, Frederick; Fenton, Dan; Narcissus, Quagliata; Schaffrath, Ludwig; Reyntiens, Patrick
Paper #: Kehlmann #1

· Kritzwiser, Kay. “Casting a glow in Canada’s churches,” Globe and Mail (11 April 1985): E3, illus.

Annotation: Article mentions Yvonne Williams’ recent stained glass commission at Deer Park United Church, Toronto and her window at the Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Toronto.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #12

· Kritzwiser, Kay. "Morris in Vancouver: Collector Profile," Canadian Collector 22.1 (Jan/Feb 1987):10-11. illus.

Annotation: Detailed discussion of the three stained glass windows at Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver, made in the Morris studio in London. Also includes discussion with Monica Thwaites, the Canadian artist who restored them. St. Francis-in-the-Wood, Caulfield, West Vancouver and the stained glass at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, produced by Morris and Company Art Workers Ltd. are also noted.
Keywords: Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver; St. Francis-in-the-Wood, Caulfield, West Vancouver; West Vancouver Memorial Library; Morris, William; Burne-Jones, Edward; Dearle; Morris and Company Art Workers Ltd.; Kitsilano Glass; Thwaites; British Columbia; Vancouver
Paper#: Dearle #2

· Kuprowsky, Helena. "50 Years of Modern Work," Canada Crafts 4.1 (Oct-Nov.1978) 25-27, illus.

Annotation: Discusses how Yvonne Williams established an innovative stained glass studio in Toronto. A list of her apprentices is included, and it is noted that her cutting and glazing was handled by George London and then Stephen Taylor.
Keynotes: Williams; Simon; Weisman; McNicholl; Kilbourn; Taylor; London,George; Wellington Square United Church, Burlington, Ontario
Paper #: Williams #6

· Lamy, Laurent. Marcelle Ferron ( Paris: Centre Culturel Canadien, 1972. n.p.

Annotation: Two reproductions. Brief discussion of her stained glass in the context of her association with les Automatistes.
Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
Paper #: Ferron #4

· Lamy, Suzanne & Laurent. La Renaissance des métiers d'art au Canada français. (Québec: Ministère des Affaires culturelles, 1967): 62-65, illus.

Annotation: Discusses Plamondon's central role in the creation of a stained glass tradition in Québec. Also mentions Olivier Ferland, Soeur Marie Anastasie, Jean-Guy Barbeau and the painter Marcelle Ferron as important figures in stained glass.
Keywords: Plamondon; Ferland, Olivier; Soeur Marie Anastasie; Barbeau, Jean-Guy; Ferron.
Paper #: Plamandon #8

· Lane, Kimbers. "Supra Terranean Entombment," Construction. 21.11 (1928): 362-373.

Annotation: Formal analysis of The Hamilton (Ontario) Mausoleum with detailed descriptions of its stained glass windows and an in-depth discussion of the great chapel window by James Blomfield.
Keywords: Blo(o)mfield; James Blomfield; Hamilton; Ontario.
Paper#: Bloomfield #5

· Laroche, Ginette. "Les 'Memorial Windows': Une memoire de Verre." The Journal of Canadian Art History/ Annales d'Histoire de l'Art Canadien. IX.2 (1986): 97-141. 20 illus. 1 table. In French, with English summary.

Annotation: Concerns the importance of memorial windows, especially in the churches of Quebec City, Que., and their evolution between 1864 and 1957. Explores commemorative function according to subject matter and iconography of window as well as bibliographical information pertaining to person memorized. Compares Catholic with non-Catholic. Studies the windows using the analytical strategies of Michel Foucault.
Keywords: Quebec, memorial windows
Paper #: Laroche #1

· Laroche, Ginette. "L'Art de Vitrail au Québec", Continuité, 46 (Hiver 1990): 24-28.

Annotation: A capsule history of stained glass in Quebec, mentioning the main studios and artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Keywords: Spence; Castle; Perdriau; Nincheri; Leduc; Plamondon; Lubbers; Bettinger; Osterrath; Ferron.
Paper #: Laroche #2

· Laroche, Ginette. "Je puise mais n'épuise", Continuité, 46 (Hiver 1990): 33-35

Annotation: Study of a window for the Quebec National Assembly created in 1916 by Henri Perdriau and Charles Huot in the Art Nouveau style.
Keywords: Quebec; Perdriau; Huot; art nouveau
Paper #: Laroche #3

· Laroche, Ginette. "Les Trésors de l'Église Saint-Mathieu", Continuité, 46 (Hiver 1990): 44-45.

Annotation: A study of the 12 windows in the church of Saint-Mathieu, put in place ca.1937, outside of Montreal, which were saved from destruction in 1977.
Keywords: Vermonet; Perdriau; O'Shea, G.E.R.Pellus; Bettinger.
Paper #: Laroche #4

· Laroche, Ginette & Louise Giroux. "Chefs-d'Oeuvre de Verre", Continuité, 46 (Hiver 1990): 46-49.

Annotation: A list of sites in Quebec with stained glass windows and the names of the studios and artists involved. It also includes a bibliography.
Keywords: Quebec
Paper #: Laroche #5
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