ARea port of houston-galveston

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ARea port of houston-galveston



March 26, 2009


HOU SEA 09-01


Leslie Luczkowski, Assistant Port Director, Trade Operations, Houston


SUBJECT: Contact Information for the Houston/Galveston Seaport

On October 2, 2007, Public Information Notice 08-001 was issued regarding the realignment of the Area Port of Houston into two separate ports: the Service Port of Houston (Airport) and the Area Port of Houston/Galveston (Seaport). Effective immediately, the following contact information should be utilized for the Area Port of Houston/Galveston Seaport:

Area Port of Houston/Galveston (Seaport)
Mailing Address 7141 Office City Drive, Houston, TX 77087

Title Name Phone Fax
Area Port Director Michael J. Sinclair 713-454-8002 713-454-8065
Asst. Port Director, Passenger Gregory Vawter 713-454-8002 713-454-8065

Asst. Port Director Homer Chaney 713-454-8002 713-454-8065

Asst. Port Director, Trade Leslie Luczkowski 713-454-8002 713-454-8065
Chief, Tactical Terence Hudson 281-932-4101 713-454-8065

Chief Trade Division Scott Stanchfield 713-454-8016 713-454-8065

Chief Agriculture Division David K. Burgason 281-867-0981 281-470-8150

For questions concerning:
Container status and penalties 713-454-8002 713-454-8065

Radiation Portal Monitors 281-842-1515 281-842-1553

VACIS Exams 281-842-9405 281-842-1553

Advanced Passenger Information System 713-454-8019 713-454-8065

713-454-8020 713-454-8065

Cruise Ship Inspections 713-454-8002 713-454-8065

Private Aircraft Arrivals 713-454-8002 713-454-8065

Sugarland Regional Airport 281-277-1453 281-277-3007

Vessel Arrivals 713-454-8002 713-454-8065

Car Titles 713-454-8090 713-454-8065

Customs Central Examination Stations WTD 713-672-6866 713-672-7320

Gulf Winds 281-867-0425 281-470-8150

Vessel Entrance and Clearance 713-454-8002 713-454-8065

Agriculture Cargo Ops Desk 281-470-5285 281-470-0195
CBP- Galveston: Annie Jackson 409-766-3581 409-766-3582

CBP- Freeport: Al Kirschner 979-233-3004 979-233-8661

CBP- Port Arthur: Juan Quinones 409-727-2895 409-724-6360

CBP- Corpus Christi: Port Director Edith Clarke 361-888-3352 361-888-3358

Michael J. Sinclair

Area Port Director

Houston/Galveston Seaport

DISCLAIMER: This material is intended to provide guidance. Recognizing that many complicated factors are involved in Customs and Border Protection matters, an importer may wish to obtain a binding ruling under 19 CFR Part 177. Reliance solely on this information may not be considered reasonable care. Importers are referred to Treasury Decision 97-96, which was published in the Federal Register of December 4, 1997, and in the Customs Bulletin of December 17, 1997, for in-depth information on the concept of reasonable care.

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