Appeal notice (O. 65 r. 10) Supreme Court of Western Australia

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83. Appeal notice (O. 65 r. 10)

Supreme Court of Western Australia

General Division


Appeal notice

Parties to the appeal



Primary court’s decision

Primary court

Case number


Date of decision

Judicial officer


Decision details

Appeal details

Notice of appeal

The appellant appeals to the Supreme Court (General Division) against the above decision.

Act that allows the appeal1


Grounds of appeal2


Notice to the respondent

If you want to take part in this appeal you must lodge a Form No. 85 under the Rules of the Supreme Court 1971 within 7 days after you are served with this notice and serve it on the appellant.

Last date for appealing

Last date:

Is an extension of time needed? Yes/No

Leave to appeal

Is leave to appeal needed? Yes/No

If yes, state the Act and section requiring leave:

Legal representation

Is the appellant legally represented in this appeal? Yes/No3

Is the appellant applying for legal aid? Yes/No

Appellant’s details

Appellant’s geographical address3

Appellant’s service details3

Signature and date

Signature of appellant or lawyer

Appellant/Appellant’s lawyer


Notes to Form No. 83 —

1. State the short title of the Act under which the appeal is being made.

2. Set out the grounds in numbered paragraphs.

3. Must be in accordance with Order 71A.

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