B/908 The Honourable First Member for Beau Bassin and Petite Rivière (Mr. Bhagwan)

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B/908 The Honourable First Member for Beau Bassin

and Petite Rivière (Mr. Bhagwan)
To ask the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports:-
Whether, in regard to Ministerial Committee on football, he will state (a) the dates on which it met (b) it has taken stock of the performance of the football clubs, region-wise and at national level and (c) when it proposes to submit its report?

(on Tuesday 22.07.08)

Mr. Speaker, Sir,

The Ministerial Committee on football met twice officially in October 2005 and subsequently had several meetings to review the situation prevailing in football and to discuss remedial measures, more particularly issues pertaining to boosting of football at grassroots and school levels and setting up of football academy. Members of the Committee have planned to have a final meeting by the end of this month before coming forward with a report which is scheduled to be submitted by the end of September.

However, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I must point out that the causes of the ills in our football are very deep and need deep probing. We cannot therefore rush with decisions which will have only short term effectiveness. I would like to inform the House that during the course of its meetings the Ministerial Committee had identified a plethora of measures to boost up our football in Primary and Secondary Schools as well as at the clubs and national levels.
Mr. Speaker, Sir,
The measures to be announced will be very bold. I am ready to take my responsibilities. However, we should await the outcome of the report.

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