Angry Birds and Leomil Group sign deals for footwear and apparel

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Angry Birds and Leomil Group sign deals for footwear and apparel
Leomil announced today that it had obtained the licensing and merchandising rights for Angry Birds , one of the world’s hottest and most popular entertainment and media brands, for footwear and apparel. The agreement has been signed for a period of 5 years.
In the original Angry Birds game, players take control of a bunch of cute but angry birds who face off against hungry pigs who have stolen their eggs. The goal of the game is to shoot the birds from a slingshot and smash the pigs, using the special abilities of each bird to solve physics-based puzzles that grow more challenging as the game progresses.
The unique audiovisual design, intuitive game play, and high quality game content made Angry Birds the must have application for smartphones everywhere. In under a year, Angry Birds transformed into much more than simply a game: a worldwide social and cultural phenomenon.
The different versions of the game have been downloaded more than 500 million times across platforms.
Angry Birds merchandise has also proven to be very popular among fans, and Rovio is in the process of creating more products to meet the consumer demand.
Albert Milhado Ceo Leomil group: Angry Birds is a phenomenal success worldwide and unprecedented in the world of new media.

It is taking a strong position in the licensing world as consumers are looking more and more to the new media and less to TV.

Angry birds is a long term property knowing the approach of the owners of the brand. Leomil will develop an extensive footwear and apparel collection for the key target groups and will strongly invest in the brand in the coming years.
About Rovio

Rovio is an industry-changing entertainment media company based in Finland, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds, a casual puzzle game for touchscreen smartphones, became an international phenomenon within a year of release, and is now the number one paid app of all time. Following this success in mobile gaming, Angry Birds has expanded rapidly in entertainment, publishing, and licensing to become a beloved international brand. For more information, check out


About the Leomil Group

Leomil, active in licensing, is a full-service footwear and fashion marketing source for major retailers and brands in Europe. A long-standing experience in this field has made the company a specialist and European leader in the development and distribution of a whole article range covering footwear and apparel.

The Leomil Group reacts promptly to market cues and opportunities. Leomil is very active in acquiring the newest licenses which gives the company an opportunity to market footwear and apparel programs to various levels of retail distribution in Europe. All Leomil’s products have been carefully designed and produced by its own design departments.
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