Available Phosphorus and Auspig

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Available Phosphorus and Auspig

1. The problem of Auspig and Available Phosphorus
Auspig version 4.2 and later no longer requires the content of Available Phosphorus (APHOS) in diets. Instead, a combination of Available Phosphorus, non-phytate (APHOSNPNY) and Phosphurus – Phytate (PHOPHYTATE) are used to calculate available Phosphorus.
Consequently, Auspig ingredient data was distributed for a period with zero values for APHOS. However, this will cause Diet Specifications with minimum levels of Available Phosphorus to fail to formulate, since no Ingredients contain Available Phosphorus.

  1. The solution

    1. Importing an updated Auspig Feeds database

By importing an updated Auspig Feeds database into Feedmania, the value for Available Phosphorus will be replaced by the amount in the imported file. To operate this function, select the Ingredients tab, and click the Import Button.

Next enter the file name (or search using the Browse button) and click “Read Transfer File”.

Finally, you can view the list of nutrients and ingredients, and click “Save Ingredients and Nutrients selected” to proceed with the update. See below.

    1. Using Feedmania to automatically calculate APHOS.

A function in Feedmania can be used to automatically calculate APHOS. This is available under the Special menu:

The following window will appear:

You may accept the default values, or you may reduce the available phosphorus by the factor entered in the “Phytase efficiency factor” field. Click Proceed to update the values.
The formula used is:
APHOS = APHOSNPHY + (PHOPHYTATE * Phytase Efficiency Factor)

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