Annelida & Mollusca Evil Review Bingo

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Biology 11

Annelida & Mollusca Evil Review Bingo

Molluska shell separate Annelida clitellum

Visceral mass radula external Oligochaeta heart

Visceral mass Hirudinea Gastropoda Polychaeta brain

trochophore nephridia Bivalva longitudinal muscles gills

Mantle nervous system Cephalopoda circular muscles Foot

Open circulatory system Closed circulatory system
1. This phylum includes animals that have a round, wormlike, segmented, long body __________

2. This phylum is defined as being soft bodied animals with an internal or external shell __________

3. This class of Annelids includes the leeches __________

4. This class of mollusks contains the clams, oysters and scallops __________

5. The main 4 parts of the mollusk’s body are the foot, mantle, shell and __________

6. Tongue shaped structure found in snails and slugs __________

7. This feathery organ is used by clams, oysters and scallops for filter feeding and

8. respiration __________

9. This means that blood does not always travel inside blood vessels but into open sinuses __________

10. This part of the mollusk’s body plan is a delicate layer that covers most of the

mollusk’s body much like a cloak. __________

11. The two kinds of muscles found in the annelid body plan __________


12. This is found in octopi and annelids and means that blood always travels inside

blood vessels __________

13. These organs remove ammonia from the blood and release it to the outside __________

14. This class of Annelids have paired paddle like appendages on their body segments __________

15. Octopi and squid have a more highly developed one of these than any other member

of its phylum ( They may be smarter than many vertebrates) __________

16. In most mollusks the sexes are this __________

17. Fertilization in Phylum Molluska tends to be __________

18. The name of Mollusk’s larvae __________

19. This part of the mollusk’s body plan has a protective function and is made of CaCO3 __________

20. This class of mollusks contains the slugs, snails and nudibranchs __________

21. This part of the mollusk’s body plan contains the internal organs __________

22. This class of Annelids have bristles on the sides of their bodies and live in soil mostly __________

23. This class of mollusks contains the octopi, squid, cuttlefish and nautiluses __________

24. Enlarged ring vessels near the anterior of the earthworm that beat in unison are called__________

25. Annelids are active animals with well developed nervous systems this is usually located

on top of the gut at the front end of the body __________

26. Segment on earthworms specialized for reproduction is called __________

27. This part of the mollusk’s body plan usually contains structures associated with

feeding __________

Bingo Grid

I know there are more words than spaces in the grid. You have to think about which words I probably won’t say and exclude those from the grid. That is the EVIL part. Ha Ha!

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