Based on the multi-turn iq actuator the iqh provides a range of high output speeds while being generally irreversible and therefore provides a self-locking* ability by the actuator for the valve

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ROTORK IQ产品手册10-08


IQH Pro Range

IQH Pro – High Speed Self Locking Actuator
Based on the multi-turn IQ actuator the IQH provides a range of high output speeds while being generally irreversible and therefore provides a self-locking* ability by the actuator for the valve. Developed for diverter valves in meter prover applications, IQH provides fast operation with positive seating without backdriving.
Setting Tool Pro features:
? Stores downloaded data for analysis with InSight software on PC’s.? Fast, easy configuration of multiple actuators on site using transferrable settings feature.
? Intrinsically Safe robust construction.

IQH Pro actuators offer the following powerful features:

? Multi-turn and quarter-turn? High speed - self locking capability? Non-intrusive set-up
? Clear user friendly controls and indication
? Simplified torque and position control for increased reliability? Flexible and comprehensive control and indication? On-board datalogger
? IrDA compatible for local and remote actuator analysis via PC
? IQ insight & IQ Pocket Insight software tools for set-up, analysis, asset management and diagnostics

IQH Pro Range

IQH Pro epicyclic gearbox
*Note: It should be noted that a self-locking ability cannot be
guaranteed for worm and wheel drives under all conditions
including high loads and vibration, either under static and dynamic conditions. When handwheel operation is selected the gear train is disconnected and therefore any locking ability will be lost.
The IQH epicyclic gearbox
Fast operation is achieved by using a 1:3 step up epicyclic gearbox between the 2-pole motor and worm gearbox. This is mature
design having been implemented in the IQ design of the 1990’s.
IQH Pro Features
IQH Pro actuators use the new Rotork IQ and IQT Pro main board to provide the following powerful features:? ? ? ? ? ?
Larger clearer icon and text display.Customer configurable multilingual text capability.
Datalogger valve torque signature profiling.
Status & monitoring diagnostics.Retrofittable to existing IQ & IQT actuators manufactured since 2000.Improved data download speed x10.
Multi Language Text and Icon DisplaySetting Tool Pro Download & Upload

The IQH Pro range features a new

larger and clearer multilingual text and icon display. The descriptive text can now be configured for a number of languages, with each language module downloadable from the rotork website. Once the appropriate languages have been downloaded they can be uploaded to the actuator using the Setting Tool Pro. The new ergonomically designed and intrinsically safe Rotork Setting Tool Pro is compatible with all existing IQ and IQT range actuators and is safe for use in any environment / hazardous location.
The Rotork Setting Tool Pro includes a feature which allows the user to extract and store IQ and IQT actuator configuration and datalogger files within the Tool. Stored files can be viewed using
a PC running IQ Insight. Using This tool, stored configuration files can also be uploaded back to IQ and IQT actuators in order to replicate a setup for multiple units (limits must be set individually).IQ Insight is available free from
For further information on IQ Pro features, see publication E1120E.
* Note: Setting Tool Pro data transfer capability is compatible with IQ actuators

supplied since 2000.

The Rotork Setting Tool Pro features include:? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Non-intrusive, Infra red communication.Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas.On site actuator configuration and data download.
Data transfer from actuator to PC with free Rotork Insight software*Capacity for 10 configuration and 4 datalogger files.
Multiple configuration capability.Compatible with all IQ & IQT actuators.

IQH Pro Specification

The IQH Pro has the same specification as the IQ, described fully in Publication E110E.
Duty Cycle
Duty cycle
S2, 25% -15min, 60 starts per hour at 33% of rated torque.
Non intrusive Infra-red using the Rotork Setting Tool (supplied)
LCD position indication (% open) plus set up and alarm displays.
2.5 to 100,000 turns, max resolution 7.5?Independently adjustable open and close torque switches can be set in the range 40% to 100% rated torque. “Boost” can be set in the opening direction.Standard: Torque, starts, statistics and event logs
PC Software: IQ Insight
PDA software: IQ Pocket Insight3000-000
Non-intrusive “Local-stop-remote” and “open-close” selectors
Hardwired “open”, “close”, “stop”, “ESD” plus “open” and “close” Interlock facility.Analogue 4-20mA - Folomatic,
Enclosure Non- hazardous IEC - IP 68 – 7m / 72 hrs, NEMA 4, 4X & 6Enclosure Hazardous
Power Supplies Mounting Interface Lubrication
Conduit/cable entries
Orientation Finish
ATEX, FM, CSA or IEC (For other specific certification, contact Rotork)
–30 to 70 °C (see E110E for full ranges and certification limitations)3 – Phase supplies onlyIS0 5210, MSS - SP102
Oil bath lubrication with sealed lubricated epicyclic gear.
Top Direct Drive, option side mounted geared handwheel
2 x 1” & 1 x 11/4”. ASA NPT (2 x M25 & 1 x M40)Any
Polyester powder coating. 2-Pak epoxy available as an option.
4 x configurable “S” contacts Option for additional 4 contacts
4-20mA auto-scaling position output (CPT). Network control options include position and alarm status indication
Local Display
Limit switching Torque switching
Support Tools
Support Tools
Base wiring diagram Local Control
Remote control
Remote control options
Remote Indication
Remote indication options
Network control options Pakscan 2-wire control, Modbus, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet
Performance data
rpm at 50Hz

rpm at 60Hz

Final gear ratio
Actuator size

108 130 80:1

Actuator output speeds
144 173 60:1
216 259 40:1

Torque** Nm Ft lbf

75 55 108 80 202 149 397 293
75 55 98 72 182 134 347 256
68 50 83 61153 113240 177

** Torque rating is maximum torque setting in both directions.

Stall torque will be 1.4 to 2 times this value depending on speed and voltage
IQH Pro Range
IQH Pro Dimensional Data
IQH supporting documents and software are available for download at
PC Software IQ Insight, PDA software: IQ Pocket Insight available for free downloadE110E E120E
IQ & IQT Catalogue
IQ & IQT Control and Monitoring
E135E E170E3 E117E Dimensions

IQT electric motor performance dataIQT Installation & Maintenance InstructionsIQ Insight software

Available in PDF and DXF format in IQ range - Specifications
As part of a process of on-going product development, Rotork reserves the right to amend and change specifications without prior notice. Published data may be subject to change.

For the very latest version release, visit our website at

Rotork Controls Inc, Rochester, USA
Rotork Controls Ltd, Bath, UK



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