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Southern Region

of the

American Society for Horticultural Science

(Updated through 2007)

Distinguished Teacher Award
L. M. Ware Distinguished Teacher Award

1958 C. L. Isbell, Auburn University

1959 J. B. Edmond, Mississippi State University

1960 G. W. Adriance, Texas A&M University

1961 M. E. Gardner, NC State University

1962 F. R. Brison, Texas A&M University

1963 W. S. Anderson, Mississippi, State University

1964 Julian C. Miller, Louisiana State University

1965 Henry P. Orr, Auburn University

1966 H. K. Riley, Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana

1967 W. D. Kimbrough, Louisiana State University

1968 T. L. Senn, Clemson University

1969 Fred D. Cochran, Nort Carolina State University

1970 Joe McFerran, University of Arkansas

1971 L. E. Scott, University of Maryland

1972 Teme P. Hernandez, Louisiana State University

1973 Roy A. Larson, North Carolina State University

1974 Coy O. Box, Mississippi State University

1975 V. F. Nettles, University of Florida

1976 Gary A. Couvillon, University of Georgia

1977 Richard N. Payne, Oklahoma State University

1978 Jacob H. Tinga, University of Georgia

1979 J. Benton Storey, Texas A&M University

1980 J. C. Raulston, North Carolina State University

1981 John A. Barden, VPI & SU

1982 R. Gordon Halfacre, Clemson University

1983 A. E. Einert, Univ.esity of Arkansas

1984 Wayne (Roy) Ogle, Clemson University

1985 George Tereshkovich, Texas Tech University

1986 James S. Coartney, VPI & SU

1987 Joseph R. Novak, Texas A&M University

1989 David Reed, Texas A&M University

1990 Marihelen Kamp-Glass, North Carolina A&T State University

1991 James O. Garner. Jr., Mississippi State University

1992 Bryce Lane, North Carolina State University

1993 John W. Day, University of Tennessee

1994 Harry Ponder, Auburn University

1995 Jack Buxton, University of Kentucky

1996 Judith Caldwell, Clemson University

1997 David Creech, Stephen F. Austin State University

1998 Fred Davies, Jr., Texas A&M University

1999 Janet C. Cole, Oklahoma State University

2000 Donald Eakes, Auburn University


2002 Curt Rom, University of Arkansas

2003 J. Creighton Miller, Jr., Texas A&M University

2004 Douglas C. Needham, Oklahoma State University

2005 Frank A. Blazick, North Carolina state University

J. Creighton Miller, Jr. Distinguished Educator Award

2006 R. Daniel Lineberger, Texas A&M University

2007 Richard Harkess, Mississippi State University

Distinguished Research Award
L. M. Ware Distinguished Research Award

1967 L. J. Kushman, D. T. Pope and R. J. Monroe, North Carolina State University

1968 Not presented

1969 C. E. Chaplin, L. P. Stoltz and J. G. Rodrigues, University of Kentucky

1970 G. B. Brown, J. R. Deakin and M. B. Wood, USDA, South Carolina

1971 W. R. Henderson, S. J. Jenkins, Fr. and J. O. Rowlings, North Carolina State University

1972 James N. Moore, University of Arkansas

1973 Thomas P. Kemp, Leonard P. Stoltz and D. E. Knavel, University of Kentucky

1974 W. E. Ballinger, Eleanor Maness, G. J. Galletta and L. J. Kushman, North Carolina State University

1975 G. E. Stembridge and C. E. Gambrell, Clemson University

1976 D. R. Patterson, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station

1977 Doyle A. Smittle, University of Arkansas

1978 L. G. Jones, R. J. Constantin, J. M. Cannon, W. J. Martin and Travis P. Hernandez, Louisiana State University

1979 Alfred Jones, P. D. Dukes and F. P. Cuthbert, Jr., U.S. Vegetable Breeding Laboratory, Charleston, South Carolina

