Bardsey Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Minutes – October 31st 2012

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Bardsey Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee
Minutes – October 31st 2012.
Meeting held in Bardsey Village Hall (Committee Room) on Wednesday 31st October .
Present : Stephen Bucknell (SB), Lindsay Burns (LB), Jack Cairns (JC), Ed Stentiford (ES), Ian Frankland (IF), June Gallant (JG), and Geoffrey Tatman (GT).
Apologies.: Jane Ambrose (JA), Mike Bosomworth (MB), Jane Ingham (JI), and Lance Tattersall (LT).
Ian Mackay (IM) of LCC attended the first part of the meeting to discuss progress on the NP.

He said his aim was to help the Steering Committee (SC) pass the examination process. LCC is obliged to support PCs in this endeavour and to offer help as required. A partnership should be established with the local councils. Although NPs should include topics other than Planning, the Examiner will be concerned with the planning aspect only. The result must be sustainable development.

Regarding use of Consultants, in his opinion, they may not be required ,but could be useful, such as in case of a disagreement with a Dept.

One of the most important considerations in achieving a successful NP is evidence of widespread consultation and engagement with all sections of the community. In particular it is important to show proof of communication with sections of the community normally not involved in village affairs , even if the consultation achieves little result. Paper trails showing the way the SC was established and completion of the Register of Interests is important in avoiding a challenge.

It is not necessary to undertake a sustainable appraisal of the sites.

It is necessary to assess the community needs and the way these have been identified.

The NP is not a PC plan, but a Community Plan.

The next stage will be to submit a Pre-Submission Plan . It will be advisable to submit this to LCC first for possible revisions, which can be accepted or rejected at the PC’s discretion .At this stage it will probably be appropriate for IM to re-visit the SC. The Examiner will, however, be in receipt of the comments made by LCC. The Plan must conform with Human Rights legislation and the Statutory Code of Conduct.

The appointment of the Examiner is a joint decision ,and can be a planning Officer from another Authority, a Planning Inspector, or an Academic. IM favours a Planning Inspector.

People from outside the parish may be included in the writing of the final plan if the plans presented affect them.

The role of Area Committees is important and its members should be kept abreast of progress and local Ward Members may be able to assist in attracting people from all walks of society to take part in the referendum.

In response to a point raised by GT that practically all the SHLAA sites in Bardsey are in the Green Belt, IM said that there was likely to be some release but it should reduce the likelihood of large scale development in Bardsey.

LB mentioned the caravan sites included in the SHLAA proposals for Bardsey, technically brownfield. IM agreed that this might operate in favour of their inclusion , but accepted that this could be counter productive in releasing land for ordinary house development against loss of low cost housing.

It is sensible to assess the likely future housing need of the village.

The final decision on sites to be chosen lies with Ward Cllrs, not with LCC.
Declarations of Pecuniary and other Interests.

GT and ES declared an interest in new site No 3363 on Mill Lane.

Minutes of the meeting on 3rd October .These were approved with 2 small amendments.
Matters arising-

Report on Meeting with Andy Birkbeck (AB) on Thursday October 11th to discuss possible site allocations for Bardsey , and attended by ES, IF and GT. Those attending reported that it had been confirmed that 3 further SHLAA sites have been suggested for Bardsey:- 3481, Tithe Barn Lane , for 30 houses.

3363 , Mill Lane , for 11 houses.

3429, Blackmoor Lane , for 59 houses.

The material presented by the Cllrs had been accepted by AB


E mail from Cllr John Procter (JP) re follow up by District Cllrs on site presentations by local councils. JP reported that 80% of the proposals put forward had been acceptable , but of the 4600 houses required for the Outer Leeds NE Area, only 1600 have been given a green light designation.
Report on Meeting held at Civic Hall on October 8th, attended by ES. This had not been particularly helpful, but ES had picked up some useful tips about Business aspects for inclusion in the NP from another attendee. In this connection he welcomed SB’s proposed initiative on Housing. SB said that he had entered into correspondence with Rosemary Kidd, Rural Housing Enabler at Harrogate Council. She has provided him with details of other agencies who can gather info and guidance. She has also offered to provide us with the housing needs survey templates which they use when assisting local groups in and around Harrogate. This would allow Bardsey to progress the survey itself.

Reports by working groups

  • Planning –included in Plans for Open Meeting

  • Education – Nothing to report

  • Health.- Nothing to report.

  • Infrastructure. – Nothing to report.

Plans for Open Day on November 10th .LB was in process of producing a series of aerial photos of the village showing a few of the SHLAA sites on each. After much discussion, it was agreed that these should be displayed upright, with site notes on each individual site prepared by ES underneath.(6 sets of aerial photos in all).

There should also be additional copies on tables. The photos are to be slightly larger than those shown to the SC and are to include the numbers of sites, names of prominent buildings, and greater definition to roads and boundaries. Everyone attending should give their name at the door and take a comment sheet for completion and a background info sheet prepared by ES .Members of the SC are to be given badges of identification and to be present to answer questions. Display boards are to be requested from East Keswick. If unavailable, SB can locate some.

20- 30 chairs are to be arranged at the front of the Hall facing the stage for the Q.& A session,

a few tables at the sides of the Hall, and display boards in the centre. ES, helped by IF, and others on the SC, will lay out the Hall on the Friday.

Susan Hughes will provide tea and coffee at a small charge, with proceeds to the V.Hall.

On Nov. 10th

ES will be present all day. LB also promised to be available all day.

JG offered to be on the door during the morning session.

GT, SB, and JC offered to be present am

IF to be present pm.

Helpers to arrive at 9.30 am.

Members of neighbouring PCs to be invited to attend.
Report on Meeting with Scarcroft Representatives attended by ES on October 16th ES had learnt of the proposals of Shadwell and Scarcroft for possible development sites. There had been some discussion about a shop and education.
Suggested Register of Interests for members of Steering Committee, including PCs, (modelled on that of Aberford) in connection with site allocation process. The SC agreed that in the interests of transparency, this should be completed by each member of the SC.
Message from Andy Birkbeck of intention to re-convene Neighbourhood Plan Project Board on December 5th at Scarcroft Village Hall. This was noted.
Any other business. None.
Date of next meeting.- Wednesday November 14th.

BPC St. Co. Oct. 31st.Mins.

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