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English (fluent), Dutch (fluent)


French (manageable), Serbian (native)






Architect, consultant, trainer, designer, engineer, administrator, programmer, technical writer ...
Been there, done (all of) that! And still looking for more challenges, especially in the area of technical consultancy, training or network architecture/design.


  • 10 years working experience with large-scale multi-vendor IP backbones.

  • 15+ years of experience with networking technologies, as a system or network administrator!

  • Hands-on experience with routers, switches from various vendors, incl.: Cisco, Juniper, Foundry ...

  • Network architecture, design and engineering in a multi-vendor environment.

  • Training, consulting, presenting of various networking topics.

  • Expert knowledge of BGP and IS-IS. Broad hands-on experience with OSPF, RIP, EIGRP.

  • Expert knowledge of MPLS, MPLS L3 VPN (RFC4364) and L2 VPN (E-LINE and E-LAN).

  • Hands-on experience with various IPv6 architectures, including 6PE.

  • Network task automation using various scripting and programming languages (shells, awk, perl ...).

  • Broad hands-on experience with data networks for network management (DCN), IP / CLNS based.

  • Unix system administration (15+ years exp. - Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and other “exotic” Unix systems).

  • Expert knowledge of DNS – BIND 4, 8 and 9.

  • Routing registry concepts and operations – RPSL (RIPE, RADB ...)

  • Programming languages - C, scripting (shell programming, perl, awk, sed)

Education and Training

May 2000

Juniper Internet Backbone Router (5-day introductory training to Junipers and JUNOS)


Juniper Networks / Alcatel University Antwerpen

June 1998

Licensed Professional Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications


Ministry of Constructions – Republic of Serbia / Serbian Chamber of Engineers (IKS


Certificate No: 7821/E / License No: 353-8718-04

September 1993

Graduate Degree in Electrical Engineering (Dipl. ing.) (equal to Dutch "Ir" title)


University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering


Major: Electronics and Telecommunications

Employment History

2011 – Now:

Network Architect

Liberty Global / UPC Broadband

2002 – 2011:

Network Designer / Architect / Service Developer,
KPN International

1999 – 2002:

Senior IP Specialist
Senior NOC Specialist
IP NOC Engineer

KPNQwest N.V. - Services Management Center (IP NOC)

1993 – 1999:

Network Engineer and Teaching Assistant,
University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering

1991 – 1993:

Unix System Administrator / Volunteer (student-job),
University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering
Computer Center

Responsibilities and Achievements

2002 – 2011:

KPN International - Design and Engineering Network Services IP



Network Designer / Architect / Service Developer (2002 - Now)



  • Developed the architecture for the global multiservice IP/MPLS backbone (ongoing work)


  • Planned capacity, designed, engineered the backbone, defined network engineering rules.

  • Evaluated peering and transit relationships with other global IP backbones.


  • Developed network products and services (Internet access, L2 and L3 VPN services etc)


  • Provided support to sales, helped sales with non-standard issues and customer RFPs.


  • Configured various backbone routers/switches - Cisco, Juniper, Foundry.

  • Developed and maintained various home-made network automation and OSS/NMS tools.


  • Installed and commissioned backbone circuits (DWDM, SDH).


  • Designed, engineered and maintained of a management network (DCN - IP/CLNS based).


  • Provided third level support to the operational teams - NOC and 2nd line specialists.


  • Trained, coached, gave presentations to other operational teams within the company.

  • Presented various topics at the international meetings, incl. NANOG, Ethernet Expo etc.

Major professional achievements:

  • Dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 backbone (2010)
    I managed a detailed redesign of the international IP/MPLS backbone, making both IPv4 and IPv6 access possible, based on the 6PE and 6VPE architecture on Juniper M, MX and T Series platforms. Results presented at the IPv6 World Congress (February 2011).

  • Extension of the international 10Gbps IP/MPLS backbone to the USA (2009-2010)
    I was the architect and designer of the new 10Gbps IP/MPLS multiservice edge US backbone, based on the Juniper MX Series and Cisco 7600 Series routers. The goal of the project was to extend the KPN International backbone to the major Equinix POP locations and peering exchanges in the US.

  • Design of the pan-European 10Gbps IP/MPLS core network (2008)
    I was the architect and designer of the new 10Gbps IP/MPLS multiservice core network, based on the Juniper T Series and Cisco 7600 Series routers, that replaced the old 2.5Gbps core, that had also been implemented using Juniper equipment (M160/M40/M20 routers)

  • Redesign of the international IP/MPLS network for the Next Generation VPN services (2007)
    I was the architect and designer of the new 10Gbps IP/MPLS multiservice edge network, based on the Juniper M and MX Series, supporting all services - IP Transit, L2 and L3 VPN – on one edge platform. Results presented at the Juniper JTech event (2008) and Light Reading’s Ethernet Expo (2009).

