Bcor 1020 Homework Manger Online Homework System

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BCOR 1020 Homework Manger Online Homework System
The Introductory Business Statistics course will manage textbook homework using an online system called HW Manager.
Why an online system rather than hand-written/hand-graded?

Homework is important to be successful in this course. However, students work at many different levels and speeds. Having your homework graded immediately after completing it is a more efficient way of receiving feedback, learning the material, and eliminates inconsistencies in hand grading. This system has been tested with Leeds students and they found it to be a positive way to learn.

How is my Homework Grade calculated?

The homework score is worth 5% of your overall course grade. There will be 10 homework sets posted – one for each chapter 2-12 (minus chapter 11). You will have at least 8 days to complete each chapter’s homework assignment. You may rework the homework as many times as you like to achieve a passing score of 85%. If you score an 85% or better on the assignment you will receive full credit. If you score at least an 85% on 9 homework assignments you will get full credit for your homework grade. (We will drop your lowest homework score.)

Why only 85% to get full credit?

It is possible you may be counted wrong for an answer that was not rounded off properly. Also, some of the earlier chapter questions may have subjective answers. Requiring a score of 85% to pass will allow enough flexibility to account for these types of situations.

How do I register?

Each student must register online using an access code. With your HW Manager access code in front of you, go to one of the following links to register for your recitation. Once you are at the HW manager website for your recitation section, click on the link on the left that says “Register as a Student” and follow the instructions.

How do I get an access code?

The code can be purchased as a package with the textbook through the CU bookstore, although there are limited packages available.

Or you may purchase the access code online for $20. To purchase the access code online go to:
Click the link on the left that reads “Register or Purchase Access”

Click the link at the bottom that reads “I do not have a registration code”

Follow the instructions to purchase the HW Manager access code for $20 (The HW Manager Plus gives you online access to the textbook for an extra cost.)
You will immediately be given an access code. Print out the page and then go to the link below that matches your recitation.

How to register on HW Manager:
Make sure you register for the recitation section you belong to. You can find the recitation section number on Cuconnect.
9 AM class
Recitation Section 11

Recitation Section 12


10 AM class
Recitation Section 21

Recitation Section 22


12 Noon class
Recitation Section 41

Recitation Section 42


2 PM class
Recitation Section 61

Recitation Section 62


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