Beneficiary; change of beneficiary; payment

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20131220-1312.  Beneficiary; change of beneficiary; payment

A.  Each policy shall have a space on the front or back page of the policy for the name of the beneficiary designated with a reservation of the right to designate or change the beneficiary after the issuance of the policy.

B.  The policy may also provide that no designation or change of beneficiary shall be binding on the insurer unless endorsed on the policy by the insurer, and that the insurer may refuse to endorse the name of any proposed beneficiary who does not appear to the insurer to have an insurable interest in the life of the insured.  Such a policy may also provide that if the beneficiary designated in the policy does not surrender the policy with due proof of death within the period stated in the policy, which shall be not less than thirty days after the death of the insured, or if the beneficiary is the estate of the insured or is a minor, or dies before the insured, or is not legally competent to give a valid release, then the insurer may make payment thereunder to the executor or administrator of the insured, or to any of the insured's relatives by blood or legal adoption or connection by marriage, or to any person appearing to the insurer to be equitably entitled thereto by reason of having been named beneficiary, or by reason of having incurred expense for the maintenance, medical attention or burial of the insured.  The policy may also include a similar provision applicable to any other payment due under the policy. 201312

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