Applied statistics

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MATH 262-01


Fall ‘11

Schedule# 82589
Instructor: Chris Freiling

Office: JB335

Phone: (909) 537-5366


Hours: TTh 7-7:50am, 1:30-2:00 pm, 3:40-4:00 pm

Lecture: TTh 8-9:40 JB254

Text: Fundamentals of Statistics by Michael Sullivan III (3rd ed.)

Coverage: Chapters 1-12
Homework: Homework will be assigned each day and collected every Tuesday. The homework will be graded by a student grader. There will be three selected problems that will be graded in detail. These are worth 5 points each for a total of 15 points. Up to 10 additional points can be earned for completeness. This gives each homework assignment a maximum of 25 points. Your lowest two homework scores will be dropped.
Quizzes: There will be a quiz every two or three weeks, starting with the second week of the course. Most of the problems will be multiple choice, but you must show all of the necessary work for each problem. Your lowest quiz score will be dropped.
Late Policy: Late homework will not be accepted. You may be late or absent for one quiz, but you must make it up within a week during office hours.
Final Exam: The final exam will be on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at the usual time and place. It will cover material from the entire quarter.
Grades: Grades will be weighted 20% homework, 50% quizzes, and 30% final exam. The final grades will be assigned according to the following scale:
A 90-100 B- 75-79 D+ 58-62

A- 87-90 C+ 71-75 D 53-58

B+ 83-87 C 66-71 D- 50-53

B 79-83 C- 62-65 F 0-50

Disabilities: If you are in need of an accommodation for a disability in order to
participate in this class, you may contact Services to Students with
Disabilities at UH-183, (909)537-5238.

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