1980 G. W. Schneider, R. G. Lockard and P. L. Cornelius, University of Kentucky

1981 Ray E. Worley, University of Georgia

1982 B. D. Horton, E. J. Wehunt, J. H. Edwards, R. R. Bruce and J. L. Chesnee, USDA, Bryon, Georgia

1983 J. R. Morris, D. L. Cawthon and J. W. Fleming, University of Arkansas

1984 Carl E. Gambrell, D. C. Coston and E. T. Simms, Clemson University

1985 Sharad C. Phatak, Donald R. Sumner, Homer D. Wells, Durham K. Bell and Norman Glaze, University of Georgia

1986 David M. Pharr, North Carolina State University

1987 Todd Wehner, North Carolina State University

1988 Eric Young, Yoshie Motomura and C. Richard Unrath, North Carolina State University and Tohoke University, Japan

1989 Dennis R. Decoteau, Clemson University

1990 Alfred Jones, Clemson University

1991 Ray E. Worley, University of Georgia

1992 Rebecca L. Darnell, University of Florida

1993 Nihal C. Rajapakse and John W. Kelly, Clemson University

1994 Fred T. Davies, Jr., J. R. Potter and R. G. Linderman, Texas A&M University

1995 Stanly J. Kays, Ray F. Severson and Richard B. Chalfant, University of Georgia

1996 Todd C. Wehner and Christopher S. Cramer, North Carolina State University

1997 D. Scott NeSmith, Gerard Krewer, Mark Rieger and Ben Mullinix, University of Georgia

1998 Salvadore J. Locascio, Alan G. Smajstrla, University of Florida

1999 D. Scott NeSmith, Gerard Krewer, Mark Rieger & Ben Mullinix, University of Georgia

2000 Robert Trigiana, M. C. Scott & G. Caetano-Anolles, Univiersity of Tennessee


2002 William Randle, University of Georgia

2003 Penelope Perkins-Veazie, USDA-ARS, Nancy Roe, J. Lasswell and McFarland, TAMU-Stephenville

2004 Angela R. Davis, USDA-ARS

2005 Not Presented

Julian C. Miller, Sr. Distinguished Research Award

2006 Michael Smith, Oklahoma State University

2007 John Clark, University of Arkansas

Henry M. Covington Extension Award
1975 George R. Hughes, North Carolina State University

1976 James M. Stephens, University of Florida

1977 Blueford G. Hancock, Texas A&M University

1978 James Montelaro, University of Florida

1979 Albert A. Banadyga, North Carolina State University

1980 Ray L. Livingston, University of Georgia

1981 Roland E. Roberts, Texas A&M University

1982 George Ray McEachern, Texas A&M University

1983 Gerald Smith, University of Georgia

1984 James L. Pointer, University of Tennessee

1985 Glenn G. Taylor, Oklahoma State University

1986 John D. Andrews, County Agent, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana

1987 Jerry M. Parsons, Texas A&M University

1988 Joseph W. Love, North Carolina State University

1989 James E. Motes, Oklahoma State University

1990 Tom Crocker, University of Florida

1991 Paul L. Smeal, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

1992 C. R. Roberts, University of Kentucky

1993 Wilton P. Cook, Clemson University

1994 Walter Skrock, North Carolina State University

1995 B. Dean McCraw, Oklahoma State University

1996 Kenneth M. Tilt, Auburn University

1997 Richard Bir, North Carolina State University

1998 Gary L. Wade, University of Georgia

1999 Doug Sanders, North Carolina State University

2000 Alvin Rutledge, University of Tennessee


2002 Darbie Granberry, University of Georgia

2003 James Boudreaux, Louisiana State University

2004 Jonathan Schultheis, North Carolina State University

2005 E. Barclay Poling, North Carolina State University

2006 James A. Robbins, University of Arkansas

2007 Russell Wallace, Texas A& M University

John E. Hutchison Extension Award for Young Professionals Award
1983 G. Steward Bunn, Extension Agent, Fairfax County, Virginia

