April 25, 1846- the Mexican-American War began when Mexican troops crossed north of the Rio Grande River and opened fire on U. S. troops at Fort Texas

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  • April 25, 1846- The Mexican-American War began when Mexican troops crossed north of the Rio Grande River and opened fire on U.S. troops at Fort Texas.

  • May 8, 1846- Battle of Palo Alto- this was the first official battle of the war. After Mexican troops retreated, Taylor declared his army victorious.

  • May 9, 1846- Battle at Resaca de la Palma- the next day Taylor’s troops followed Mexico’s retreating men to Resaca de la Palma (resaca is the Spanish term for a dry riverbed) and were victorious again.(1)

  • May 13, 1846- Congress officially declared war on Mexico.

  • May 18, 1946- General Taylor and troops occupy Matamoros. A few days prior, Mexican troops had left Matamoros quietly and retreated to Monterey.

  • Summer 1846- Thousands of American volunteers were authorized by Congress for twelve-month military service and arrived in the lower Rio Grande Valley shortly thereafter.

  • July 7, 1846- Battle of Monterey- General Taylor’s army followed the Mexican troops to Monterey and fought to take control of this city. “The fighting was fierce. In the end, it came down to hand-to-hand combat in the city streets. But again, the American army was victorious.”(2)

  • August 14, 1846- U.S. Colonel Stephen Watts Kearney, whose first mission was to occupy New Mexico, rode with troops into its capital, Sante Fé, and finding it deserted, easily took possession.(3)

  • August-September 1846- Many U.S. volunteers assembled under General John E. Wool, who led them to go join General Taylor and his troops.

  • Feb 22-3, 1847- Battle at Buena Vista- Generals Taylor and Wool and their troops were largely outnumbered when they met General Santa Anna and troops near Buena Vista. Yet, they still claimed the victory.

  • March 1847- General Winfield Scott’s “Army of Invasion” landed at Vera Cruz on way to seize the capitol- Mexico City.

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