Ayso 1390 Commission Meeting Minutes July 22 2014 avco technologies Tazewell Pike 6: 00pm to 8: 30 pm

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AYSO 1390 Commission Meeting Minutes July 22 2014

AVCO Technologies Tazewell Pike 6:00PM to 8:30 PM
Attendees: Allan Hancock, Chris & Sandy Crum, Scott Eimmerman, Cullen Ball, Donna Dalton, Angelique Hickman, Terry Jones, Katie Jones, Jesse Jones, Jasmine Jones, and Matt Hopkins.

  1. Introduction and Welcome: South Knoxville Region 263 is merging with 1390. Katie Jones from 263 will be the new assistant commissioner in place of Scott Eimmerman. Welcome to members of 263 to the new larger region.

  2. South Knoxville Development: We want previous members of 263 to become part of 1390. Katie will put out 1390 signs in the South Knoxville area.

  3. Website: The eteamz website was dropped and they will refund our remaining balance. A new website that is less expensive is now being used at $324 for 3 years. Website is www.ayso1390.com.

  4. Registration: The first on site registrations was held at the East Town Mall entrance on July 25th and the 2nd at the Loveland Baptist church on Spring Hill road will be July 26th. It is anticipated that for the fall season there will be U-12 girls, one U-12 boys, one U16 and one U19 boys. The volunteers from 263 need to be forwarded to 1390 board administrators and these lists need to be merged with 1390. Two hundred notice of registration cards were recently mailed to previous 1390 addresses.

  5. U-5 Scott Eimmerman: The U-5 program was a success last season and it is hoped this will grow in numbers. Scott will be leading this and working with U-6 Coordinator Matt Hopkins with the U-6 program.

  6. Work Day / Eagle Project: Saturday August 16 (9AM to ???) will be a work day to setup the fields. Ben Miller will work on his Boy Scout Eagle project putting in bird houses near the Swan Creek banks on this date.

  7. Field Development: Some fertilizer that has been disposed at the Knox County Solid Waste department has been given to 1390 for use on the fields. As other product comes available, we intend to avail ourselves of this free resource. Three 5 gallon buckets of latex paint was also received from the Solid Waste department but it was determined that this paint would not be good to use as a paint for marking the fields. Katie said she can bring 2 aerosol can paint machines and one 5 gal paint machine. She also has some 8’ x 24’ large portable goals, and some player benches that need to be brought to the 1390 complex.

  8. Concession Stand: No construction on the new concession stand has occurred yet. Allan stated that the Public Building Authority (PBA) who will be responsible for the construction put out a bid for this project last week.

  9. Other Business: Scott reminded everyone that Concussion training (Course AYSO CDC Concession Awareness) is required for all coaches and RCs annually. Referees and others need to take this at least once. This can be done online at www.aysotraining.org The eight digit AYSO ID number and last name are needed to enter this site. Also the new Safe Haven (Course MT02 AYSO Safe Haven) needs to be taken by all coaches and referees.

  10. Next Board Meeting: Thursday Aug 7th. Location TBD.

Submitted by Chris Crum

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