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Polyflo 195 fuel oil stabilizer reduces color degradation and sediment formation in middle distillate fuel oils. Its active ingredient, dimethyl-cyclohexylamine is approved for use by many oil companies and pipeline operators.
Polyflo 195 will stabilize a broad range of middle distillate fuels. It is most effective on fuels which show a medium level of treating difficulty. Its low Pour Point makes it an excellent product for use in cold weather applications.


Polyflo 195 stabilizer prevents color degradation and sediment formation. It is an effective, low-cost inhibitor for use in a broad range of middle distillate fuels.

Polyflo 195 is an approved inhibitor-stabilizer by oil companies and many cost inhibitors metal-catalyzed gum-forming reactions.

Polyflo 195 shows excellent cold weather handling properties.

Typical Properties


Sp. Gr. 15.6 0C

Pour Point, 0C

Flash Point PMCC, 0C

Viscosity @38[0C], [cSt]

: Clear pale yellow Liquid

: 0.83 – 0.88

: Below -18

: > 38

: 0.5 – 7.00

Dosage Rates

The optimum dosage rate for Polyflo 195 stabilizer can be predicted using Dorf Ketal Test Method NO. 413.
This accelerated ageing test measures the improvement in both color stability and potential sediment formation of a sample fuel as function of Polyflo 195 use level.

From test work carried out by Dorf Ketal on a broad range of distillate fuels, we would anticipate optimum dosage rates between 5 and 70 wt. ppm.

Product Availability

Polyflo 195 can be made available from DORF KETAL, Marketing cell.

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Polyflo 195 stabilizer is available in non-returnable 172 kilogram steel drums, bulk tank-trucks and in Dorf Ketal’s semi-bulk Cycle –Drum® delivery system.

Storage and Handling

Store in the original containers in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area away from all ignition sources. Open containers only immediately prior to use. Never use welding or cutting equipment on or near full or empty containers as product vapors can ignite explosively.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes and the inhalation of vapors. Do not take internally.
For further details regarding the safe storage, shipping, handling and use of this product, please refer to the current Dorf Ketal’s Safety Data Sheet.

Hazard Classification

UN 2264.

Technical Assistance

For further advice or assistance with the application and use of Polyflo 195 stabilizer and other UOP additives, please contact your local distributor, your DORF KETAL customer sales, and Service representative.

Emergency Assistance

In the event of an emergency, please telephone the DORF KETAL office.

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