Appian’s Collections

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Appian’s Collections
Empire. Empire is a collection heavy on color and bold on metallics and luster with a hint of the theatrical to create a modern statement with a retro feel.

LATTICE - a lustrous pocket-weave in a rectangular geometric, it lends an architectural presence to any space

PATIO - dramatically dimensional concentric squares with a slight pucker effect

REED - a small-scaled reed-inspired texture with a soft hand

DECO OGEE - art deco meets celtic braiding to form decorative interlocking ogees with ribbon-like luster in the background

REGAL - a deceptively unassuming stripe exuding confidence with contrasting sheen and textural dimension


JARDIN - a flowing and graceful floral with a nod to art nouveau and turn-of-the-century paris

PLUME - an arcing and elliptical geometric, expressing peacock references in an art deco style

RADIANCE - radiating circles in varying textures and scales

SPECTRUM - undulating waves transport you to samba and the taste of beachside caipirinhas

CURRENT - the rippling dimensions of this electrifying stripe elevate this pattern to a new level

IMPULSE - electricity is redefined when lurex takes on a traditional lattice pattern

MICA - a sparkling mosaic texture that awakens the eye

FROST - a traditional herringbone has been reinterpreted with dazzling movement and sizzle
Elegance. Elegance is a collection of luxurious, cross-coordinating textures and sheens evocative of tropical latitudes and asian longitudes. A softer hand creates a buzz, while fabric construction maintains Appian’s exacting standards for the hospitality industry.
JAKARTA - an expressive large-scale floral which evokes visions of the tropics

MATAHARI - subtle, climbing vines and leaves highlighted with lustrous novelty rayon yarns

SANSKRIT - a luminous, railroaded stripe packed with texture and visual interest

SATAY - quilted, coffered squares accented with tissue-picks of cotton cord

BALI - an irresistibly tactile thatch-inspired texture with color blends that are both bold and serene
DYNASTY - a terrific large-scale asian-inspired botanical with beautiful flow and rhythm

KYOTO - Japanese maple leaves transposed beautifully onto a puckered, luminous surface

PEKING - a railroaded multi-color raised chenille stripe with a hint of pucker that is both calm and sophisticated

PAGODA - mercerized cotton infuses this pattern of contrasting rayon tissue picks with the brilliance to stand above the traditional ditsy

MIKASA - a sophisticated linen basket weave with inflections of lurex

GOBI - a visually intriguing hobnail combining the richness of woven raffia with highlights of lustrous rayon in a highly durable construction

Elements. earth-friendly with a light footprint but treading deep in color and textural dimension, Elements is built for a long life cycle at 50,000 Wyzenbeek. these unique patterns and complementing coordinates provide exciting combinations for the environmentally-conscious consumer.
FLORA - flowing leaves, railroaded in a stripe effect, call to mind lush vegetation and underwater reefs

MESA - interlocking squares bring dimension to contrasting color and texture

STRATA - the backbone of the collection, this multi-color raised stripe packs a punch and can stand on its own in a variety of applications

FIRE - a high-sheen dynamo with visually palpable texture.

FOREST - variegated striping imbues sculpted leaves with a colorful grain

EARTH - a retro-infused small-scale geometric filled with a sense of purpose, this pattern provides tremendous flexibility with its combination of colors

WIND - a sinuous and radiant stripe, this pattern brings tremendous flow and light to any room

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