  • Development of an International Ethernet VPN (E-LINE, E-LAN) product (2006-Now)
    I was the principal developer of the International Ethernet VPN (IEVPN) – E-LINE/E-LAN service of KPN, based on MPLS L2 VPN technology, Juniper M and MX Series routers as provider edge platform and interconnections with national and regional L2 VPN providers.

  • MPLS interconnections with 3rd party L3 VPN providers (Inter-AS VPN) (2005-Now)
    I was a technical advisor of a team implementing MPLS interconnections (based on RFC2547bis and RFC4364) with various 3rd party L3 VPN providers.

  • Integration of the KPN National IP network (AS1136) with the KPN Int’l network (AS286) (2004)
    I was the technical lead of the full technical integration of the old KPN National IP Backbone with the KPN International IP/MPLS Backbone. Merging two autonomous systems into one - used all advantages of MPLS technology and BGP confederation mechanism to minimize customer downtime.

  • Technical development of the International MPLS L3 VPN product - bootstrap phase (2003)
    I was designer responsible for technical development of the KPN's International IP VPN product based on MPLS L3 VPN technology, mixed Juniper/Cisco environment with Cisco routers as provider edge platform and Juniper routers providing MPLS transport function.

  • Introduction of MPLS in the network (2003)
    I performed all necessary design and engineering work to prepare the international IP backbone to provide MPLS VPN services. The work included a major change of routing protocol redistribution rules, IGP and BGP policies, introduction of LDP on the backbone links, preparing IBGP route reflectors etc.

  • Tools for automatic configuration updates of IP backbone network elements (2002-Now)
    I’ve been the author and maintainer of various tools (mostly Perl-based) used for automatic configuration updates of IP routers and switches in the network, including a tool for automatic BGP filter configuration updates for IP customers based on RIPE/RADB data.

  • Restarting the KPNQwest IP network under the KPN's name (2002)
    I performed all necessary engineering work to restart the routers, backbone circuits and other equipment that had previously been turned off as a consequence of KPNQwest bankruptcy. The work also included detailed documenting and inventory of the network, as well as defining the topology, architecture, design and engineering rules of the newly acquired IP backbone.

1999 - 2002:

KPNQwest N.V. - Services Management Center (IP NOC)



IP Engineering - Senior IP Specialist (05/2002 - 07/2002)


Senior NOC Specialist (04/2000 - 05/2002)


NOC Engineer (11/1999 - 04/2000)



  • Planning, design, management and operations of the European IP backbone.


  • Configuration of backbone routers/switches - Cisco, Juniper, Foundry.


  • Installation and commissioning of backbone circuits (DWDM, SDH).


  • Writing and maintaining scripts for automatic router configuration.


  • Traffic engineering on the backbone, BGP and IS-IS configuration.


  • Configuring and managing BGP peering with other global IP backbones.


  • Training and coaching of junior NOC staff.


  • Troubleshooting more complex routing problems on the backbone.


  • Providing solutions for non-standard complex customer requirements.


  • OSS/NMS server installation and maintenance (Unix-based DNS and Mail servers).

Major professional achievements:

  • Emergency migration of DNS server to RIPE NCC
    I was a project coordinator for emergency migration of the central KPNQwest DNS server, which hosted 22000 zones, 68 being top-level Internet domains (.nl, .uk, .dk etc.) to RIPE NCC premises, to ensure continuity of DNS services for hosted domains.

  • Integration of the Ebone IP backbone (AS1755) with KPNQwest backbone (AS286)
    I was a member of a team of 3 engineers that performed the migration of the former Ebone routers from the old Ebone BGP autonomous system into KPNQwest AS. The work included major traffic reshuffling on the backbone, coordination with customers and peers etc.

  • Staging and implementation of KPNQwest metro networks
    I was a member of the team responsible for staging and rollout of metro networks based on Foundry BigIron and FastIron switches. My part of the job included: complete switch configuration, VLAN design and setup.

  • Staging of the new 2.5 Gbps IP-over-DWDM core network (June 2000)
    I was a member of a small team of engineers who performed staging of the new IP core network, based on Juniper M160 / M40 / M20 routers. I was involved in the configuration of Juniper routers, interconnecting the Junipers with each other in the lab and testing various IP features, routing policies etc.

  • Integration of the 2.5 Gbps IP core with the existing 155 Mbps core (Sept 2000)
    I was a member of a large team responsible for deploying the new IP core network, based on Juniper IP routers, Foundry Ethernet switches and Alcatel DWDM-80 technology (16xx DWDM terminals). I was responsible for integration of Juniper routers, previously fully configured in the lab during staging, with the existing Cisco backbone routers. The work included a lot of IS-IS and BGP reshuffling, resolving interoperability issues etc.

  • Large-scale distributed DNS
    I designed a scalable, distributed solution for DNS to accomodate the needs of a large volume of DNS queries. The solution is based on multiple dislocated physical servers, responding to a single (anycast) IP address. BIND and Zebra routing daemon, installed on the servers, together provide efficient load balancing, redundancy and automatic failover.