1984 Timothy K. Hartz, Texas A&M University

1985 Dewayne Ingram, University of Florida

1986 John G. Strang, University of Kentucky

1987 Edward B. Poling, North Carolina State University

1988 Thomas H. Yeager, University of Florida

1989 John W. Kelly, Clemson University

1990 Larry Stein, Texas A&M Research & Extension Center, Stephenville, TX

1991 Not presented

1992 Doug Welsh, Texas A&M University

1993 Doug Bailey, North Carolina State University

1994 Steven Dobbs, Oklahoma State University

1995 Michael Schnelle, Oklahoma State University

1996 Michael L. Parker, North Carolina State University

1997 Not presented

1998 Allen D. Owings, Louisiana State University

1999 Not presented

2000 Joseph Kemble, Auburn University


2002 George Boyham University of Georgia

2003 Not Presented

2004 Not Presented

2005 Bodi Pennisi, University of Georgia

2006 Not Presented

2007 Mary Lamberts, University of Florida
Leadership and Administration Award

Leadership and Administration Award

1980 George Bradley, University of Arkansas

1981 Not presented

1982 Not presented

1983 Neville P. Clarke, Texas A&M University

1984 Not presented

1985 Donald W. Newson, Louisiana State University

1986 P. Howard Massey, Jr., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

1987 A. S. Williams, University of Kentucky

1988 M. E. "Butch" Ferree, University of Georgia

1989 H. Grant Vest, Texas A&M University

1990 Not presented

1991 Will Waters, University of Florida

1992 Sam Cotner, Texas A&M University

1993 Thomas J. Monaco, North Carolina State University

1994 Not presented

1995 John W. Kelly, Clemson University

1996 Ronald L. Shumack, Auburn University

1997 Walter A. Hill, Tuskegee University

1998 Dale M. Maronek, Oklahoma State University

1999 Not presented

2000 Daniel Catliffe, University of Florida


2002 Katherine Perry, North Carolina State University

2003 Not Presented

2004 Tim Davis, Texas A&M University

2005 David Hensley, University of Arkansas

2006 Sylvia Blankenship, North Carolina State University

Paul Smeal Leadership and Administration Award

2007 Paul Smeal, Virginia Tech University, Emeritus

Krezdorn Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research and Writing Award
1975 George Ray McEachern and J. Benton Storey - The Influence of Rest on the Propagation of Pecan (Cary illinoensis Wang Kock) Stem Cuttings. Texas A&M University.

1976 G. D. Brown and James N. Moore - The Inheritance of Fruit Dehiscence in Strawberries. University of Arkansas.

1977 J. R. Ballington and G. J. Galletta - Potential Fertility Levels in Four Diploid Vaccinium species. North Carolina State University.

1978 W. C. Fonteno and E. L. McWilliams - Light Compensation Points and Acclimatization of Philodendrom oxycardium, Raphidophora aurea, Brassaia actinophylla and Dracaena sanderiana. Texas A&M University.

1979 Vincent Bonaminio and Roy Larson - Influence of Potting Media, Temperature and Concentration of Ancymidor on Growth of Chrysantheum morifolium Ramat. North Carolina State University.

1980 Dennis Wollard, Teme P. Hernandez and R. J. Constantin - Linkage of More-sterility and Potato-leaf Shape and Performance of F1 Hybrids in the Tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum. Louisiana State University.

1981 Sarah Spayd and J. R. Morris - Effects of Immature Fruit and Holding on Strawberry Puree Quality and Color Stability. University of Arkansas.

1982 K. C. Gross and D. M. Pharr - A Potential Pathway for Galactose Metabilism in Cucumis sativus l., A Stachyose Transporting Species, North Carolina State University.

1983 D. L. Cawthon and J. R. Morris - Relationship of Seed Number and Maturity to Berry Development, Fruit Maturation, Hormonal Changes, and Uneven Ripening of "Concord" (Vitis labrusca L.) Grapes. University of Arkansas.

1984 G. C. J. Fernandez and J. C. Miller, Jr. - Yield Component Analysis in Five Cowpea Cultivars. Texas A&M University.

1985 Not presented.

1986 E. F. Durner, E. B. Poling and E. A. Albregts - Quantative Assessment of Floral Induction, Initiation and Differentiation, and Yielf Response of 'Douglas' Strawberry to Photoperiod and Chilling. North Carolina State University.

1987 Stuart L. Warren, Walter A. Skrock, Katharine Perry and Thomas J. Monaco - Plantation Management: Its Influence on Survival and Early Growth of Fraser Fir and Norway Spruce. North Carolina State University.

1988 Randolph M. Beaudry - Banana Ripening: Implications of Changes in Internal Ethylene and CO2 Concentrations, Pulp Fructose, 2,6-Biphosphate Concentation and Activity of Some Glycolytic Enzymes. University of Georgia.

1989 Ni Lee - In Vitro Propagation of Muscadine Grape, Vitis rountundifolia by Axillary Bud Culture. University of Georgia.

1990 David Wolff, Wanda W. Collins and Thomas J. Monaco - Inheritance of Tolerance to the Herbicide Bentazon in Peppers (Capsicum annuum L.). North Carolina State University.

1991 Natalie L. Hubbard, D. M. Pharr and S. C. Huber - Sucrose Phosphate Synthase and Acid Invertase as Determinants of Sucrose Concentration in Developing Muskmelor (Cucurmis melo L.) Fruits. North Carolina State University.

