Ba early Childhood Studies: recommendations for summer reading

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BA Early Childhood Studies: recommendations for summer reading
We would like to encourage you to do some dabbling over the summer – to explore areas you may not get a chance to visit once you are in the thick of your studies and to discover interests you didn’t know you had. This list is just a starting point to suggest some of the books which we have found particularly stimulating or challenging in shaping the ways we think about childhood. If you have come across other books which have made a big impact on the way you think and feel about children and childhood please do let us know and we will add them for future years.
Essential Reading

Parker-Rees, Rod., Leeson, C., Willan, J. and Savage, J. (2010) (eds) – Early Childhood Studies: an introduction to the study of children’s worlds and children’s lives,3rd edition, Exeter: Learning Matters.

Moore, S., Neville, C., Murphy, M. and Connoll, C. (2010) The ultimate study skills handbook, London, Open University Press
Good to dip into

Michael Rosen (ed) – The Penguin Book of Childhood

Kate Figes – Childhood

Michael Donaghy – 101 Poems about Childhood

Hugh Cunningham (2006) The Invention of Childhood
Fiction (just a very few ideas to get you going)

Jane Austen –Sense and Sensibility (and/or Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey)

Louisa May Alcott – Little Women

Frances Hodgson Burnett – The Secret Garden

Henry James – The Turn of the Screw

Charles Dickens – Hard Times (or Oliver Twist)

Jacqueline Wilson – Tracey Beaker

Philip Pullman – His Dark Materials (trilogy)

Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre

Mark Haddon - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Yann Martel – Life of Pi

Peter Hoeg – Borderliners

Roddy Doyle- Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha!

William Woodruff- The Road to Nab End


Roald Dahl – Boy

Frank McCourt – Angela’s Ashes

David Peltzer – A Boy Called ‘It’

Lorna Sage – Bad Blood

Angela Ashworth – Once in a House on Fire

Maya Angelou – I Know why the Caged Bird Sings

Anton Makarenko – The Road to Life

Challenging Perspectives on Childhood

Virginia Axline – Dibs: in Search of Self

Jean Liedloff – The Continuum Concept

Ivan Illich – Deschooling Society (or Celebration of Awareness)

Paolo Freire – Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Herbert Kohl – 36 children

John Holt – How Children Fail (or any other title)

John Berger – Ways of Seeing

Bruno Bettelheim – The Uses of Enchantment

Margaret Humphreys – Empty Cradles

A.S Neill- Summerhill

Understanding Children

Vivian Gussin Paley – A Child’s Work (or Wally’s Stories, In Mrs Tully’s Room or any title)

Jerome Bruner – The Culture of Education

Margaret Donaldson – Children’s minds

Smith Cowie and Blades – Understanding Children’s Development (5th Edition)

Susan Engel – Real Kids

Alison Clark and Peter Moss - Listening to Young Children

William Corsaro – The Sociology of Childhood (Second Edition)

Denise Lacher, Todd Nichols and Joanne May -Connecting with Kids through Stories
The following suggestions are more specific to the autumn term core modules for each stage (also note that these are set out as we will expect you to set out your references, with details of date and place of publication and of publisher).

For those about to join Year 1

Arnold, C. (2003) Observing Harry: child development and learning 2-5, Buckingham: Open University Press.

Jenkinson, S. (2001) The Genius of Play: celebrating the spirit of childhood Stroud: Hawthorne,

Paley, Vivian Gussin (2004) A Child's Work: the importance of fantasy play. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

Rodd J (2005) Leadership in Early Childhood. Maidenhead; Open University Press

Smith, P. K. (2010) Children and Play. Chichester: Wiley Blackwell

For those about to join Year 2
Gopnik, A., Meltzoff, A. and Kuhl, P. (1999) How Babies Think : the Science of Childhood London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Reddy, V (2008) How infants know minds. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press

Schaffer, H.R. (1996): Social Development, Oxford: Blackwell.
For those about to join Year 3

Gittens, D. (1998) The Child in Question, Basingstoke: Macmillan Press.

James, A. and Christensen, P. (2000) Research with Children: Perspectives and Practices, London: Falmer Press.

James, A. and Prout, A. (Eds.) (1997) Constructing and Reconstructing Childhood London: Falmer Press

Lewis, V, Kellett, M, Robinson, C, Fraser, S and Ding, S (Eds.) (2004)The Reality of Research with Children and Young People London: Paul Chapman Publishing.

Morrison, H. (Ed.) (2012) The Global History of Childhood Reader, London; Routledge,

Mukherji, P. and Albon, D. (2010) Research Methods in Early Childhood, London, Sage

Roberts- Holmes G (2005) Doing Your Early Years Research Project: A Step by Step Guide, London: Paul Chapman Publishing


Only available from libraries – for reference only

Parker-Rees, R and Willan, J (Eds.) (2006) – Early Years Education: major themes in education, Vols 1-4, Abingdon : Routledge
Barker, R. (2009) Making Sense of Every Child Matters, Bristol: Policy Press

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