  • General review of BGP peering policies
    I performed a detailed review of all route maps and policy options on the backbone, replacing the traditional outbound route advertisements filtering using as-path access lists with more efficient community-based filtering. I've also reviewed the list of communities and introduced a lot of new features for the customers, like as-path prepending to particular peers etc.

  • Other projects of interest

    • BGP training of NOC staff

    • IS-IS restructuring - migration from naroow (6-bit) to wide (32-bit) metrics.

    • Nokia Game and Eurosong - design and implementation of the hosting LAN.

  • Development of automatic router configuration scripts (Cisco / Juniper).

1993 - 1999:

University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering


Department of Telecommunications



  • Network engineer and Teaching assistant (1993 - 1999, full-time)



  • Working on projects, dealing with LAN and WAN design.


  • Teaching assistance on several undergraduate courses.


  • Technical management of the Yugoslav top-level domain (.YU) registry.


  • Technical consultancy for major ISP's in the country.


  • System management of several Unix-based servers.

Major professional achievements:

  • University of Belgrade (1993-1999)
    I was a member of a large team operating the Serbian Academic and Research IP Network, connecting all major universities and other academic institutions in Serbia and Montenegro.

  • University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering (1993-1999)
    I was managing the campus network of the School of Electrical Engineering, consisting of various generations of computing devices, including: VAX/VMS mainframes, various Unix systems (HP-UX, Ultrix, SCO, Linux etc.) and around 500 Windows and Linux workstations. The network supported a myriad of different L1/L2/L3 protocols and technologies including:

    • Layer 1/2 – Ethernet (10/100/1000), TokenRing, PPP, HDLC, SDLC, X.25;

    • Layer 3 and above - TCP/IP, UUCP, DECnet Phase IV, IPX/SPX, SNA, RJE

    • IP routing protocols – BGP, OSPF, RIP, Static

The work included several upgrades of the network, including a major one in 1998, when the network was re-built using Bay Networks Accelar Ethernet switches and Cisco routers. The network used to be the very first production Gigabit Ethernet in Serbia! The network was multi-homed to several major ISPs in the country.

  • The .yu ccTLD Registry (1993-1999)
    For almost six years I was running and managing .yu top-level domain, primary DNS server, backend applications for domain name registrations, tracking and ticketing system etc.

  • YUBC (one of the leading Serbian ISPs) (1999)
    I provided consultancy for the initial BGP routing setup, setting up the local Internet registry and helped them to renumber their network.

  • Serbian ISP Task Force (1999)
    I made the first pilot-proposal for the local peering and exchange of IP traffic among 5 major Serbian Internet service providers, based on private interconnections, as well as a proposal for future Internet exchange, to accomodate more ISP’s

  • GTO (nowadays OmanTel), Muscat, Oman (1998)
    Together with the Cisco authorized trainer Fast Lane (Dubai) I organized and performed a 4-day BGP training course for GTO IP engineers. The course included: theoretical background on IP routing, BGP theory, hands-on training using small “lab” Cisco 2500 Series routers.

  • Telekom Srpske, Banjaluka, Bosnia (1998)
    I was the principal designer of the FrameRelay and IP network with 9 points of presence, located in major cities in Bosnia – for one of the major telco operators in Bosnia.

  • National Library of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia (1998)
    I managed the full re-design and upgrade of their local area network.

  • Academic Library of Belgrade University (1998)
    I managed full design and implementation of their local area network, including migration of their plain old VT terminal network from the VAX mainframe to TCP/IP terminal servers.

  • BeoTelNet ISP (1998)
    I managed and performed training of ISP staff (14 days), including introduction to TCP/IP, addressing, DNS setup, routing protocols and policies, network management topics).

  • HIP Petrohemija (oil industry complex), Pancevo, Serbia (1998)
    I designed their corporate local area network (cooperation with Informatika, Belgrade.

  • Soya Protein (1998)
    I was a co-designer of the corporate LAN (cooperation with MDS, Belgrade - authorized Cisco integrator for Yugoslavia)

  • Informatika (one of the leading ISPs), Belgrade, Serbia (1998)
    I performed training of ISP staff (4 days), including local Internet registry operations (addressing, DNS setup, Internet routing registry database usage, procedures and policies for IP and AS number assignments).

  • Telekom Serbia (Serbian incumbent telecomms operator), Belgrade, Serbia (1997)
    I was the project leader and principal architect of the ISP network for the largest national telco operator. The network was intended for large business customers in 3 major cities in Serbia.

  • Telekom Serbia (Serbian incumbent telecomms operator), Belgrade, Serbia (1997)
    I was a co-author of the proposal for the pilot ATM network.

1991 – 1993:

University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering


Computer Center



  • Unix System Administrator / Volunteer (student-job),



  • System management of several Unix platforms (HP-UX, Ultrix, SCO, Linux etc.)


  • Porting various open-source packages on various Unix and VMS platforms.

  • Writing scripts for automation of various system administration tasks.

Other Activities

1995- Now:

Freelance Columnist,
PC Press (the leading Serbian popular ICT magazine)


Student Member,

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