Anna Sui Protective Base Makeup Collection 2010

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Anna Sui Protective Base Makeup Collection 2010


This summer, Anna Sui Beauty embraces perfection by introducing the brand new Protective Base Makeup series, highlighting the importance of long lasting UV protection and silky smooth skin. Now all Anna Sui girls can have their fun in the sun without worrying about UV aggression, while still looking natural, fresh and radiant!

Anna Sui herself gushes over the new Protective Base Makeup L Collection:
“I love that the new collection of Protective Foundation L lasts so long and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. I am a firm believer in the use of sunscreen, so the UV protection that this collection offers is a key component. I’ll be wearing this all summer long!”

The Concept
The summer season is all about having silky-smooth skin, and protecting it so that it stays that way. Anna Sui girls always want to look their best effortlessly, especially with so many exciting outdoor events during summer. This season’s introduction of the Protective Base Makeup series allows them to look their best while also staying protected, plus their makeup will last longer than ever. The new collection provides long lasting UV protection for the hot and humid summer months, to spare skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

The Protective Makeup Star Series
Base Makeup is the groundwork to makeup perfection! Anna Sui girls want their foundation not only to have a silky-smooth finish, but also long lasting UV protection, especially on hot days. The new Anna Sui Protective Foundation L has an improved formula to keep foundation long-lasting while it also protects skin and gives a silky-smooth finish. This is because it has a long-lasting UV protection formula and botanical extracts that help give a silky-smooth effect.
The Anna Sui Protective Base Makeup L series lays the first step for a long lasting makeup look.
After the application of the Protective Foundation Primer and Protective Foundation, the Anna Sui girl is free to be creative with her choices – anything from Face Color Accent to Liquid Eye Color, and of course always some mascara and lip gloss for the final pretty summer glow!

New Anna Sui Protective Foundation Primer L (SPF38++)

This important product sets the tone for the rest of the makeup being applied to the face. Start off by applying primer and then layering on the selected Foundation products. The Primer has a unique formula blended in called Flat Clear Powder, which is perfect to prepare skin for foundation to glide on. It creates an even, highly transparent cosmetic film on the skin which is the essential base for the silky smooth skin finish. The long lasting protection formula creates a close and comfortably fitting cosmetics film over skin that not only captures excess sebum which causes makeup to come off with time, but also provides strong protection (now SPF38) towards damages caused by UV rays.
New Anna Sui Protective Fluid Foundation L (SPF20++)
The fluid foundation’s long lasting polymer based formula has been perfected to look translucently beautiful on the skin for hours and hours. The special Soft Focus Powder combined with sebum absorbing powder absorbs excess sebum that keeps foundation stay on. The new formula, with moisturizing botanical ingredients, protects skin from damaging UV rays with a long-lasting effect. As the foundation is spread over the skin, capsules containing water-based botanical ingredients burst open to penetrate and add moisture into the skin quickly, creating a light-textured silky soft finishing.
New Anna Sui Protective Powder Foundation L (SPF28++)
This is the most exclusive item in the Cosmetics collection. It has shades to match all skin tones and provides long-lasting UV protection. The unique formula contains Clear Smoothing Powder which conceals pores and skin unevenness. It utilizes an increased amount of RFP (resilient finish plate) Powder with sebum absorbing powder enhanced resistance to oil and water, forming a long lasting silky smooth finish. The added Sliding Powder aids the formula with moisturizing botanical ingredients that glide lightly over the skin, creating a soft feathery-like finish.


The Protective Foundation L Series will be available beginning March 1st.

New Anna Sui Protective Foundation Primer L Price: RM108

New Anna Sui Protective Fluid Foundation L Price: RM144

New Anna Sui Protective Powder Foundation L Price: RM114

New Anna Sui Protective Powder Foundation Case L Price: RM52

New Anna Sui Whitening Mask Price: RM201

New Anna Sui Eye Color Price: RM129

New Anna Sui Lip Color Price: RM12

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