Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Medical Services Office of Long Term Care Mail Slot S409

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Arkansas Department of Human Services

Division of Medical Services

Office of Long Term Care Mail Slot S409

P.O. Box 8059

Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-8059

Telephone (501) 682-8487 TDD (501) 682-6789 Fax (501) 682-6955


TO:  Nursing Facilities;  ICFs/MR 16 Bed & Over;  HDCs;

 ICFs/MR Under 16 Beds;  RCFs;  Adult Day Cares;

 Interested Parties;  DHS County Offices
FROM: Carol Shockley, Director, Office of Long Term Care
DATE: September 9, 2004
RE: OLTC Contact Persons and Telephone Numbers

The Office of Long Term Care (OLTC) is located on the fourth floor of the New Donaghey South Plaza at 700 Main Street in Little Rock.
In addressing correspondence to OLTC, please use the address listed below. The Slot Number can be identified from the listing of contact personnel.
OLTC Mail Slot______

PO Box 8059

Little Rock AR 72203-8059
Please send any checks for payment of licensure renewal fees, patient trust funds, annuals, etc., to the following address (unless otherwise instructed):
Department of Human Services

Office of Fiscal Management Mail Slot WG2

PO Box 8181

Little Rock AR 72203-8181

Make checks payable to the Department of Human Services.

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To ensure prompt and efficient response to your inquiries, we are providing a revised list of programs and contact personnel with OLTC. Please share this information with your staff who routinely contact our office. We recommend that one copy of this memo be filed in your numbered memoranda file and that at least one copy be posted.
If you need this material in alternative format such as large print, please contact our Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator at 501-682-8317 (voice) or 501-682-6789 (TDD).


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Alphabetical Listing of Program Contacts, Phone Numbers and Mail Slots

Alzheimer’s Special Care Units

Sherri Proffer 682-8471 S408


Nursing Facilities & ICF/MRs Nadine Haley 682-9862 S407

Andrea Murdock 682-8320 S407

Residential Care Facilities & Sherri Proffer 682-8471 S408

Adult Day Care Facilities Sue Hale 682-6970 S408

Continuing Education Units Approval

Jean Adams 682-1873 S402

Criminal Records Check

Tommy Wingard 682-6117 S405

Rhonda Hetland 682-6285 S405
Director’s Office

Carol Shockley 682-8486 S409

Brenda Styles 682-8486 S409

Employment Clearance Registry

Automated System 682-8484 S405

Elder Choices Medical Determination

Cindy Smith 682-8428 S406

Family Contacts/Social Worker

Nadine Haley 682-9862 S407

Andrea Murdock 682-8320 S407

Freedom of Information Requests

Stormy Smith 682-8466 S409

Level of Care & Review Dates

Shirley Flynn 682-6973 S406


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Administrators Jean Adams 682-1873 S402

Connie Harrison 682-6291 S402
Nursing Facilities, ICF/MRs Sophie Fraser 682-8424 S404
RCFs, ALFs, Adult Day Care Sue Hale 682-6970 S408

Sherri Proffer 682-8471 S408


Automation & Electronic Submission Katie Dinwiddie 682-8463 S407

Training & Questions Sue Gaines 682-8853 S404

Cell phone 837-8159

Diane Riley 682-9861 S407
Medical Necessity Denials & Appeals
Dorothy Ukegbu 682-8481 S406

Pam Leal 682-7947 S406

Nursing Assistant Certification, Training

Program & Reimbursement

Whitney Moore 682-1807 S405

Nursing Assistant Training, Technical

Assistance and Program Approvals

Renee Davison 682-6172 S405

Nursing Facility Admission Applications

Shirley Flynn 682-6973 S406

Nursing Facility Cost Reports

Lynn Burton 682-1875 S416

Nursing Facility Minimum Staffing Report

Carolyn Smart 682-6969 S404

Pre-Admission Screening/Resident Reviews

Dorothy Ukegbu 682-8481 S406

Pam Leal 682-7947 S406

Provider Reimbursement

Sandra Smith 682-8479 S416

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Frank GoBell 682-6298 S409

Resident Abuse/Neglect Determination

Nancy Spaulding 682-8566 S404

Resident Assessment/MDS Assessment

Sue Gaines 682-8853 S404

Cell Phone 837-8159

Residential Care/Assisted Living Program Operations

Sue Hale 682-6970 S408

Sherri Proffer 682-8471 S408

State Regulations for Nursing Home

Carolyn Smart 682-6969 S404

Survey & Certification Field Operations

Judy Johnston 682-8419 S404 Rose Tabor 682-9653 S404

Survey & Certification Reviewers

Sandra Broughton 682-2164 S404

Vicki Hinkson 682-6309 S404 Lori Hobbs 682-6522 S404

Jill Madden 682-6290 S404 Cindy Scoggins 682-6527 S404

Most staff can be reached by e-mail using the following address (no spaces):

"The Department of Human Services is in compliance with Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act."

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