Annex c schedule 509 144 Access Calls to the bt system

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144 Access Calls to the BT System

(Operator required to provide full CLI)
1. Definitions
1.1 In this Schedule a reference to a paragraph or Appendix is to a paragraph or Appendix of this Schedule. Words and expressions shall have the meaning given in Annex D, except as shown below:
144 Access Call” a Call made by a Calling Party on a Network Termination Point connected directly to the Operator System; switched by one or more Operator Exchanges before being handed over to the BT System to access the BT CHARGECARD™ platforms by using the code 144.

2. Description of Service
2.1 Subject to the provisions of this Schedule, the Operator shall convey and hand over to the BT System a 144 Access Call.
2.2 144 Access Calls shall be included in the Traffic Forecast in accordance with Annex A. Prior to commencement of service under para 5.1, BT will provide estimates of BT Customer Calls to the BT CHARGECARD™ platform as a percentage of total BT Customer Calls, if requested by the Operator in writing.
2.3 The Parties shall agree in advance all necessary technical requirements, including Call set-up and clear down sequences for the conveyance of Calls pursuant to this Schedule including unsuccessful 144 Access Calls.
2.4 Each Party shall correct faults which occur in its System which affect the conveyance of 144 Access Calls in accordance with such Party’s normal engineering practices. For the avoidance of doubt, neither Party warrants that its System is, or will be, free from faults.
2.5 If BT hands back any 144 Access Call to the Operator System for onward conveyance by the Operator, the Operator shall not have an obligation to convey such a Call unless the Parties have agreed pursuant to another Schedule to convey such a Call from the BT System to the relevant destination.
2.6 The Operator System shall generate and convey full CLI as requested by the BT System for each 144 Access Call. Additionally the Operator shall provide
2.6.1 Advance notice of all new number ranges allocated to the Operator, including any rearrangements;
2.6.2 A complete list of the Operator’s node identifiers to enable trace back of unidentified CLI;
2.6.3 A contact, available during normal office hours, who will resolve CLI anomalies.
3. Routing
3.1 The Operator shall convey 144 Access Calls in accordance with the routing principles specified in Annex A and Appendix 509.1.
3.2 If the Operator System hands over 144 Access Calls to the BT System, it shall only do so using the digits 144.
4. Charging
4.1 For the conveyance of each 144 Access Call BT shall pay the Operator a charge calculated in accordance with the rate specified from time to time in the Carrier Price List.
4.2 On receipt of the full CLI at the BT CHARGECARD™ platform, the BT System shall immediately return to the Operator System an Address Complete Message immediately followed by an Answer Signal. The Answer Signal shall be in a no charge form.
4.3 For the avoidance of doubt BT may return the following tones:


Number Unobtainable; or

Equipment Engaged;

or messages limited to direct replacement for those tones provided that any message contains no form of information identifying BT without first sending an Answer Signal. Before sending any other form of message BT shall return to the Operator an Address Complete Message and an Answer Signal.
4.4 The charge payable for each 144 Access Call under this Schedule is in addition to any charge payable under any other Schedule.
5. Commencement
5.1 The Operator shall convey and hand over 144 Access Calls to the BT System commencing on a date to be agreed in writing by the Parties.

(a) The Operator shall hand over 144 Access Calls to the BT System at a BT DMSU Switch Connection which is as near as practicable to the Operator Local Exchange at which the Call was initially switched, using routes established for the conveyance of egress calls to BT DMSUs.
(b) BT shall advise the locations of the BT CHARGECARD™ platforms.


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