Appendix a form for Requesting nyiso ferc 715 Information

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Appendix A

Form for Requesting NYISO FERC 715 Information
The NYISO 2012 “Annual Transmission Planning and Evaluation Report” (FERC 715 Report) and various documents included or referenced in the report and not considered to be restricted information are available from the NYISO public web site at ( However, the Part 2 power flow base cases and Part 3 map and one-line diagrams are restricted information and are not available from the web site.
This form may be used to request restricted information contained in the NYISO 2012 FERC 715 Report. To submit a request: provide all required information, check what information is being requested, check and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement, and submit a scanned copy of your request via email to:
Requested information will normally be provided within 10 business days of receipt of the request. NYISO reserves the right to deny any request for restricted information.

  1. Requestor’s Information (required)

Requestor’s name:

Requestor’s title:

Requestor’s organization name:

Requestor’s organization address:

Requestor’s business telephone number:

Requestor’s business email address:

Description of the general activities of the requestor’s organization and the person(s) that expect to use the requested information:

  1. Intended Use of the Requested information (required)

  1. Information Requested

(To check a box electronically, double click on desired box, select Properties, and select “Checked.”)

 Part 2 Power Flow Base Cases

 Part 3 Map and One-line Diagrams

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement (must be signed by requestor and an authorized officer of the organization)

 I, the undersigned, agree to limit the copy or distribution of the information received through this request, or any portions thereof, to person(s) within my organization for their own use, and to not provide copies or distribute the information, or any portions thereof, to any other parties (persons or organizations) outside my organization, including any affiliated organizations.
By (Requestor’s signature): ___________________________________ Date: __________
By (Officer’s signature): ___________________________________ Date: __________

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