Application; qualifications for licensure

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32139532-1395.  Application; qualifications for licensure

A.  An applicant for a crematory license shall submit a completed application on a form prescribed by the board.  If the applicant is a business entity, the entity shall direct a natural person who is an owner of the entity to submit its application.  The application shall be subscribed under oath, shall contain the name of the responsible cremationist and shall be accompanied by the applicable fee pursuant to section 32 1309 and any additional information that the board deems necessary.  A business entity that applies for a license pursuant to this article shall submit to the board with its application for licensure a copy of its partnership agreement, its articles of incorporation or organization or any other organizational documents required to be filed with the corporation commission.

B.  A person who applies for a license pursuant to this article, or if the applicant is a business entity, the owners, partners, officers, directors and trust beneficiaries of the entity, shall:

1.  Be of good moral character.

2.  Submit a completed fingerprint card, criminal history background information and a fingerprint background check fee to the board.

C.  The board or the board's designee shall inspect the premises of a crematory and investigate the character and other qualifications of all applicants for licensure pursuant to this article to determine whether the crematory and the applicants are in compliance with the requirements of this article and rules adopted by the board.

D.  If the board finds that the applicant meets the criteria for licensure under this article and rules adopted by the board, the board shall issue a crematory license.321395

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