Android Mobile Developer

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Android Mobile Developer

Job Type: Full-time

Date Posted: Feb 19, 2015

Start Date: Immediate

Employer: Yak Communications (Canada) Corp.

48 Yonge Street Suite 1200

Toronto, Ontario M5E 1G6


Seeking a detail-oriented mobile application developer with hands-on experience on Android platforms. Candidates should have 2-3 years of experience with full software development lifecycle, testing, app store deployment, and provisioning familiarity. Experience with UI design, push notifications, network connectivity management, and in-app purchasing is an asset. Projects will involve the launch of a new portfolio of mobile applications in the telecom space.
Primary Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, unit test, and deploy Android based solutions from the ground up using common standards and frameworks

  • Work with internal web development team to integrate with back-end services and APIs

  • Implement best practices for developing Android applications that target multiple devices and platform versions

  • Provide on-going support by troubleshooting customer trouble tickets

Skills / Qualifications:


Technical Experience:

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