1992 Robyn McConchie - Physiological Studies on Postharvest Leaf Blackening in Cut Flower Protea species. Louisiana State University.

1993 Johan M. H. Stoop - Effect of Different Carbon Sources on Relative Growth Rate, Internal Carbohydrates, and Mannitol 1-Oxidoreductase in Celery Suspension Cultures. North Carolina State University.

1994 Roger L. Vallejo, Wanda W. Collins and Robert H. Moll - Inheritance of A and B Glandular Trichome Density and Polyphenol Oxidase Activity in Diploid Potatoes. North Carolina State University.

1995 Paul C. St. Amand and Todd Wehner - Greenhouse, Detached-leaf and Field Testing Methods to Determine Cucumber Resistance to Gummy Stem Blight. North Carolina State University.

1996 Kittipat Ukoskit and Paul Thompson - Autoploidy Versus Allopolyploidy and Low-density Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Lindage Maps of Sweetpotato. Mississippi State University.

1997 Not presented

1998 Dean A. Kopsell and William M. Randle - Selenium Affects S-alk(en)yl Cysteine Sulfoxides Among Short-day Onion Cultivars. University of Georgia.

1999 Dean A. Kopsell, - Selenium Affects S-alk)en)yl Cysteine Sulfoxides Among Short-day Onion Cultivars, University of Georgia.

2000 Suguru Sato, Physiological Factors Limit Fruit Set of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum, Mill.) Under Chronic, Mild Heat Stress, North Carolina State University.


2002 Not Presented

2003 Paul Mangum-Incongruity in Advanced Backcross and Selfed Generations of (Allium cepa L.xAlliumfistolium L.)xA. cepa Interspecific Hybrids", Midland College.

2004 Not Presented

2005 F. Todd Lasseigne, North Carolina State University.

2006 Eric T. Stafne, Oklahoma State University.

2007 Richard Olsen, University of Florida.

Graduate Student Oral Paper Competition Award
J. C. Miller Graduate Student Paper Award

1963 Travis Hernandez, Louisiana State University

1964 C. A. Conover, University of Florida

1965 George R. Stritikus, Auburn University

1966 W. C. Wilson, University of Florida

1967 Ronnie Robbins, Louisiana State University

1968 R. Gordon Halfacre, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Miller Award Discontinued in 1968.

W. S. Anderson Graduate Student Paper Award

1970 Elvin D. Brown, University of Arkansas

1971 James W. Painter, Clemson University

1972 William L. Summers, University of Maryland

1973 Joseph P. Youngbolld, Auburn University

1974 Paul G. Thompson, University of Arkansas

1975 Miss Fee C. Almira, Auburn University

1977 D. L. Cawthon, University of Arkansas

1978 Keith W. Zary, Texas A&M University

1979 D. W. Walker, Texas A&M University

1980 Miss Suzanne Barker, Clemson University

1981 D. G. Smallwood, Texas A&M University

1982 Richard C. Forbess, University of Arkansas

1983 G. C. J. Fernandez, Texas A&M University

1984 D. Joseph Eakes, Auburn University

1985 J. D. Williams, Auburn University

1986 Otto Oswald, University of Arkansas

1987 Ricardo Lardizabal, Mississippi State University

1988 Donald J. Merhaut, University of Georgia

1989 John C. Beaulieu, Lincoln University

1990 Mark A. Hubbard, Clemson University

1991 Jodie Benson, Clemson University

1992 Gary Bachman, Clemson University
Norman F. Childers Graduate Student Paper Award

1993 1st Daniel Warnock, University of Georgia

2nd Monte L. Nesbitt, Texas A&M University

3rd Patricia R. Knight, Auburn University

1994 1st Patricia R. Knight, Auburn University

2nd T. J. Bass, Auburn University

3rd Donglong Liu, Mississippi State University

1995 1st T. S. Kentz, Auburn University

2nd J'Lynn Howell, Mississippi State University

3rd M. C. Scott, University of Tennessee

1996 Ice storm prevented attendance

1997 1st Roland S. Roark, Auburn University

2nd Mark J. Arena, University of Tennessee

3rd Beth Clendened, Auburn University

1998 1st Clydette Alsup, Oklahoma State University

2nd Dawn Parish, Stephen F. Austin State University

3rd Bryan S. Wilkins, Auburn University

1999 1st Ashley Applegarth, Texas Tech University

2nd James E. Altland, Auburn University

3rd Heather Wallace, Louisiana State University

2000 1st Terry Bonney, Kentucky State University

2nd Tina Wilson, University of Kentucky

2001 1st



2002 1st Tim Coolong, Virginai Tech

2nd Sadie Puglisi, Virginia Tech

3rd Tye Harbuck, Auburn University


Up to this date, there was only one graduate student competition for Master and PhD students.

