Aomori Project: Of Landscapes Remembered By Sioned Huws

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Aomori Project: Of Landscapes Remembered

By Sioned Huws

A contemporary dance performance: Showing the ongoing work drawing on the memory and influence of environment, the everyday in her dance piece, mutually shared with dance, song and sounds arising from arctic conditions of Northern Japan.
‘Ao – blue or green, ‘mori’ – forest

Aomori – place of blue, green forests

Aomori is a prefecture of Japan in the region of Tsugaru, at the Northern most tip of Honshu Island, with short summers and long snowy winters, forests of blue, green, mountains of soft linear impressions, seas of a deep navy blue enliven feelings with colour in autumn. In winter, the repetitive silent snow fall arrives, a landscape transformed; the heart beat slows down, the body is overwhelmed by a desire to rest, to lay horizontally in this blanket of white. A desire to be resisted, to move and be moved. The sounds, songs and dances of Tsugaru personify these landscapes.
Concept and Choreography : Sioned Huws

Performed by Yoshiya Ishikawa (Tsugaru-teodori dancer &co-choreographer)

Hasegawa Sangen-kai, Yuji Hasegawa, Yuso Megumi, Yushin Megumi (Tsugaru-shamisen) Kiyoko Goto (Tsugaru-minyo singer) Sioned Huws(dancer) Reina Kimura (dancer & co-choreographer) and guest performers, from Cardiff and Greenwich, London. Lighting design:Mike Brookes
Supported by The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, Chapter, Greenwich Dance, Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Assembly Government, The Saison Foundation, ARTizan, Aomori Contemporary Arts Centre, Wales Arts International, Japan Foundation, The National Lottery of Wales, Morishita Studios (Tokyo), EU Japan Fest, Jerwood Space, Dawns i Bawb, Oriel Mostyn, Galeri Caernarfon.

Performances at:

Chapter, Cardiff Greenwich Dance, London Galeri, Caernarfon

Friday 8th + Saturday 9th April, 8pm Friday 15th April, 7.45pm Thursday 21st April 8pm

£10/£8/£6 Saturday 16th April, 3.30pm £5

029 2030 4400 £10/£8/£6 01286 685222 0208 293 9741

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