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ASQ Section 1408 Oklahoma City
Quality Newsletter

December 2012

Happy Holidays

Inside This Edition

It’s time to enjoy the Holiday Season….. please join us for a great evening of Quality Food, Atmosphere and Friendship!

We enthusiastically invite all of our members to join us for a most

enjoyable and delicious time for our Holiday Dinner at

Cattleman’s Steak House in OKC Stockyard on Dec. 19th.

RSVP instructions and Dinner costs provided on the following page.
Message From The Chair

Happy Holidays Section 1408,

Have you made your Holiday Dinner Meeting Reservation at Cattleman’s Steak House at the OKC Stockyards, Wednesday, December 19th @ 6:30pm?

RSVP by this Friday, Dec 14th with the total number of people in your party to

Membership and Guests Dinner Fees

- Members; Meal (plus tea/soda/coffee) Free

- 1 Guest Meal; $20 (~1/2 price)

- 2 or more Guests Meals; Full Price

- All 2012 Speakers invited to attend; Meal Free 

- All alcoholic drinks paid by the member/guest
I’m also pleased to announce that Mr. Jeff Magan has accepted the position of Treasurer.

Thank You Jeff for stepping up to provide a major contribution to our Section.

We still have a number of open Board Member positions due to members moving out of state. The open positions are:

Programs Chair

Education Chair

Publicity Chair

Continuing Education Units Coordinator

Database Access Coordinator

Examining Chair


Please contact the Chair or Vice Chair if you are interested in joining our team and contributing to your Section Board.

Yours In Quality,

Mark Reid

STEM: Science-Technology-Engineering-Math

We were pleased to have Glenn Gee and Fred Khavari representing ASQ 1408 at the Robotics Day at GCTC in Shawnee:
On Thursday, November 8, 2012, 450+ middle school students from 23 school districts came to Gordon Cooper Technology Center to take part in STEM Day, formerly called Engineering Day. Each student participated in 2 of 18 different STEM workshops relating to various career opportunities in STEM fields. The workshops were led by STEM professionals from area industries. We are very grateful to all of the engineers, scientists, and health care professionals who graciously volunteered their time and expertise to the students in our region. The teachers that accompanied their students were given the opportunity to participate in the workshops as well and collaborate with the STEM professionals and other teachers from around our region. On behalf of Gordon Cooper Technology Center, I would like to thank all the teachers who brought their students to this important day. All the students were very well-behaved and engaged in the workshops. I look forward to seeing many of you and your students again as future STEM opportunities arise.

Engineering Resources for All Grade Levels

And all Subjects!

The above link will take you straight to the lesson search page. The engineering lessons are arranged by age and all come with a pdf file to download. The STEM active-ties are not limited to use in math or science classes, but can easily be used in social studies, art, English, and other subject areas. Please share this link with others in your building that would like to incorporate more STEM activities in their lessons.

For example, suggest to your social studies teacher the lesson on Assembly Lines:
Students will design a toy “color brick” and determine how to mass produce them by creating the most efficient assembly line possible. This study of assembly lines effectively demonstrates the engineering design process in real-world problem-solving industry settings. All in all, a great re-source!

The Teaching Channel

Every opportunity I have to speak to teachers, I always includes something from the Teaching Channel. If you haven’t had a chance to explore this site, please take time during the holidays to do so. I mention this because I just finished viewing a 14 minute video titled “Barbie Bungee Jump” and was absolutely amazed!
I then thought, “How can I get my hands on a class set of Barbies?” With children of my own, it seems every year after Christmas, we have a surplus of toys that they have outgrown. If this is the case at your house as well, before tossing them in a box for a future garage sale, see if there is anything that might be used in an engineering lesson!
NSTA has two books in their Science Store that might be useful, “Teaching Physics With Toys” by Taylor, Poth and Portman and “Teaching Chemistry With Toys” by Sarquis, Sarquis and Williams. Not to mention the multitude of ideas that are available from a simple Google search. Using toys to teach STEM concepts provides opportunities for student engagement and, to quote Mr. Roda in the teaching channel video, “brings the math to life.”

Section Members Articles, Feedback, & Thoughts

What Do you Want To See

What are your interests and what information is worth your time to review in this breakout of the newsletter?

Email your suggestions to

What are your thoughts?

What type of articles are you interested in?

What feedback do you want to share?


Did you know that ASQ has monthly member gifts?

During the month of October you will have unlimited access to an exclusive three-part webcast series taking a closer look at the highly recognized team-based improvement project approach—The Team Excellence Framework! Learn how the Team Excellence Framework can help any organization, whether it is new to or experienced in team-based improvement. You will also find an added bonus and resources to help you put these ideas into action!

The webcast series includes:

  • The Team Excellence Framework (43 minutes)

  • How to Implement Team-based Improvement

(28 minutes)

  • How to Improve Your Current Team-based Efforts (40 minutes)


Next Certification Exams will be: March 2, 2013


New Location


840 Research Parkway

1st Floor Training Room

Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Door will open at approximately 7:30 a.m.

Proctor is Nita Sudderth, phone # 405-410-1884

For application information please visit




March 2, 2013

January 11, 2013

January 16, 2013

June 1, 2013

April 12, 2013

August 21, 2013

October 5, 2013

August 16, 2013

August 21, 2013

March Certifications:

Biomedical Auditor, HACCP Auditor, Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, Master Black Belt, Quality Inspector, Quality Technician, Reliability Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt

June Certifications:

Calibration Technician, Pharmaceutical GMP Professional, Quality Auditor, Quality Engineer, Quality Improvement Associate, Quality Process Analyst, Six Sigma Green Belt, Software Quality Engineer

October Certifications:

Biomedical Auditor, HACCP Auditor, Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, Quality Inspector, Quality Technician, Reliability Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt

Board Members

Section Chair

Mr. Mark Reid

Section Vice Chair

Mr. Fred Khavari


Ms. Rose Sutliffe


Mr. Jeff Magan

Audit Chair

Mr. Stormy Sims

Membership Chair

Ms. Delphia Hawkins

Nominating Chair

Dr. Bob Curley

Programs Chair


Certifications Chair

Ms. Nita Sudderth

Recertification Chair

Ms. Rhonda Woolson

Section Management Process (SMP) Chair

Mr. Ralph Snyder

Newsletter Editor

Rodney Thompson

Social Responsibility Chair

Delphia Hawkins

Internet Chair

Ms. Jesse Edwards

Education Chair


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