Starting in 2003, the competition was split into separate Masters, Ph.D. and Poster competitions.

Norman F. Childers M.S. Graduate Student Paper Award
2002 1st



2003 1st J. Lena Horst Warren, University of Tennessee

2nd Heather D. Toler, University of Tennessee

3rd Sarah White, Virginia Tech University

2004 1st Scott E. Renfro, University of Arkansas

2nd Brian A. Krug, North Carolina State University

3rd Ndambe Nzaramba, Texas A&M University

2005 1st Amanda Broome, Texas Tech University

2nd Peter Dittmar, North Carolina State University

3rd Jose Emilio Villarreal, Texas A&M University

2006 1st Ryan Contreras, North Carolina State University

2nd Connie Johnson, Auburn University

3rd Peter Dittmar, North Carolina State University

2007 1st Peter Dittmar, North Carolina State University

2nd lexis Alvey, Virginia Tech University

3rd ulie Guckenberger, Auburn University

Warren S. Barham Ph.D. Graduate Student Paper Award
2002 1st



2003 1st Danielle Treadwell, North Carolina State University

2nd Stephanie G. Harvey, University of Tennessee

3rd Jeffrey A. Adkins, North Carolina State University

2004 1st B.E. Trader, Virginia Tech University

2nd Gu Memgmeng, University of Arkansas

3rd Igino Teolis, Texas Tech University

2005 1st Richard T. Olsen, North Carolina State University

2nd Lavanya Reddivari, Texas A&M University

3rd Eric T. Stafne, University of Arkansas

2006 1st Malkeet Padda, Louisiana State University

2nd Jim Cervantes-Flores, North Carolina State University

3rd Christine Worthington, University of Florida

2007 1st Cheryl Boyer, Auburn University

2nd Jennifer Waters, Texas A&M University

3rd D.W. Miano, Louisiana State University

National Cow Pea Improvement Association Graduate Student Poster Award
2002 1st Tim W. Coolong, University of Georgia

2003 1st P.J. Stewart, University of Arkansas

2004 1st Brian A. Krug, North Carolina State University

2005 1st Ndambe Nzaramba, Texas A&M University

2006 1st

2007 1st Cheryl Boyer, Auburn University

Joseph B. Edmond Undergraduate Student Oral Paper Competition Award
1959 Thomas E. McCreight, Auburn University

1960 David Byers, Auburn University

1961 Wayne Jordan, Louisiana State University

1962 Calvin Carmier, Louisiana State University

1963 Maurice Reed, Mississippi State University

1964 Ronnie Robbins, Clemson University

1965 Douglas Dorough, Auburn University

1966 Mary Delchamps, Auburn University

1967 1st James D. Gilbert, North Carolina State University

2nd Jimmy Augustine, Louisiana State University

3rd John Gugion, University of Georgia

1968 1st Paul Hammer, North Carolina State University

2nd James Fegenbush, University of Kentucky

3rd Claude Thompson, Jr., Mississippi State University

1969 1st Donald Hyatt, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

2nd William G. Lee, University of Tennessee

3rd Ralph Null, Mississippi State University

1970 1st Duane Crane, North Carolina State University

2nd Ronnie J. Shaw, Texas A&M University

3rd Earl McCoy, Louisiana State University

1971 1st Cristy Elkins, North Carolina State University

2nd John Floyd, Auburn University

3rd Edward Slivia, University of Georgia

1972 1st Terril A. Nell, Auburn University

2nd Ralph Upton, University of Tennessee

3rd Dennis E. Dayton, North Carolina State University

1973 1st Thomas G. Stama, Auburn University

2nd Robert R. Hampton, Mississippi State University

3rd Ronald H. Lockerman, University of Georgia

1974 1st Phil H. Reynolds, Clemson University

2nd Douglas R. Currier, Texas A&M University

3rd Dana Goode, University of Arkansas

1975 1st Janette Hruska, Texas A&M University

2nd Andrew L. Brown, North Carolina State University

3rd David Griffin, University of Arkansas

1976 1st K. Stamm, Delaware Valley State College

2nd Cary Brown, Auburn University

3rd David Griffin, University of Arkansas

1977 1st Roger Freeman, Texas A&M University

2nd Carolyn Hardy, University of Arkansas

3rd Kenneth Torres, Mississippi State University

1978 1st Keith Striegler, University of Arkansas

2nd Roseann Bowers, Texas A&M University

3rd Cythia Bailey, North Carolina State University

1979 1st Kathy Parker, University of Arkansas

2nd Kaylan Adams, University of Arkansas

3rd Gordon Askew, University of Arkansas

1980 1st Wanda Gore, University of Arkansas

2nd Karen Ringhoffer, Texas A&M University

3rd Phillip McKnight, University of Arkansas

1982 1st Carol Mangum, University of Maryland

2nd Eugene Moore, Tuskegee Institute

3rd Juanita Popenoe, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

1983 1st Robin Daughtrey, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

2nd Carol Warriner, Oklahoma State University

3rd Warren McClam, Clemson University

1984 1st R. Hopkinson, Tuskegee Institute

2nd Victor Verlage, Texas A&M University

3rd Tina Burdette, Clemson University

1985 1st Laura Magers, Texas A&M University

2nd T. G. Boucounis, Clemson University

3rd Kathryn C. Shelby, Texas A&M University

1986 1st Sanda Hardy, Auburn University

2nd Becky Coffman, Oklahoma State University

3rd Lynda Lee Pierce, Texas A&M University

1987 1st Diana D. Hassell, Clemson University

2nd Charles Graham, Texas A&M University

3rd Leah Willis, Oklahoma State University

1988 1st Regina Melton, Clemson University

2nd Marian Eddy, Texas A&M University

3rd Daniel Brillinger, Texas A&M University

1989 1st Susan Nine, Oklahoma State University

2nd Edwin Martinez, Tuskegee University

3rd Marion Bledsoe, Clemson University

1990 1st Deborah M. Shuping, Clemson University

2nd Renea Jones, North Carolina State University

3rd Gwendolyn Hartley, University of Kentucky

1991 1st Paige Hamming, Tuskegee University

2nd Tanya Small, Tuskegee University

3rd Bernadette McKelly, Tuskegee University

1992 1st Patricia Knight, Auburn University

2nd Michael Hatchell, Clemson University

3rd Stephanie Rademan, Lincoln University

1993 1st Leslie Oehlke, Texas A&M University

2nd Frederick Bachman, Jr., Mississippi State University

1994 1st Frank Buffone, Louisiana State University

2nd Nancy J. Zimmerman, Mississippi State University

3rd Mike Bartholomew, North Carolina State University

1995 1st C. C. Montgomery, Auburn University

2nd C. C. Davidson, Auburn University

3rd R. Dudley Williams, Mississippi State University

1996 1st Rachael Emrick, Stephen F. Austin State University

1997 1st Christine K. Palmer, Auburn University

2nd Amanda R. Travis, Clemson University

3rd Carol Moorhead, Texas Tech University

1998 1st Misty J. Moore, University of Arkansas

2nd Peter J. Mes, Texas A&M University

3rd Ashley R. Basinger, Texas Tech University

1999 1st Monica Mullis, Clemson University

2nd Nick J. Baker, Oklahoma State University

3rd Becki Harris, Louisiana State University

2000 1st Geoffrey Denny, Texas A&M University

2nd Melissa Neal, Texas Tech University

3rd Chrislyn Drake, University of Arkansas

2001 1st



2002 1st Tyann Blessington, Texas A&M University

2nd Christopher L. Weisinger, Texas A&M University

3rd Katherine A. Ellingson, Clemson University

2003 1st J. McAfee, University of Arkansas

2nd Paul Mumma, Louisiana Ag. Center

3rd Adam Newby, Auburn University

2004 1st Ellen Thompson, University of Arkansas

2nd John-Paul Kidd, University of Arkansas

3rd Jennifer Yarbrough, North Carolina State University

2005 1st Renee Keydoszius, Clemson University

2nd Hallie Dodson, University of Arkansas

3rd Ed Pipin, Louisiana State University

2006 1st Kimberly Dennis, University of Arkansas

2nd Monica Haddix, North Carolina A&T State University

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